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Who'd win? I want to say Gogeta but I see Vegito winning and they both have ssj4 so he probly wins. If Gogeta releassed his hidden power he might have a chance.

Already made

I already made a blog about this...

But you didn't make a forum about it.MOS13-11TrunksBurningAttackFuture Trunks No!!!!Моментальный снимок 1 (03.10.2011 19-24)FutureTrunksPeaceEp193 12:19, November 12, 2011 (UTC)

Vegito wins

Potara fusion has stated to have been better then the Fusion Dance, thus in the same form, Vegito would be stronger then Gogeta.

better =/= stronger

Vegito is stronger as with gogeta they both have to have the same power levels, therefore goku lowers himself down to vegeta's power level... wheras with vegito goku's full power and vegeta's are included in the fusion. Also it is simply stated in the series.

Same strength, Vegito wins due to time limit

Assuming they're in the same super saiyan state at the same point in the series (i.e. not SSJ4 Gogeta vs base form Vegito), then Vegito would win, and here's why. Nothing in the series really implies for certain that Vegito is indeed more powerful than Gogeta. When Old Kai says that the Potara method is better than the dance method, he could very well be referring to:

1) Lack of restrictions. Fighters do not have to be of equal size, power level, race etc. as they do with the fusion dance.

potara has restrictions. 1. if you botch it, you cant just wait and try again. its PERMANENT FUCK UP. 2. potara prevents you from getting stronger as two people then combining your full powers. 3. if the fusees are too different, it makes you even weaker. wheras the dance needs equal people so that it gets BEST RESULTS

Right but on the fly, as in Goku and Vegeta's case, they needed an immediate fusion. No practice runs or redos.

2) Fail-proof. With the fusion dance, you have to get the form and timing exactly right or the resulting fusion will be extremely weak and stupid looking. Earrings are guaranteed to work every time.

potara is not fail proof. no matter what, if you fuse with the wrong person with potara, its permanent. you are fucked for the rest of your life. like old kai is stuck with a witch for eternity. but with dance its no problem once perfected.

Again, in the Buu saga it was an advantage. They didn't have time to perfect the fusion dance with each other.

3) Permanent fusion. There is no 30 minute time limit or 1 hour wait between fusions, and this was the downfall of Gotenks while fighting Buu and Gogeta while fighting Omega Shenron.

permanent isnt a good thing. gogeta hardly needs more than 10 minutes to deal with foes. thats the power of his fusion. vegetto was arrogant and let himself be turned to candy. and no that wasnt his plan to do so.

^Vegetto let himself be absorbed, but that wasn't his plan? Not only does that make absolutely no sense, but you are ignoring facts from the manga itself (where Vegetto has a thought bubble and is hoping *this* (plan to get absorbed) works). Idiot...

Yet again this could be an advantage given the right situation. Unlimited time gives you a better chance of defeating the enemy than does 30 minutes (or less) of time.

Since their relative strength is never stated, best assumption is that they're equal. A battle between the two would most likely be a draw until Gogeta's fusion wears out, at which point Vegito wins by default/destroys Goku and Vegeta.

Gogeta All The Way!

First off the it would depend on the fusion style performed.. was it mystical earing, natural fusion step, etc.. But based on the characters from the anime (gogeta being formed from fusion step and Vegito being formed from the earings) I would still have to say Gogeta! Generally speaking their inital power is determined from combining the strengths of both characters and then multiplying that by the main personality's original power (There is various speculation on how the numbers are determined but that is what I have found to be the case) and since Goku would be the dominating power and is generally stronger (especially at the time these combinations were performed) he would have to be the clear victor! Especially since Goku can go SSJ3 and Vegita can't, ever :P

But SSJ Gogeta and SSJ Vegito's power levels were fairly even and it was never needed in the anime but Gogeta technically would be able to take SSJ a step further and possible even go to SS3 which would just be an astronomical power level that would rival those in GT while the earings have techical limitations and would cause too much strain on the users or death as was warned by old supreme kai so it would be a temporary transformation if at all even possible..

^This "strain" of your doesn't exist if the Goku and Vegeta transform AFTER they have fused. It may cause something in the long run, but Vegetto could go SSJ3 and SSJ4 without having to worry about dying.

But at any rate it would definately be a fight I would pay to see! Devlin85 02:16, June 24, 2011 (UTC)

Really depends... If it's suppose to be within 30 minutes Gogeta would win, because Gogeta is stronger since this is how fusion works.

Fusion Dance = A X B

Potara Earrings = (A + B) X 10

But if it's not, then Vegito wins.


The Potara Earings And Fusion Dance are diffrent Fusion Movies.Now,what I'm wathced all DB/Z/GT episodes about 3-6 times,I COULD say,what Gogeta is stronger.How the Grand Kai,who was traped in Z Sword(I do not remember what Kai's real name...),said someething like what :If you increase your powers in fusion,like SSj or something like what,you shall die faster.Something like this.So they cannot increase they power levels.So what means,if you do not increase your power level before fusion,you shall be weaker after fusion.And about the Fusion Dance,you can increase your power level as much as you wanna to,the point of what fusion is WHAT SAME POWER LEVELS.In the GT SAGA,they couldn't reasch an SSJ4,becose VEGETA cannot do what what with no Blutz wawe machine.BUT if they would fusied in Ssj4 forms,they would lived about 1 year,for theyr Insane Power Level.And about ssj4,IT isn't how the Akira wanted,it was created by the USA.So about the GT i cannot say a lot about the FUSION in GT.

wrong. akira loved gt and it was how he wanted it since he approved what toei did with gt. and wrong. the americans had nothing to do with making gt, it was all by japanese people hired by akira toriyama.

Well obviously...

It's Vegito, 100%, and it's an easy explanation. Since the Potatara is permanent, Vegito can stay in that fused form and constantly train to increase his power, whereas SSJ Gogeta has a measly 30 minutes (10 if it's SSJ4 Gogeta), and really has no time to increase it's his strength.

when was the OP saying they had time to train? vegetto staying in fused form is a disdvantage since he can never recover stamina whereas gogeta can by refusing.

And since Vegito is already a fused character, he would be as strong (actually, much stronger) in an SSJ4 transformation than SSJ4 Gogeta.

no he wont. vegetto and gogeta are equals.

Besides, c'mon, even the creator stated that Vegito was the strongest in the true series (canon only, forget GT).

no he didnt. and gt is probably canon. the creator never said whats canon and whats not.

And that's only talking about the first level of Super Saiyan! Just think if Vegito did achieve the fourth form!

he didnt so useless to speculate

But you have to use your imagination, if they stayed fused and defeated Buu (the last enemy in DBZ) he would have went on to GT

Their even

Gogeta and Vegito have the same strength. Old kai said potara was better because potara lasts longer. But potara last forever, so goku and vegeta will never be vegito again.

One question--?

Does Vegito/Gogeta have instant transmission technique? I mean if goku knows how to do it, and since the fused characater has the mind of both fusees, he should be able at least to know how to do it.

Would he have to try it few times before doing it properly, or would he just do it like that?

We didn't see Vegito nor Gogeta using it, but it's because they didnt need to. What do you think?*

Wrong. Vegito did used the instant transmission technique against Buu's super ghost kamikaze attack when the ghost's got him in a tight spot and tried to blow him up using the Galick Gun attack and the Kame Hame Ha wave. Vegito would've had no chance of escaping that unscratched as he did. So the answer is yes, Vegito/Gogeta can use the technique for sure if they had or wanted to.

Vegito has all the moves and techniques of the two fused beings


Both are pretty evenly matched in power.  However, Vegito will easily win because his fusion has no time limit.


Well  have to say Gogeta is a bit stronger than Vegito BUT remember Vegito's fusion has no time limit so by the time Gogeta's time limit runs out Vegito will be totally overpowered