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In the Piccolo Jr. saga does Goku actually like Chi Chi -- or did he just marry her because he made a promise and he doesn't like breaking promises?

I could go either way, so I wanted to see what other people thought.

Because right before fighting her he says "Well I'm up next. I'm feeling really cheerful for some reason!" -- whcih you could attribute to his love of fighting, but then immedietly following that Krillin says "Oh thats right. Cutey's your opponent!" -- which makes me think he could be cheerful because he already likes her

Then when they finally are engaged and Chi Chi clings on to him you see Goku blush for the first time in the entire dragonball series. Which again, could be attributed to embarrassment or the fact that he likes her.

So do you guys think he likes Chi Chi at all when he decides to marry her? And by "like" I mean in a romantic manner.

And I know in the dubbed version Goku says "but I know what my heart wants" or something to that effect, but that was funimation creating their own lines. In the subbed version he never says that. So if you respond try to disregard that one comment made by Goku in the funimation dub.

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Yeah it's wierd how he always leaves her with out kissing or hugging her just runs off waving like he doesn't care how she feels

I use to think that too, but i don't think that's it.

but i eventually decided that Goku doesn't miss people like other people do. Chichi's not the only one he's left without a second thought. in dragonball, whenever he went off on his own, he would just call out "bye guys!" and come back 3 years later with a "hi guys!". does that mean he loves them any less? and whenever he died, he wasn't sad, because he knew that eventually, he'd see his friends again. it probably has something to do with how many blows to the head he's sustained over the years. major dain bramage.

i really wanted to reply to this and didn't know where to go so i edited it

-my friends and family get mad at me because i also leave like this all the time and just come back later like nothing happened

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Plus at the end of dbz he left all of his family -- Goten who he only had begun to actually raise and had already missed the first 7 years of his life, Gohan, Pan, and Chi Chi -- to go train some weird kid named Uub in some poor village. So he seems to not have an attachment to people that is bound by time. Still don't know if he actually likes Chi Chi. I'm sure Chi Chi was like "married people do this" then they did that, and Gohan was born. Goku seems to treat Chi Chi the same way he treats the other women friends in his life.

i think they were more romantic than that.

goku by nature is just a free spirit. he does have feelings for chi chi, its just the fact that he really does love fighting more than her. he enjoys fighting because of his saiyan blood, but that doesnt diminish his feelings for chi chi. of course he leaves everyone behind, but he knows that no matter who he leaves, or where he goes, hell see them again, and meet new people too. its just his personality

He must love her a little

I think Goku must love Chichi in some way, because they had 2 children, and for that to happen they would need to have sex. And I'm pretty sure that's consentual on his part. I mean, in order for them to make a baby, wouldn't Goku have to feel somewhat romantic towards Chichi; at the very least Goku would have to be excited (you all know what I mean), and it's not like Chichi could force him to do that (same thing I mentioned before not the sex itself). So yeah, I definately think Goku loves Chichi in the romantic kind of way.

But, I do pity Chichi. I mean could you imagine your husband leaving you for years at a time and only returning to say hi! then go off and train for his next adventure(they're only really together for 5 years), but I guess that would explain her apathy towards his injuries and deaths.

Also, I don't know if sayains even feel romantic because they seem more like animals(matting with the strongest available sayain) than humans, who marry because they feel an emotional not physical conection. idk


I do agree that the hybrids seem to have more romanticism instilled in them then the full blooded saiyans. All of the hybrids prioritized a normal life (e.g. dating, having a girlfriend, job, marriage) over training. However, this could also be due to the fact that the half-saiyans were raised in earths culture. Vegeta was not, and Goku essentially raised himself in the mountains.

I do pity Chi Chi -- first time around seeing the series I didn't at all. But after seeing Goku leave with Uub she was completely heartbroken (as was the rest of his family) -- which made me realize how much it sucks to be her. So, now her fits of rage seem less annoying and more justified. Also, I like her random outbursts of anger more after I realized thats where Gohan inherited his temper as well (which often precipitates a showing of his hidden power).

But I feel worse for Goten. Goku raised Gohan since he was a baby, and was around for a decent portion of his life -- even doing one on one training with him in the hyperbolic time chamber. So Goku and Gohan always had that father/son bond. The only time Goku abandoned Gohan was when he died and chose to stay dead. And when Goku came back from the dead he obviously still spent alot of time with Gohan since he had such a close relationship with Pan.

Whereas, Goten missed him for the first 7 years of his life. He had him for a little under a decade, then his dad completely left him. Plus, Goten is ridiculously weaker the Gohan so obviously was less respected by Goku. This lack of respect can be shown by his training with Goku. Compared to Gohans it was dismal. They were training in the front yard not powered up and only using hand to hand.

Whereas with Gohan, Goku went all out. Before Gohan could transform Goku would fight him as a super saiyan using huge energy blasts. And with Piccolo he trained with Gohan in the mountains-- he pummeled Gohan until he was so exhausted he couldn't even prevent himself from literally falling off of the mountain. So basically, I feel bad for Goten because he got the short straw. Goku does not seem to have the bond or the amount of respect for him as he did/does with Gohan. I just always got the impression he often times demonstrated throughout the series that Gohan was the most important person to him, but I never got that impression with Goten.

Mrdexter72 01:36, July 10, 2011 (UTC)

-I think he respected them the same, the reason he went all out for Gohan was because they were getting ready for a villan, which he was trying to get Gohan stronger than he was, so why would he go easy on Gohan if the whole thing was to get him stronger? ~(Guest)


i dont think he realy likes her inpertikily at first but he loves all his close friends eventualy she grows on him as in the comic you see him hugging chi chi and young gohan and he says "i love my family"

Interesting question.

When I was younger, I thought Chi-Chi was absolutely ridiculous. Insisting that Goku retire, get a job and stay at home and demanding that Gohan focus on academics came across as not only crazy to me but also dangerous as she was giving so much importance to small, trivial things instead of looking at the big picture (i.e. the universe being blown to smithereens). Now that I'm older, I know exactly what Chi-Chi was getting at. It must be horrible having your loved ones (esp. husband and children) charge headlong into full-fledged warzones. It gets worse when the said loved ones look for these disasters and insist on preparing for the next. Plus, even though they lived out in the mountains and the house was entirely there's, they still had bills to pay and food ingredients to buy. How can you do that on prize money that was won over five years ago? Chi-Chi had her needs too...Goten's conception was probably the first time Goku and Chi-Chi had sex in like forever. Only for Goku to disappear for another couple of years. Chi-Chi is a good woman...there are very few people who can be as faithful and devoted as she. As for Gohan, Chi-Chi knew that an education was Gohan's only shot at an actual life outside of fighting, unlike both herself and Goku (Chi-Chi was raised in seclusion too). She (and Goku) didn't want Gohan to grow to be the charming idiot Goku was/is. Eventually, Chi-Chi mellows out. At one point, she just gets used to it.

I sorta feel bad for Goten, but I know Goku really devoted extra time with Goten to make up for all those years he missed. The anime shows moments where Goku and Goten played some games together before Goten learned fusion. Goku really, really cares for his family. Sure, Gohan's the obvious example but only because he fought alongside his father. But Goku's just full-blooded Saiyans are just so physical that the emotional and social arenas of living are harder for them to really understand and adhere to. Though Vegeta matures to the point where he can pretty much stay in one place, Goku is still immature and can be a little insensitive. But if he didn't care, why would he freak out when bad things happened to them. Titan3510 02:46, July 17, 2011 (UTC)

This was a topic that bothered me for quite some time.

I used to wonder if Goku really did love Chi Chi and the end of Dragon Ball GT actually made me furious because he completely abandoned his family and friends with only Vegeta and Master Roshi knowing his true intentions but I will just focus on DBZ because my hate for GT would blind me and send me off topic.

I am sure that he loved Chi Chi. Like the people above me said it's just that he is a pure spirit who can never be tied down and as the show progresses you see that Chi Chi starts to cherish the moments he spends with her even more and comes to terms with him coming and going. At times she even envies Bulma because Vegeta has made Earth his home and is always around but Goku actually cares what Chi Chi thinks and even considers it at times which is a HUGE step for the guy who thinks primarily with his stomach and fists. We don't doubt that Vegeta loves Bulma and their relationship was the most tenous of the entire show with only brief moments where they displayed their affection. When Goku comes back to life in the Buu Sage after he hugs Goten he sees Chi Chi and says how much he misses her while picking her up in the air and twirling her around real Titanic style, those look like two people in love to me. And to top it all off not only did they have Gohan but in the final days before the Cell Games in a few filler episodes Goku and Chi Chi were seen spending time together as a family and they obviously had sex one more time before Goku went off into battle against Cell when he didn't know if he'd live or die, kind of like a final act of love. And if you want to include GT when Pan asks about how Chi Chi's going to deal with having a kid for a husband, Goku says that he can turn SS4 anytime now I can only think of one reason Chi Chi would need him to be a grown man ;)

As for Goten I really don't see a problem with that one. Goten did miss his dad for the early years of his life but that just made him value Goku more and then after the Buu Saga Goku came to live with them again, while Gohan was in high school I'm sure Goku went camping, trained, and played with Goten plenty of times most likely even more than Chi Chi allowed him to do with Gohan. Goten was basically grown up by the time Pan was born he'd started high school and dating and resigned from a life of fighting, all he really needed Goku for was some company. He'd had a father for the majority of his childhood which seems fine to me, and Goku was going to help a child far less fortunate.

At the time, I think he was fond of her and married so she wouldn't feel bad, but I don't think he loved her at the time. However, during their life together, he DID grow to love her romantically.

With all the evidence in the show...

First we'll start with dragonball. The first time Goku and Chichi meet as adults he recognizes her skill in fighting and says he is excited about his upcoming match and doesn't know why. This isn't really surprising since the man has never seen love or a real couple in action besides Burma and yamcha, which is a pretty weird relationship, and older people who dont really show expressions of affection. So he probably has never liked a girl before. He saw her fighting and the fact she was pretty and was probably quite awed and confused by the situation. Then they start fighting. And he let's the fight go on for quite a while all things considered. The only reason he ends it is because he wants to know who she is, and when he knocks her out of the ring says he didn't mean to hurt her. I don't think he is in love at that point yet, but after the fight with piccolo when Kami offers him his job, Goku immediately gets frazzled looks at Chichi and then says that things are perfect for him then he grabs chichi and runs off on nimbus. He also throughout saving the ox king holds her at times in a very protective manner, but still respects her enough to let her take care of pilaf's goons herself. Now onto DBZ. Goku obviously has the desire to make chichi happy and be a good husband and is this way for over four years. Then raditz takes all that away and gives Goku more reason to fight. After that we don't show her too much affection for a while. I'd say until the cell saga, but you don't see anyone bringing chichi when they all learn he is coming back. Throughout the filler before the androids though we do see Goku do things he generally dislikes or finds difficult just to please her and after he gets better from his virus he immediately holds chichi in his arms when she comes to him. This is something you don't see him do with any other women in the series with the exception of his granddaughter and people who he is saving. During the rest befor the cell games, there is this sense of clear satisfaction on goku's face when he tells krill in he wants chichi and Gotham to have time to be happy. We also see their life when Gohan is a baby where we can tell by comparing his strength to earlier fights is not at what it was when he fought piccolo. Aka on Goku standards he had become a bit of a softy. He obviously has sex with chichi whether it was her idea or not, which after having seem them break all her dishes was something she was begging for. By GT chichi has grown used to her time away from Goku. And Goku was going to try to grow up until it meant his family might possibly die. He tells chichi he liked being old. In flashback in the baby saga we see him and chichi happy together with their family. And when he's super saiyan 4 he says it's the last straw when baby attacks chichi. And then there is the biggest evidence of all after the fight when he says it's no longer a big deal at all since he can go ss4 anytime. If that isn't referring to sex I don't know what's what. As for him leaving, with the end I don't think he really was living, but because of some higher cause he was about to fullfill shenron let his family see him alive. Because as soon as they fly off into the distance Goku absorbs the dragon balls, and then shenron absorbs him. So that man is not too worried about seeing them too long because he is going to see them all again someday.

You aren't going to see much happening between those two because let's face it that wasn't what goku's story is about. Vegeta and Bulma have those moments because that was bulma's original purpose in the show and love and compassion was the thing that Vegeta has to learn. With the boys is that beside Gohan and videl, who never kiss either, they never fall in love. Though goten does have one of the most awkward sex references when he is with his date. But we never see pan's husband in the future. Why? Because its not what's important about her. Just like with Goku.

i must be honest i thought at the start that goku sort of liked chichi (in dragon ball) because she asks him would you ever think of me again and he said yes and asked her the same question and what you also have to think of is that goku had never reall seen girls before only bulma obviously but apart from that all boys and nobody ever really teaches him about girls properly only that if he meets one he has got to be as polite as possible (what his grandpa gohan had told him) and bulma only ever drops hints about it like when goku wants to come in the bathroom and scrub her back because she doesnt have  a tail he doesent understand that it is different to see girls who are older than him to see naked and not his own age and i think he does love chichi because he tells her he loves her and at one point he calls her babe (cell saga when him and gohan go to collect her and she sees gohans hair and over reacts he says "ohh babe you crack me up")  and if you didnt love someone why would you save the earth from bad guys to protect them and everyone else and why would you marry them and have kids i know he was saving the earth for other people aswel but mainly his family but the problem is you can never replace his love for fighting and i personally dont feel sorry for goten what you have got to remeber is that goku was dead and goten was more independant than gohan,gohan was really clingy to his dad and he was the first human sayain hybreed so obviously goku is going to be more attached and loved up because gohan has saved his life so many times or tried to ( frieza when gohan gets angry a him cell garlic jr and raditz) not to mention the other times when he saves gokus friends lives (cell bojack frieza garlic jr for the second time raditz broly well with broily he helped plan to eradicate all sayians he helped) and its his first son soooo plus goten is alot like goku and i think that akira wanted goku not to involed with goten because he didnt need it where as gohan he needed it because he had hidden power and with that hidden power came anger so gohan could of switched side or became like vegeta and turles because turles wanted gohan because of his ape anger because child apes are sronger than adult apes and even raditz wanted gohn sooo inconclusion i dont feel sorry for goten he is fine and it couldent be helped that his dad was dead but he had a farther like figure in gohan anyway and i do believe that goku did reall  really loved chichi but just loved fight ing aswel ...........