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Who would win in a battle between Future Gohan(before he died) and Future Trunks(before he went into the past). I would say they have about the same power level so I think Gohan would win because he has more battle smarts.

Forum Future Gohan Vs. Future Trunks

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Future Gohan

If you look at the movie. Gohan puts up more of a fight against the andriods than Trunks did. Therefor, Gohan would win.

non canon. read the manga.

Depends when during Trunks' time

Before Trunks transformed, obviously Gohan was stronger.

When Trunks got back after ascending and defeated the Androids and Cell, Trunks is obviously stronger than what Gohan was.

I'm assuming this topic is asking who is stronger out of Gohan before he was killed by the androids, and Trunks just before he first travelled through time. Imo Gohan was probably stronger, he was more experienced, had more training, was a Super Saiyan for longer than Trunks and still had untapped hidden energy that was never seen. He also put up as good or even a better fight with one arm than Trunks did with two arms and a sword.

gohan was never even with one arm. he never put up a fight vs the androids. 17 owned him easily after saying hes never even had to use half his power even on two armed gohan.

Good Lord man, get out of the freaking mangas. we are all referring to the anime for Trunks sake. You're wrong, Gohan did fight the androids with one arm. in the last battle. He fought with 2 arms and lost protecting trunks, and in the process losing his arm. he then came back later and fought 18 who was FREAKING LOSING!!!!! 17 stepped in and helped her and they both ki blasted gohan to death. Gohan was stronger than trunks before ROSAT. Case Closed.

Well if it is before he went back in the past it would have to go to Gohan.Gokussj3uc4 BardockGoku  talk  contribs Goku SSJ Namek by shadsonic2-1- 11:17, December 13, 2011 (UTC)

i believe sword trunks which is a teen is stronger because he took out mecha frieza like a badass and king coldand 1st form cell and the androids the gohan which we all refer to as teen gohan took out cell but with the help of goku during kamehameha even with ssj2so thats why i believe trunks sword is stronger than teen gohan