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Does Goku Really Love Chi-chi

Forum Does Goku Really Love Chi-Chi

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Yes, but they can't go on dates and do other stuff normal couples do, cause Goku is ALWAYS BusyEmperorPeelaugh575TalkContribGuide0w 02:06, April 5, 2012 (UTC)EmperorPeelaugh575

Of course he does!

Remember in the Cell Saga? Before he used Instant Transmission to teleport Cell to King Kai's Planet, he told Gohan: "tell your mother I'm sorry. I've always acted selfishly" or something like that...



Being a selfish dick always training never spending time with your spouse, family, or raising the kids you gave to her, and always expecting her to pay the bills, while at the same time abusing her, is in no way any sort of affection.

I answered a similar question in another forum...

I used to wonder if Goku really did love Chi Chi and the end of Dragon Ball GT actually made me furious because he completely abandoned his family and friends with only Vegeta and Master Roshi knowing his true intentions but I will just focus on DBZ because my hate for GT would blind me and send me off topic.

I am sure that he loved Chi Chi. He is a free spirit who can never be tied down and as the show progresses you see that Chi Chi starts to cherish the moments he spends with her even more and comes to terms with him coming and going. At times she even envies Bulma because Vegeta has made Earth his home and is always around but Goku actually cares what Chi Chi thinks and even considers it at times which is a HUGE step for the guy who thinks primarily with his stomach and fists. We don't doubt that Vegeta loves Bulma and their relationship was the most tenous of the entire show with only brief moments where they displayed their affection. When Goku comes back to life in the Buu Sage after he hugs Goten he sees Chi Chi and says how much he misses her while picking her up in the air and twirling her around real Titanic style, those look like two people in love to me. And to top it all off not only did they have Gohan but in the final days before the Cell Games in a few filler episodes Goku and Chi Chi were seen spending time together as a family and they obviously had sex one more time before Goku went off into battle against Cell when he didn't know if he'd live or die, kind of like a final act of love. And if you want to include GT when Pan asks about how Chi Chi's going to deal with having a kid for a husband, Goku says that he can turn SS4 anytime now I can only think of one reason Chi Chi would need him to be a grown man ;)

As for Goten I really don't see a problem with that one. Goten did miss his dad for the early years of his life but that just made him value Goku more and then after the Buu Saga Goku came to live with them again, while Gohan was in high school I'm sure Goku went camping, trained, and played with Goten plenty of times most likely even more than Chi Chi allowed him to do with Gohan. Goten was basically grown up by the time Pan was born he'd started high school and dating and resigned from a life of fighting, all he really needed Goku for was some company. He'd had a father for the majority of his childhood which seems fine to me, and Goku was going to help a child far less fortunate.

DBZ, now a tragic romance

Oh, please. He was probably one of the most loving husbands ever. Unless you don't want there to be a DBZ, or not to enjoy it, I suggest you take it a lot less seriously in this regard. Goku SS3Shakuran13Tapion with bladeThisDragonFistGokuHirudegarnMovie13endsKonatsian wizard with effectsNOW!SS3Rush 20:19, April 11, 2012 (UTC)

He Really Does.

If you can't see how much Goku loves Chi-Chi, you're blind.

I Think So

I really do think he loves her, he just sometimes has trouble showing it. Don't forget, he was raised in a forest away from humanity for the most part. SuperSaiyan1GokuGoldSaiyanDragonball Kai Gohan by 2D75 00:49, April 15, 2012 (UTC)

I don't think he really loved when they first got married, but grew to love her over time. He even says "I love you" to her after they're all reunited when Kid Buu is defeated. He may not act like a husband all the time because he's so child-like.

If he doesn't....

Then how Gohan and Goten were born?

Psh. Goku loves everybody!

Chi-chi most of all! In fact, he loves her so much that he doesnt realize that it could occur to her that he doesnt! And the amazing thing is that most of the time, IT DOESNT! Chi-chi and Goku are the strongest couple in history, and they fucking know it. :)


Goku does love Chi-Chi but Chi-Chi 


What kinda question...anyway, I think he does love her, it's just that chi-Chi's temper scares him the most. Although Chi-Chi does yell at him most of the time, that doesn't mean she doesn't love Goku. It's sad how this couple is disliked.


They do love each other. Try to look at it from both perspectives: (Please note I don't count GT because the Creator of Dragon Ball had nothing to do with it.)

Chi-Chi: She has been in love with this person since she was a little girl. She only ever wanted to be with this person, and over came being a scared little girl in order to become a fighter like him. She marries him, becomes a housewife, a mother, and then he dies the first time. Now I'm sure she was well aware he was coming back, but you still have to deal with the fact that he isn't coming back right away. Then when he does come back he fights, get beaten once again within an inch of his life, and she takes care of him. I know many people were upset she ran to Gohan first and didn't look sideways at her husband, but Goku is an adult and Gohan was only 6..... if you don't get that part of it I won't bother explaining it. He goes to space, comes back a year later and once again is told her husband may possibly be dead in three years. This is scary, really scary and all of these events take place in a five year period, it is a lot for one person to handle and make sense of. If she seems unreasonable, and over the top it's because she has a right to be. During those nine days before the Cell games I think we saw just how much they are like a real couple. They spend time with their son, and friends, have fun, fight, and make love at least once. Then to top her five years off Goku dies again and is left with two little boys to raise on her own. None of this is fair to put on one women as young as Chi-Chi, but she became a better character because of it. When he comes back, she's even better because her life is whole once more. And also, she remained faithful to the man for 7 years after he died, now that is love.

Goku: First off I don't think he is a bad husband (don't eat me, I can explain). Goku reminds me of those warriors of Rome, who would go off to train and fight for year, but always came back home. And he is a warrior. I also think he was in love with Chi-Chi before he even knew what love was. If you back to Dragon Ball, you can see how he slowly develops feelings for her. Everyone is always focused on how he didn't like her being clingy during the tournament, but what about after? He was the one who grabbed Chi-Chi and flew away with her, and during those filler episodes before they got married he actually got use to her touch, and would touch her return. And please try to remember he asked her to marry him. Everyone goes on while he only did that to keep his promise, no he really didn't and I say that for two reasons. First, he actually looked excited when he found out what he would have to do to learn her name, not nervous or horrified but excited and happy. Second, he even said his heart knew what he wanted, and he wanted her. He didn't have to go though with it because he didn't know what he was promising. Also remember, this is a man who is not stupid, but naive and simple because thats how he grew up. He doesn't stay away to hurt her or because he doesn't love her, he just does what he needs to do as a warrior of Earth. To me, he puts his life on hold for what is best, not just for Earth but for his family who lives there. He is not a selfish person, and he died willingly twice; both times he was protecting their son. Also, both times before he died he talked about Chi-Chi, which I find touching because it shows that she was one of his final thoughts before he died. He wanted her to be taken care of, and this is something he asks both his boys to do at least once because he physically could not. Oh and to conclude... The man actually says it to her in front of everyone, when not even 18 years before could not help but blush when she touched him. 

Are they a perfect couple no, but I have yet to find that actually is. They are perfect for each other.