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Rant time. Does it bother anyone else how unbelievably weak they made Future Gohan? He's been around for like 13 years and still hasn't become powerful enough to beat even one single android? Kid Gohan was able to gain way more power in the time training for the androids + 1 year in the time chamber. Granted, he had Goku to train him but seriously, 13 years?! Even if he didn't reach SSJ2, he should have at least been able to figure out the ascended form like Vegeta did. The only explanation is that he didn't actually train, he just stupidly challenged the far superior 17 and 18 , lost and fled before getting beat up enough to recieve a zenkai, then repeat. You would think that Gohan would know better. Although at least we got Future Trunks out of it, who I thought was a pretty cool guy.


I guess without Goku telling everyone there are other levels of Super Saiyan Gohan became completely aimless. Seriously, Goku was just like "Hey everyone, I have a plan. You know Super Saiyan? Lets just go to the next level. Yeahhh, that'll work!" ...What Goku? You just DECIDED that the Super Saiyan form had levels? Well thank the Kais you were correct, that was a loooong shot. Tokeupdude 20:09, June 29, 2011 (UTC)

he didn't decide it,

he just felt that there was a higher level of power, beyond super saiyan, as did Vegeta. Future Gohan didn't realize this because, even after fighting his whole life, he didn't have the battle sense to become a full power ssj,or even ascended super saiyan.

gohan has absolutely no excuse for this. his student trunks got assj in a few months of being in a time chamber. your telling me that with all of bulmas gravity machines, gohan NEVER pushed the limits of ssj just in case he needs to to beat the androids? no. he did nothing and doomed billions of people to die horribly. trunks does not have the battle sense of present gohan and present gohan got mssj. surely gohan, being smarter than his father could figure it out. but no. the plot needed future gohan to suffer from mental retardation for no reason.

without those forms, you can't move beyond ssj. not that i don't like Gohan/ Future Gohan. they're awsome, they're just not warriors the way Goku is.

no one is a warrior the way goku is.

Yeah but even if he didn't figure out the other forms, over 13 years he should have at least been able to increase his base power through training so that he could beat the androids as SSJ1.

Plot Advancement

They had to have Gohan get killed by the androids for drama and to have Trunks go back in time. Otherwise, you're right, it makes no sense why he would be so weak. Any sensible fighter would have seen that the only way would be to train. Future Gohan should have known this more than anyone. It's sad - he couldn't even match up to 17 who claimed to be fighting at half strength.

In the anime it's a bit better, cause he seemed to stand his ground fighting both androids simultaneously, but that's still weak considering he had 13 years of experience. Even more baffling about the anime is why Gohan would choose to sacrifice himself when Trunks was so close to obtaining SSJ. Had he waited like 1 or 2 more training sessions, they could have gone 2 vs 2 against 17 and 18. lol whatever, I still liked the movie. Janemba4eva 01:01, July 1, 2011 (UTC)

Problem with your theory there is that it's well documented that to break out into Super Saiyan for the first time requires intense emotional turmoil and a need, not a desire. Trunks might never have become a Super Saiyan had Future Gohan not died. 
Also, there's no way that Future Gohan sat on his ass those thirteen years. He was absolutely training every day to prepare himself to face the Androids. How else could he have made it as far as he did? As a child, his power level had to have been pathetic compared to theirs, so we can obviously see that he's trained intensely. Ultimately, the only reason Future Gohan wasn't as powerful as he should have been was because of the plot.

I see your point, but also keep in mind that present Gohan turned SSJ by creating the need mentally.  Trunks was so close he probably could have done the same without Gohan having to actually die.  I don't mean to say Gohan was lazy, but he sure wasn't smart about his training.  In less than one year Vegeta became stronger than semi perfect Cell, yet Gohan has 13 years and still can't beat the androids?  Goku should have used King Kai to tell him about the hyperbolic time chamber, or at least Bulma should have built a gravity chamber for he and Trunks to train in.  Yeah, in this case the story suffers for plot advancement. Janemba4eva (talk) 08:14, December 12, 2012 (UTC)



It is common knowledge that hybrids saiyans lack the desire for violence that the purebreds have. It's also common knowldge that hybrids don't train during time's of peace. An excellent example is Gohan's drop in power between the Cell story arc and his fight with Dabura. How could you expect Gohan to train, when his only motivation (Goku) died from a heart virus several years prior? Future Gohan's lack of stregnth is completly expected, and anything more would have been in contrary to his hybrid nature.

his only motivation? what about the androids trying to kill him?

time chamber and Goku

I want to first point out that he probably WAS able to defeat one of the androids. He put up a good fight but they ganged up on him. It wasnt fair. Secondly, gohan had goku teach him how to become a super saiyan. And after the hyperbolic time chamber, everybody's power more than doubled just making everything easier. I know it had been 13 years but its not the same if he didnt have a year worth of training with goku. Future gohan was pretty much on his own.Ssj3gogeta96 (talk) 23:17, December 14, 2012 (UTC)ssj3gogeta96