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Who'd win Goku or GOhan.

First off in frieza saga Goku becomes super saiyan out classing Gohan, in the cell saga the only reason why Gohan managed to beat cell was because of Goku giving him the extra confidence and some what giving him some energy, in the buu saga buu absorbed Gohan, Piccilo and Gotenks, and Goku and Vegeta fused, If Gohan managed to fuse with Piccilo and Gotenks that would mean he isn't still strong enough to beat Goku as only his power and Vegeta are added and still managed to outclass super Buu after absorbing everyone, in the baby saga Goku turned into a kid and Gohan was being controlled along with Goten, Gohan went ssj2 and goten went ssj1 and they ganged up on kid Goku who easily deafeated the both of them without even going ssj, and kid Goku still managed to beat Gohan and lastly when Goku gained ssj4 he gained alot more power than Gohan.

So overall Goku would beat Gohan hands down

Goku is number 1

Goku is the best, then it's vegeta--Ssj3gogeta96 (talk) 15:50, July 14, 2013 (UTC)ssj3gogeta96

Depends on the Time Period

  1. Frieza Saga- Goku had access to the super saiyan form at this time, so he would hands down defeat Gohan. However, when Gohan's anger surges he becomes almost unstoppable, but that only happens when other people get hurt, so Goku wins.
  2. Cell Saga- Many Fans come to the conclusion Gohan may have been stronger than Goku because he can achieve SSJ2 and out class Cell. However this was due to the fact that Toriyama was going to replace Goku permanently with Gohan as the main character of the series. Goku was able to reach the SSJ2 as well however wanted Gohan to learn from his fight with Cell and give gohan a chance to be the hero. Goku can stop a sword swung by a Super Sayan with a killing intent with his fingers even before his training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Many fans speculate that Gohan's 'Power Level' was higher than Goku's when he was in his SSJ2 form, however this is meaningless since Toriyama also stated power level was only introduced to the series just to prove how useless the information is. Also raising power level alone does not mean they are better fighers, this is shown when both Vegita and Trunks go in to very bulky super sayan form that has almost equal power level of a SSJ2, but they are too slow to move.
  3. Majin Buu Saga- Gohan had his potential unlocked by Elder Kai, surpassing Goku's super saiyan 3 form, so once again, Gohan would win.
  4. Post-Dragon Ball Z- Goku achieves the form of super saiyan god, making him way stronger than Gohan, so Goku wins this time.

Evolve 20 (talk) 18:35, July 14, 2013 (UTC)

This crap about goku being capable of going super saiyan 2 and defeating cell but just passing the torch to gohan for him to defeat cell just because goku felt like retiring is defniitely wrong. From the moment goku and gohan leave the hyperbolic time chamber everyone is doting on gokus strength he gained and astonished except for 1 person, gohan. When goku shows korin half of his power to compare it to cell korin says gokus power is not enough but still thinks gokus power is ridiculously high, but gohan does not he doesnt get the feeling of gokus overwhelming ki like the rest of the z warriors because at this point gohans ki has already surpassed gokus since the first time gohan goes super saiyan 2 is in the hyperbolic time chamber.

Even when goku passes the fight with cell onto gohan, gohan seems extremely confused telling goku he hasn't gone all out yet and goku tells him he was fighting with his all but it doesnt appear that way to gohan because gohans strength has already surpassed gokus at this point and gohan expecting his dad to always be the strongest just assumes that gokus holding back any moment his strength is shown from the time they exit the hyperbolic time chamber.

Also the fusing crap wouldnt work with gohan because you need someone with relatively the same power level to do this unless you use the potara earrings. Even trunks had to slightly lower his power level just to be able to fuse with goten.

Anywayyyy id say it like this,

beginning of z until gohan goes super saiyan 2 goku is the strongest, From the beginning of buu saga until gohan unlocks his ultimate form with elder kai goku is strongest, From the point gohan gets his ultimate form until the end of Z gohan is the strongest warrior, from Battle of gods onwards its goku, its a lot of switching back in forth really.

Take into account

I used to think that ultimate gohan was way better then goku but when I thought about it after the fight with goku never had a sensu bean nor did he heal. Also going Ssj3 takes a lot of energy and be went Ssj3 4 times in the buy saga against fat buu, to show trunks and goten, when he fought fused buu, and kid buu unless going to other world heals you up hoku had less than half power in buu saga. This would explain why when he used the spirit bomb kid buu was able to catch and control, but when they wished him to full power he easily distroyed buu without going ssj3


I meant to say after GOKU fought vegeta he never took a sensu bean

The moment Goku woke up, he "teleported" to the lookout where dende healed him. Ricewind1 (talk) 00:55, June 3, 2014 (UTC)

you have to give a specific time for this fight since both have progressed insanely high, plus goku blows basically every character out of the water besides beerus because of his boost from the super saiyan God form, the best time for this to be a good argument would be ultimate gohan vs ss3 goku at the start of BoG


In the saiyan saga all the way to the beginning of when teen Gohan and cell were fighting Goku would have won against Gohan but when Gohan goes super saiyan 2 in the cell games saga it is obvious that GGohans strength is beyond all the z fighters power. Goku couldnt beat one cell junior but Gohan beat cell and all cell juniors. After that goku could beat Gohan but when Old Kai had Gohans potential unleashed it is possible Gohan could beat Goku again. Then after that it  would be Goku winning against Gohan.