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How many of you would want to petition to DC and Tokyo TV for them to make a Goku vs. Superman movie( a trilogy maybe). Or even a DC and DBZ cross movie( all heros vs. all villains). Any comments?

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idk if we could actually petition to get it made, but it's definitely a cool concept. Goku and the Z fighters could duke it out with Superman and his super friends for half the movie until they realize they're on the same side and then unite to defeat some ultimate villain. Honestly though, I don't know if the rest of the justice league could compete with the z fighters. Batman would get owned by Chaotzu. Goku vs Superman would be good, although it would probably just ignite more debate regardless of the outcome.

Superman lost to Batman...

If Supes got the kicked out of him by a mere human with martial arts skill, how do you think someone with Goku's talents would fair? Open-shut case. Goku would destroy Supes in 30 seconds flat. The movie would stink Give me something like Supes vs Frieza or Goku vs Darkseid.

Signed Douche_Muffin14 hahaha batman is not just himan he even got attacked by dark side and lived he is a league of shadows master, he has gadgets he uses to fight super people. like he would with poor little Goku. he would get magma in his face and cry and superman would stand there and laugh. please superman is ultimate superhero, no little japanese character can beat superman 

Hey if Broly could dive into magma and come out without even a scratch, then Goku could take a little to the face. Also Superman is way overrated, because in one comic he could be way weaker then the next, with no training phyiscly or mentally. Or in other words Goku would take Superman out in 30 seconds flat in one comic, but the next just almost lose to superman. 

Oh heck yeah!

Dear god yes! An animated straight to DVD film is probably the most likely, but even that is slim. But still YES GOD PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN!


This is the guy who gave 3 posts on why Goku is better than Superman, the best debate for Goku post,and I say that that is the GREATEEEEEEEEEESSSSTTTTTT Idea ever. I want a Pre-Crisi age superman/ silver/bronze age superman to turn evil and get a serious powerup and fight Goku to the death with both dying but then they're both revived as Shrenron gained the power to revive Goku again now that it lost all negative energy. Superman would absorb DB/Z/GT's sun and they woud fight in space in DC's world and all stars become yellow suns until Superman dies. Goku would kill Superman through his ultimate ssj4 kaioken with the kaioken ? fold : 10x Wind Dragon Kamehameha. I would like to help make it.

Wahoo Guy here again.

Read all my previous posta, they're in the questions about the Superman and Goku and you'd understand why this would be dramatic. It would be a battle of God class beings as Pre Crisis superman was at a demi god level. If Goku reaches Godly Kaioken it'd be interesting. I know that Kai and God are similar but just for the sake let's call it that as god is translated as kami in japanese.

Trunkten 3900

I'm actually the one who posted the question.

I hear everbody saying they want his or have some skill to help make it, so why not just make a fan dub or ask for the permission of the company to make one ( with their sponsership of course, as there are some copyright laws and I doubt any of us could make it that well or in the same spirit as its creator.

I'm sure D.C. Tokyo TV would make a movie anyway once they saw the petition( or saw how much money they would make).

I do think it would be a great movie idea or at least a TV special(what channel though?).

I think I've made my point.

This Ends All Arguements

Goku got a hell of a lot stronger through life. Once he got to his max, it doesn't really matter if he had been killed before cause that shit isn't happening again. He is faster than Superman so explain how you kill something you can't touch. Basically it would be a battle of Superman getting the shit beat out of him until he decided to fly into the sun, which he wouldn't be able to reach in time, or blow up the Galaxzy. And from there Goku would just transport himself to a different place in the Universe. Superman would have destroyed his sourse of power, the Sun. And would die floating in space. Maybe he would have enough strength to fly somewhere but most likely he wouldn't find a yellow Sun before Goku found him again by sensing his energy. Then he would be powerless to the ass whooping he'd recieve. And don't even get me started on SS4 Gogeta cause he would just disenagrate Superman...Fuck the power of the Sun when your 20 times stronger than it.

Damn i mean i know people love good ol Superman but power doesn't lie. Goku Rules

Oh yea and if Goku dies in some crazy ass way he always has round 2 cause he can come back dead.


{C}Goku Jr

You're right trunten 3900 but I admit there are a lot of people who could improve it if the movie was made and if they do improve it they could create a DB/DBZ/GT sequel. I think there should be a competition where the two companies merge together and have the contestants send in ideas and the people who come in 1st and 2nd place get to help make the movie through e-mail/handwritten letters. The company will hand in the scripts to the contestants and the improvments suggested and make the movie.

Guest Dude Speaking...

Yeah, I like this idea. DBZ and comic books have been my interest, so it would be interesting. This is how I'd want to see it...During the time between the DBZ and DBGT and before the Infinite Crisis and 52, Darkseid found an unknown energy source in another universe. Creating a Boom Tube to it, he found the source of energy: the Dragon Balls. The Justice League followed him and ended up in the same universe and met the Z-Fighters, who instantly saw them as threats and fought them until Darkseid appeared. He easily overpowered most of the heroes, but Goku and Superman held their own. Unfortunately, Darkseid had already been searching with his army and destroyed most of the civilization in the DBZ universe. Darkseid then spikes the Dragon Balls with his power, allowing them to grant unlimited wishes that can go beyond the average power. Darkseid then unites the villains of DC and DBZ to conquer the multiverse and powered himself up to stronger than a god. The Justice League and Z-Fighters then unite to stop the army of villains and Darkseid. Goku and Superman create a huge beam from combining a Kamehameha with Superman's heat vision and creates a rift that throws the DC villains and Darkseid back to their universe and the DBZ villains back to Hell. The movie ends with a celebration and Kami restores the Dragon Balls to their original power.

Trunkten 3900

I just thought, why not include Marvel in this movie as well( though I don't know who the biggest and most powerful Marvel character is). It would be a combination of the biggest comic/manga companies in the world, which would create an even bigger fan base. Also, I think Stan Lee could bring some good ideas to the table. But, again, I don't know the main character or the main villain of Marvel who would fight Goku and Superman. Prehapse the biggest marvel hero is Iron Man(he's pretty popular right now). And maybe the big Marvel villain is The Mandarin. idk

I do remember a marvel vs. DC movie called Superman vs. Shizam, so I guess he would be the main hero, but I still don't know about the villain.

All I know is that it would make a even more epic movie.

(but how the hell do we come up with a title?)

Superman VS Shazam?

No, that was actually a 100% DC movie. There haven't been any Marvel and DC crossovers yet, at least in animation. But there have been several comic book crossovers. Anyway, while Iron man is very popular right now, the most popular Marvel hero is still Spider man. But I don't think he can contend with characters as powerful as Goku and Superman. So my guess is if Marvel is brought in, the Hulk would be the best character since he's very popular, and overwhelmingly powerful. He should probably start off much weaker then Superman and goku, but then get really angry and then be a match for them. Because as we all know, the madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets! lol. Also I really liked Guest Dudes idea, but I think there should be a Goku/Superman fusion somewhere in there. lol, nevermind, if that happens the epicness level would be so high it would destroy the world!

You do realize that sayains have pretty much the same power as the hulk where the madder they get the stronger they get and techically there is no limit on thier strength.

Question, Would Superman Goku fusion be more powerful than Vegito who is the most powerful character in the DBZ universe? Cause in base form he would destroy anyone that tried to stop him.

Trunten 3900

As of now I am Trunten not trunkten (that way I'm using a canonical name).

Now back to the subject!

Now Hulk's only enemies are the Leader and the Abomination, who aren't nearly at par with Dark Seide(sorry if I spelled it wrong) and Omega.

How could we link the three story lines together? That would be a bit difficult.

But on the original subject, how would we get this message to the companies, because I have no idea how to get their attention( I'm sure they get millions of e-mails about this every day). Well, it's a question I have no answer for.

By the way, Goku jr. , are you the guy that posted before me on the Your Own Dragon Balls question.

Trunten 3900

Given Guest Dudes plotline, I think we could easily unite the three(the multiverse would count marvel too). So that would take care of that problem. Also, I've learned that the Abomination is as strong as hulk, not that it would matter since darkseid is the main villain anyway. Alternately, with the Thor movie coming out, he would probably be powerful and popular enough to be a main character, and his enemies: Loki and The Asgardian Destroyer are both powerful enough enemies to be in the movie. So Thor is always an option.

That seems like an odd group doesn't it: Superman, Goku, and Thor(the z fighters, The Justice League, and the Avengers), but still a very interesting idea.

I still have yet to come up with a title.

Although this isn't the original concept, it's still an awesome, epic movie. 1:00 5/22 USA

A title

That's an easy one. It will be called Super mega ultra califragalicious dalomoponalicious tenktokolypsical phenomlalamaktopa. Cause that's the only way to describe the epicness. Also, Hulk would still be a better pick then Thor because the two have fought several times in comics, and Hulk wins nearly every time. Also, there have been several superman/hulk crossovers in the past with the two being about even. (DC VS Marvel doesn't count because it was fanvoted) Also I just wanna say that the Leader and Abomination aren't Hulk's ONLY villains. silly. Also I still think Superman and Goku should fude sometime in the movie. Just wanted to mention that again. :p

Look what I found!

I was looking around and came across this! It's not a movie, but it's a start! And it's actually pretty damn good to!


I ment to say fuse, not fude in my last post. sorry

Trunten 3900

I had only picked Thor because he was more human like than the Hulk, and would act more like Goku and Superman would; also, Hulk isn't that smart so he could be beaten easily by the likes of those two. And Thor would be able to fuse with Goku and Superman, so that might make the final battle against Darkseid even better.

But I suppose the Hulk is more popular(and thought to be stronger), so he might still be the best choice. idk

Also, I think we need a shorter title,and the reason I said it was difficult was because we needed to come up with a catchy name that could still be recognized as having Marvel, DC, and DBZ , so we can't use some generic name that sounds cool like whatever that guy said before, no, it needs to encompass all three companies.

I don't know much about the Hulk so I don't know his strongest enemy(they always put the Abomination as his main enemy in all the movies, shows,etc), or the limits of his power.

I still didn't get an answer regarding how to contact all of the companies, but I guess that's not too important right now.

And I didn't catch it, are we setting the movie in the DBZ universe or the DC universe? Also, are all of the dead villains coming back to life too? And if we're deciding to use the teams(as in the z fighters, Justice League, and the Avengers), then wouldn't all of them, not just Goku, Superman, and Hulk be fighting Darkseid in a big epic battle.(I'm sure a lot of fans would rather Darkseid was killed finally; I mean we using some of the strongest characters in fiction, it would be a bit odd if they didn't kill him).

Who is The Hulk's strongest enemy, and who are we supposed to use as the DBZ villain if they all die and become a minor threat after they are defeated(they would have to come up ith a whole new enemy for the z fighters).

And, just a thought, why not fuse other unusual characters together like Piccolo and Batman(the two wisest heros) or something, maybe even use hypothetical fusions from DBZ(Tiencha, Gokule, Gogetenks, Prillin, etc).(add in some potaras as well).

14:22 5/22 USA.

To do the Mulit power fusion of Thor Superman and Goku, Goku and Superman would fuse and then pick up thor's hammer and gain the power of Thor on top of that, if he is worthy. He would have to have a more Goku personality though cause Goku will kill if nessesary, even though he uses ever excuse not to, and Superman has this thing against killing no matter what. This would be the ultimate character though. The ultimate warrior fused with a superpower house with the powers of a god on top of that. Indestructable. They would have to use putara fusion though cause the fusion dance fusion would not last long enough to put up a good fight. The force of their power might break the putara spell though cause Vegito did and this would be a lot stronger than Vegito.

From the 1st Person to say I could improve the DB movie

From the 1st person to say I could help improve the DB movie

I'm a male living in Chicago and I'm the person who gave the best debate for Goku in the Superman Goku forum. You can improve it if you want. Here's my idea, now listen up, please!

I think everyone has great ideas but I think that all the Avengers should appear and I agree that Darkseid should be a main villain but it would be even better if he teamed up with a baby possessed Broly and ended up possessed by Baby as well. Baby will have absorbed the Red Star Dragon because Darkseid created a device to unleash the dragon’s power without turning them back into dragonballs. Darkseid can't use destroy galaxies by himself easily so Baby just leaves an egg in him but Baby ends up in control of Darkseid's army and possesses them all but in the end it turns out Darkseid wasn't possessed and was just using Baby to learn about the Dragonball multiverse and ki but he can't use it because he's from the superman multiverse. Multiverses are like universes so there can be multi multiverses which is why we never see manga characters crossing over even when a person goes everywhere in a multiverse, the Shredder from TMNT did this but never met a manga character. Once Darkseid learn this him and baby fight for power as Darkseid will try to possess a baby possessed Broly to gain the lssj and the ability to use energy. The heroes of the shows interrupt their fight and Superman and Batman take on Darkseid while ssj Vegeta and Goku take on the Baby-Broly fusion. Both villains are near death in the end as Superman has gained all his Pre-Crisis powers and has become kinder after regaining them showing the true spirit of superman. Darkseid's essence leaves his former body and merges with Baby-Broly. Due to this Baby becomes much more evil and gains the Omega Beam and Sanction. Baby gives himself a new name New Darkness from Baby which refers to a new life and Dark from Darkseid. As Broly possesses more evil from New Darkness, N. Darkness, he attains legendary sjj2 a legendary ssj of ssj2. The villain fusion becomes 20,000x more powerful and instantly senses the Kid Buu in Majuub and rips him out of Majuub, due to his darkness abilities, cutting Majuub's power in half. Kid Buu and Majuub fight. N. Darkness hits ssj4 Goku with Broly's strongest technique and Goku takes it head on so it doesn't kill the others and destroy the planet. As he does this N. Darkness merge the blast with the Omega Sanction and sends Goku, mentally, to another painful reality leaving Goku's body defenseless to N. Darkness' attack supposedly killing him. Superman, Vegeta, and Batman attack N. Darkness but Batman is instantly hit with the Omega Sanction as he is the greatest threat when near amazingly powerful men. Superman and Vegeta go berserk and furiously fight but N. Darkness' endless energy supply prevents him from being defeated as after he possessed Dende, earlier in the movie, he gained the ability to heal so he's using his infinite energy supply to heal every form of injury he has while also fighting, meaning he can fight for eternity. North Kai watches the fight with Elder Kai and Kibito Kai as Elder Kai thought that North Kai might know something about Goku that he didn't as during GT North Kai's teachings saved Goku and his Kai status helped complete Goku's greatest technique. The 3 kais talk about the battle and then they talk about the battle with Spectre and the Phantom Stranger in the back who say the 2 multiverse will turn into worlds of pure destruction if the heroes lose. Meanwhile we see Goku in a cruel reality suffering immense pain. Batman comes from behind Goku and talks to him. He states everything that is happening in the world they were in before the omega sanction hit them. They have a discussion about what to do and because they’re not getting anywhere Batman asks Goku to allow Batman to read his mind and see everything that happened in the Z world. Goku tries reverse telepathy and secedes. Batman begins reading Goku’s entire mind. The scene switches to Vegeta and Superman fighting N. Darkness. After that we see Batman and Goku. They talk about how to defeat Goku and then Goku mentions he'll need a serious power up to beat N. Darkness. This allows Batman to think of the kaioken. He starts to think deeply and Goku asks what he's planning. Batman says he intends to have Goku use the power an Infinite Kaioken. Goku says he couldn't handle it and Batman replies that’s why he's thinking. Batman eventually decides to have Goku do it but that Batman will protect Goku by telepathically controlling the energy in Goku's body so that he could release it all at once without dying by merging Goku's energy with the realities of the omega sanction making him one with them and purifying them. Batman further states he'll do it by using the concept of a spirit bomb except its being gathering the energy in Goku’s body, merging it with Goku's own energy, and releasing it as Goku's own. Goku questions the plan as his body might not take the energy. Batman yells at him to start and so Goku begins by helping Batman talk to the realities to gain energy but Batman gathers the energy of the omega sanction instead and with that absorbs all the other realities into his body and merges the energy into Goku's body despite his pleas to stop gathering that much energy but Batman continues and surprising merges with Goku as another living being in Goku's body with Goku like a roommate. Goku then begins the infinite kaioken learning Bruce/Batman is alive and can't handle the energy but as Batman is a fusion of multi realities he is able to control it by using the power of realities to save himself allowing him to go beyond infinite kaioken and begin to actually gain the power to create infinite amounts of energy becoming an immensely powerful deity like being. He reappears in the real world and instantly is noticed by everyone for his beyond infinite power. N. Darkness attacks Goku but he retaliates by throwing him to the side and beating him with a kaioken dragon fist. The movie ends with Goku and everyone saying their farewells. Superman comments to a telepathically created hologram form of batman that it’s unlike him to merge with others and live with them especially children considering he's a lone wolf. Batman says it was for his own sense of justice. Then we go into the song at the end. Fill in the blanks in the middle of my movie but keep the ending.

Its me the same guy above from chicago. I think there should be sequels so don't forget and we need more people for this petition. A good name would be Dragon Ball D.C. and the narrator is the same guy from DBZ.

Same guy again. I say that in a sequel Goku should fight an evil possessed superman with all Pre-Crisis powers plus extra such as reality warping.

Trunten 3900

I have a few comments about that movie idea:

  • It had nothing to do with Marvel(the thing we've been talking about for the past day).
  • the story line is a bit confusing(and i doubt it could fit within a 2 and a half hour movie)
  • it seemed monotinous with everybody constantly absorbing, betraying eachother, and becoming infinately powerful.
  • I like the idea of Darkseid and Baby teaming up to control the dragon balls
  • According to the time we picked, neither baby nor broly excisted at that time

It's a good idea, but it has a few holes.

Now, Dragon Ball DC will work for Goku vs. Superman, but doesn't include Marvel(if we're still keeping Marvel involved). Still no ideas aabout the Marvel enemies, but maybe we can put in an upgraded version of baby, as the original died indefinately.

16:46 5/22 USA


Winner Son Goku


Superman is crap if batman can defeat him.Goku's power level was 90000000 in his normal form at the beginning of DBGT. Superman, if he has a power level than it would be less than 10000. So what if superman is faster than a speeding bullet. I bet that goku was over 1000000 faster times than the speed of light a the end of Dragon Ball GT. So what if superman is strong, in one movies he barely can lift a giant metalball weighted about 5 tons or more. Goku can lift a planet if he wants to. Superman is just a hobo in tights. Goku can kill superman with a punch in his normal form. Here is what happens if Goku was to transform into a super or beyond in a battle with superman.

super saiyan 1goku can kill superman just by flick at him

super saiyan 2 goku can kill superman by just touching him

super saiyan 3 goku can kill superman by just looking at him!!!!!!!!

super 4 goku can kill superman while transforming into a supersaiyan 4 , but of so much energy being released.

So much for the " man of steel". With a kame hame ha, he will be no more than atoms!! Superman's laser vision can slice through building while goku's kame hame ha can slice through a full moon and can continue to slice through planet and ect!!! A elite class saiyan with 10000-18000 power levels can easily handle superman. In the fresia saga, Goku with 180000 can toyed with superman without even getting a scratch. Superman maybe able to destory a planet with about over 100 punches, vegeta when first arrived to Earth, can destory the Earth with a powerful Ki blast.Beside how can a man in tights be compare to the strongest warrior in history, who capable of destorying planets with a single punch. Goku is aways training to get stronger and superman is just a crouched potato setting in the couch whatching TV or going on a date. Besides at the end of DBGT, goku became some what of a god by fusing with the dragon balls.With a 10X kame hame ha goku can destory the universe. The only way superman might win and this is a 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 chance that it will happen is if superman jkill goku while he;s sleeping, but since goku can sence Ki energy, superman mosty likely would not win and what can superman do to kill Goku even when he's sleeping, punch him? That would most likely "NOT" work. Another way is to poision Goku's food. Beside superman is mostly unfair in battle while goku plays fair.

For Marvel

I personally believe we should keep a movie like this just between Goku and Superman, since they're the ones people talk of most. But, as mentioned above, if Marvel would be included in this, I think Wolverine would be a good choice to fight them. He can basically heal from any wound and is a match for Goku in martial arts proficiancy. His claws could actually give Goku a reason to use the Power Pole again. He has animalistic senses, so that would put him on par with the Z-Fighter's ki sensing and Superman's own super senses. Might even get to watch adamantium break for once if Goku or Superman punch him hard enough. I think he'd add an interesting aspect to their fight, if Marvel would decide to jump on this as well. --DARK 01:29, May 23, 2011 (UTC)

I Love Dragon Ball DC

I say DC should be made as a movie. The story is good and the discussion was about a Dragonball vs Superman movie. We don't need Marvel until a sequel is made to this movie, if its made. Dragon Ball DC isn't darker than anything DC or Marvel has made and it can be changed to be like a normal light hearted Dragonball.

Dragonball DC is Ultimate!

Dragonball DC should be made!

I vote yes to dragonball dc 18:21, October 31, 2011 (UTC)salguod

Yeah, that would be a cool movie Ssj2gohan99 10:38, November 2, 2011 (UTC)

This would be awesome.

I'd rather see them team up, though. No matter which hero wins people would be pissed about the outcome. Tokeupdude 02:13, December 1, 2011 (UTC)

Disregarding the movie BS

Just on the subject of the fight between goku and supeman, there are 7 possibilities.

  1. Goku wins in a hard long battle,Superman fans wouldn't be as pissed.Some of the hardcore fans might get mad.Who knows?
  2. Goku wins in a landslide just mercs Superman,Superman Fans are friggin outraged,death threats ransom note thos Mofos just might go crazy just like that angry german kid from the internet meme.Dbz fans will rejoice for abit, the sane, ones the kind that is mostly here, and the trolls would start trolling superman sights,and the sane superman fans would probably play the multiverse card and say superman one on Earth-2,3347690-604t55t55 or something.
  3. Superman wins in a manner similar to No.1.Dragonball fans act in a similar way.
  4. Superman wins in landslide.Dbz fans are monumentally pissed,they start trolling,the sane-ish fans take it in stride and go about their days.
  5. The ffight is interrupted in the middle.People start making claims of who would've won just as we are doing now.
  6. There is a tie, Superman and goku are both unconsious.Both fans of superman and goku continue to argue.Possibly they may even bring GT iinto the arguement(god forbid)
  7. This is the most realistic.No body makes a movie,the debate continues.They went as far as they could and would they made that magazine fight Goku won, and that's probably how its going to stay.

Well there is my 2 cents-- Piccolo I' 02:49, December 1, 2011 (UTC)


The ideas here are pretty good but im wondering which versions of the D.C heroes are they using? Furthermore what versions of Marvel Heroes would be used? See unlike DBZ where the timeline affects the power level in Marvel and D.C there are different versions of the same hero and the power levels are vastly different. There are supermen that can destroy galaxies by sneezing and there are supermen who have difficulty lifting buildings. The same thing is true within the marvel universe. Tbh this is not a good idea. The chars are too different, the types of villains and heroes are different. On a side note Wolverine is no match for any DBZ character past the namek saga. These guys can destroy planets. Wolverine cant. Im not saying Wolverine is bad im just saying there different types of heroes who face different types of villans. Jpark0015 02:54, December 1, 2011 (UTC)

Wolverine is showed up way before the namek saga, hes General Blue level at most.-- Piccolo I' 05:56, December 4, 2011 (UTC)


You aren't changing my mind, Goku has beaten Superman and he will do it again. Superman sucks, hes a complete douchebag, deal with it! "I may be just a pothole in the road to you big guy, but it's going to be one hell of a deep pothole." - Tien 17:51, December 2, 2011 (UTC)

Wizard magaizine did the story on Goku beating Superman. As Wizard is not owned by any company that makes it irrelavant.

At least you aren't arguing that Superman is cool. "I may be just a pothole in the road to you big guy, but it's going to be one hell of a deep pothole." - Tien 18:01, December 2, 2011 (UTC)

To the above statement, since Wizard Magazine isn't affiliated with either publisher, shouldn't that make their perception of this fight MORE relevant? They would certainly be less biased than either DC or Toei. I think that Wizard took everything into consideration before printing the story. It's the best depiction we have to go by. As far as making a movie out of this... I think you guys are all nuts. Neither companies' ego will ever allow their hero to be beaten. It won't happen. Everyone will just continue to speculate. Cooper31684 01:05, February 15, 2012 (UTC)

I'm personally not a huge fan of Superman, I understand his importance to American comics which I do enjoy. Plus you are definately allowed to have your own opinion on a character. I just felt the need to point out that a 3rd party publication (Wizard) wrote the fight so it's really just well publiched fanfiction. I personally don't agree with the article and that's because I know both characters pretty well. My personal opinion on the matter is irrelevent because most people are naturally going to side with Goku on this Wiki because it's a wiki devoted to Dragon Ball.

But if you don't like Superman you have every right.

If only I could master the KameHameHa! 18:08, December 2, 2011 (UTC)

Zeno what you said is comepletely useless to this debate,there was no point in what you wrote.-- Piccolo I' 05:54, December 4, 2011 (UTC)

He likes to do that. Look at how he felt it necessary to be an insufferable douche bag in the Dragon "Ball - Satanic?" forum. --DARK 06:01, December 4, 2011 (UTC)

This section is getting off topic. I should check that one out. I geuss you like forums instead of blog 10 reaper, well atleast check this one out -- Piccolo I' 06:07, December 4, 2011 (UTC)

Nah, just don't comment on any of them much. --DARK 06:09, December 4, 2011 (UTC)

God damn it wtf is this guy smoking? this guy is crazy bc goku would win hands down

People on this wiki need to leave this argument alone. Anyone who says Goku is stronger than Superman is an idiot who has never read the Superman comics. In the comics Superman is stronger than SS4 Gogeta, so he would smash Goku hands down. Since you have never read the Superman comics I don't understand why you're posting on this forum. How can you make a judgement on Superman when you have no knowledge about him? Tokeupdude 06:39, December 4, 2011 (UTC)

it sounds cheesy since the same thing happen to the dc heroes/villians when they were fighting the mortal kombat heroes/villians instead of fighting dark khan

Goku always finds a way to win, Superman may be stronger (arguable) but Goku would find a way to realise Supermans weakness and exploit it, which is why Goku would win. Hirudegarn was stronger than Goku but Goku still won, same deal with Superman.Latchley 12:08, December 4, 2011 (UTC)

Hey Goku wouldn't use any weakness to his advantage.

Although I'd hate to see this movie, as it would be like any DBZ movie, Goku gets beat down the whole thing and then win at the end more or less. With the introduction of Supermans weakness Superman would be absolutely no match for Goku and would need some interference from someone to have a fighting chance.Latchley 12:14, December 4, 2011 (UTC)

Problem is Goku would never use Kryptonite against Superman; it's dishonest and not a fair fight. Unless ki blasts count as magic, he'd be totally invulnerable to most of his physical attacks. I think Goku is just plain stronger than Superman though, even Silver Age (before you rant at me, Toke, Silver Age actually had his physical strength decrease, but he attained a bunch of his crazy, outlandish powers during this time to balance it out). It would probably be an even fight for the most part, but even if Superman was leagues above Goku, he just doesn't know how to fight. Clark was trained as a farm hand his whole life, not a professional martial artist. This is one of the reasons Batman takes down Superman practically every time they fight; he's just a better fighter and better strategist than him. Batman is the goddamn Batman and can bench press 1000 lbs, but that's no where near Superman. If he can beat him at that much of a disadvantage (usually without Kryptonite even), I think someone with practically the same power would be able to do it. --DARK 16:44, December 4, 2011 (UTC)

I was totally raging when I wrote that. I'm just sick of people putting Superman down. The users on here are under this impression that he's at most Nappa's level because they have no knowledge about him outside of what they've seen on Cartoon Network. Superman IS stronger than Goku, but the more I think about it that doesn't necessarily mean Goku couldn't beat him. Goku has beaten people stronger than him before. I should have just left it alone. Tokeupdude 18:26, December 4, 2011 (UTC)
Hey every single person Goku has beaten he was stronger than. the times he depended on the spirit bomb was when he was tired. Vegeta's first fight with Goku and the fight with Raditz are the only fights that Goku was weaker than the entire fight. I don't count GT has it is complete and uttuer bullshit and it has little ties to the actual seires. (GT is NON-CANON)
Nah, this place is meant for discussion. It would probably be an even fight, but I just see Goku taking it in some way or the other. I heard somewhere that a guy calculated Superman's power lever to just above Saiyan Saga Goku, but I'm inclined to say that's a bunch of crap until I can do the complex algorithm for myself. If it is Silver Age, he probably does have a better chance, since, even with less total strength, he does have the crazy powers (wall vision, flying so fast he turns back time, etc. [those are from movies, but technically based on and set during the Silver Age]), which would probably be a good match against all the ki techniques. Besides, at least you're not grasping at straws to support your argument, like saying he knows how to fight after he learned a few moves from Batman and Diana. --DARK 18:34, December 4, 2011 (UTC)

Oh that's funny because I have actually read the comicbook and Superman DOES have hand to hand training. Batman gave him some, Wildcat a world heavyweight champion boxer trained him more, and he also recieved instruction from Wonderwoman one of the greatest hand to hand fighters in the DC universe as according to Batman. Granted that's not at Goku's level but it's a lot better than no training.

Also Batman has not regularly beat Superman in canon. In recent canon he did once in a fight done by Jim Lee, and in the fight he almost got killed, barely winning. All the while Superman was fighting against the mind control so not fighting at 100%. Since Superman moves faster than the speed of light a real fight between Batman and Superman would be incredably one sided. Superman could moves to Batman and knock him out before Batman had a chance to pull the kryptonite out of his belt. I'm a huge Batman fan but that's how the fight would still probably go.

Let me compare both characters since I've seen near every episode of Dragon Ball Z and I've read a good number of comics with Superman.

Speed, of course with Instant transmission Goku can go further quicker, and even in fighting Goku may be a bit faster, but Superman can also move at speeds that the human eye can't precieve, faster than the speed of light. So closer than most people think but I'd still give to Goku.

Hand to hand skill. Goku wins but Superman is far from untrained.

Durability. Hard to tell, but Superman has taken the impacts of planet destroying attacks, and lived to tell the tale. Alot of the time was concious to tell the tail. Goku purposely avoided a planet destruction attack (Buu's vanishing ball) So from my point of view Superman.

Ranged attacks. Goku has a better variety for sure, the kamehameha would probably be his trump card as the Spirit bomb wouldn't work on Superman as he is probably pure of heart by DBZ definition. Superman has arctic breath that probably wouldn't be too much of a problem for Goku, but his heat vision is hotter than the sun and I believe would be a legitimate threat, especially since he can fire it much quicker than the kamehameha.

So in the end I highly doubt a fight between them would be one sided. I honestly refuse to believe it would be. To people who refer to Wizard magaine it was a 3rd party publication, and just for entertainment. That would possibly be the result if it was the John Byrne Superman (circa 1986 or so) or the animated Superman who is significantly less powerful than the comic counter part.

This is from a fan of both media. If only I could master the KameHameHa! 18:14, December 4, 2011 (UTC)

So I didn't read anything past the first couple sentences; tl;dr. I'd just like to point out that learning a few moves a couple times would be like a guy who took some karate classes, is still a white belt, and says he can beat up anyone because he knows martial arts. He learned a couple moves; cool story, bro. That really doesn't count as knowing how to fight. Look at, like, any Superman comic there is and examine his fighting style; there is none. He punches people in the face and that's usually it. It works against random thugs and untrained, musclebound enemies, but he usually loses a fight against someone who knows what they're doing (like when he has to fight Batman).

Read this while I was typing the response, so I'd just like to put this out there. King Kai's planet has 10 times Earth's gravity, so shouldn't Grand Kai's planet be the same, or more? So, yeah; multiply the total weight during that scene by 10 to get a more accurate level on Super Saiyan alone (also, Batman dodged Dark Seid's Omega Beam, which is faster than the speed of light). --DARK 18:28, December 4, 2011 (UTC)


they should

Goku is much..........................more..........................stronger than Superman. Superman is nothing to him. Goku would powder superman and burn it.

Goku is wayy.................stronger than SP

That's funny because somebody here mentioned superman more powerfull than Goku and that means he is a big idiot and Stupid also. Ultimate Cell 05:38, February 3, 2012 (UTC)


okay goku vs superman best idea ever DC vs DBZ okay well Chichi alone could take on lois and few other super Girlfriends but Pan vs wonder woman that would be sweet but who will vegeta fight i mean in the DBZ episods vegeta and goku are abel to blow up a planet green lantern and tose guys wont be a thret supermans power is the sun but in ssj 4 not even the sun can hurt goku id say this would be the most selling cartoon movie ever made

PLEASE YES..goku rules

OH GOD PLEASE YES!!, even though if you actually realisticly compare the superman cartoons with the DBZ ones..goku would kick supermans ass, but if we scrap that and change the concept so they are more or less equal that would be cool..i still think goku would win though because he always finds a way to become stronger etc - zachary eley

NO!!! This can only go down one of two ways...

Either the creators of the movie and writers of DC Comics pick the relativiely consistent (feat wise) animated version of Superman (who would get stomped by Goku) or they pick a ridiculously overpowered version such as Pre-Crisis Superman which sneezed away a solar system. Each option requires epic trolling of Goku. This is why I hate a lot of Marvel and DC Comic vs. manga character forums. Because fans can just pick whichever version of a character they want from a comic universe and use them for a fight. It'd be like if a bunch of different writers all worked on Toriyama's Dragon Ball franchise and created three different storylines for only has Dragon Ball level feats and at max power can do things like destroy the moon or stop natural disasters by the end of the series, the second has all of the DBZ and GT feats, while the third can destroy planets with a single punch, has ki blasts with more energy than 20 suns, and can break the rules of space and time with his mind. The power levels are so varied you can hardly call that the same person even if they have the same name and personality.

Pre-Crisis Superman, and Prime, and Silver Age

Goku might be able to lift mountains, destroy planets, and stuff. But Superman can pick up planets, with his hands, and held multiple ones with a chain. Sorry Goku looses here, don't get me wrong I'm a much bigger Goku fan.

Goku for sure

I said this before, but the characters in DBZ are a lot stronger than Superman. I think Superman would be able to stand up to everyone until perhaps the Ginyu Saga. And I'm not saying this out of favoritism, I think Superman is awesome, but seriously, look at the facts.

Superman can move planets, the DBZ characters can destroy them.

Criminals have been seen knocking Superman off his feet, the DBZ characters don't even feel hits from normal people. Hell, most of the villains don't even seem to feel the attacks from some characters. Majin Buu didn't react at all to Hercule's punch, Super Android 13 didn't even react to SSJ Vegeta's punches, Bio-Broly didn't react to 18's hits, Cell didn't react to Krillin's hits, etc.

Superman is as faster as the speed of light id he builds up speed, Raditz is FASTER than the speed of light, stated by Piccolo after missing with the Special Beam Cannon.

I recall an episode of Superman where he fought some giant monster that absorbed heat, but couldn't beat it without the government's help because he wasn't strong enough. Goku beat Piccolo, who had grown to about the same size as the monster Superman fought, and won, and this was back in the Dragon ball series when his powwer level was in the two hundreds.

Superman has laser vision, DBZ characters can create nuclear explosions with their energy blasts. Cell even states that he can destroy the entire Solar System with his energy alone. Even Vegaeta could destroy entire planets back when his power level was 16,000, so imagine what he could do when he reaches the high milliions and billions. Hell, even Master Roshi could blow up the moon, and his power level was in the two hundreds.

The jury is out. Superman is an awesome dude, but he can't hold a candle to the DBZ characters. It's a whole different universe that can barely be compared.

Goku would win easy or maybe not

The big question for the movie is what part in the DB/DBZ/GT is goku fighting superman from. If it is the beginning of DBZ goku might win. In DB than goku would not have a cance. In the Vegita saga superman would be just under Goku but goku then has the kio-ken or how ever you want to call it. After Freiza, he would have instant transmission an would be able to go super sayian. From here on Goku would beat superman. My favorite would be at the end of DBZ because I have always imagined goku getting made at superman and going to super sayian 3. Now, we have to compare. Superman has laser eyes, super strength, can fly, super breath, super hearing, and his weakness is kryptanyte. Goku has instant transmission, super speed, super strength, can shoot energy beams out of his hands, and much much more. I wish i could name all of his powers but I don't have time. With what I gave you, conspire around it.

Here are some more reasons why Goku would win                                     


goku would kill superman without turning ssj. man sp aint nothing pan would beat superman ass. man i hate these retards

Don't know too much but....

If it's going to be Super vs. Goku? If it's Pre-Crisis Superman, which it should be, he beats the **** out of Goku 100x worse than Frieza did at 50%. If it's Post-Crisis Superman, Goku takes this with ease.

It should be Vegeta vs. Superman

I think Goku is too much of a hero to fight another hero. Vegeta vs. Superman would be awesome when Vegeta is evil. Then once Vegeta defeats Superman. Goku can rise to take Supermans place to defeat Vegeta before he wipes out the planet.

Don't underestimate superman, should be a good fight.

A superman vs goku movie would be pretty awesome, and the best part is I really don't know who would win. You always have to keep in mind that in the show justice league, superman had to have been powered down because he would just dominate everyone in that show. I still got my money on goku though. But another question is why would they fight? They both believe in the same things.

PS: The only reason batman could beat superman is cause of kryptonite. without it, batman's screwed.SonGoten77 (talk) 00:17, October 31, 2012 (UTC)

DBZ cross DC

That would be amazing. Who would be the villain though? It's unlikely that they would fight each other--Ssj3gogeta96 (talk) 20:05, January 27, 2013 (UTC)ssj3gogeta96

 Give it a rest (sorry can't think of a better title)

This Superman VS Goku thing is talked about way to much and getting repetitive and dull honestly ..., I don't see what's so fascinating about it all. Not trying to complain of corse, to be honest I hope Goku wins so this whole debate gets over with once and for all.

Trunks ssj3Blue winds of hopeColored 042 tru 002 by vicdbz-d3hhur1

logic is why Goku wins

It depends on where they fight, in Goku's unv. he is the  strongest. In superman unv. he is the strongest. So superman wouldn't be able to do the same things he can in Goku's unv. because everything is different.

There is no solar system in Goku's unv. there's just different planets, there isn't even a moon on Goku's earth. SUPERMAN POWER IS LIMITED DEPENDING ON HOW MUCH SUN EXPOSURE HE HAD. Goku is powerful everywhere he goes. In a fight superman gets weaker as the fight goes on Goku gets stronger. Also somethings they said is false like saiyans cant breath in space. They can go to any planet and breath any type of air, to also prove my point Bardock was in the middle of space when he fought freeza.

When Brolly was a Baby he manually flew him and his dad in the middle of space to escape planet vegeta destruction. So saiyans can breath in space.  They said in the later comics superman is like a God, so is Goku after the Gt series he had like an extra life to become even more powerful. So my point is it depends on which universe they fight in. Also Goku's abilities alone would kill superman because to be able to manipulate chi into a force of any kind is considered magic.

Did you fall off a cliff and hit your head as a baby? None of what you just said is true. There is definitely a solar system on the Dragon Ball Earth; it has a sun that the planet revolves around and we even get to see Jupiter. It has a moon, too, for most of the time (why that has anything to do with Superman, I'll never know).

So what if he gets power from the sun? Little less than blowing it up will have no effect on him. Goku does not gain power as a battle goes on; that's Uub. There is no proof Saiyans could survive in space indefinitely. There is proof, though, that they're resilient enough to survive enough to survive outside of an atmosphere. Goku needs air when he's trapped underwater, so why should he not need it when he's in space? If you think about how many planets they visit during the series and how no one, not even the humans, are bothered by an atmosphere change, it just means there's a startling number of Earth-like atmospheres in the galaxy.

Brolly used a forcefield. We're not talking about 100 years after the end of GT. There is no proof to any claim of Goku's power at that point. Chi is not magic, either. It is generated by the body through physical training and meditation. Babidi uses magic, Goku does not. In the future, try not to act like a complete knob when you argue with people. --DARK 12:11, March 7, 2013 (UTC)

Goku vs superman deathbattle on YouTube. Watch till the end were the calculate their feats

Goku vs superman deathbattle

Foul vs superman deathbattle on YouTube. Watch till the end were they calculate their feats I was cheering for goku and he still is my favourite fictional Character but after see them put their feats side by side it Was no contest

^*goku vs superman

Sorry bout that

Goku vs. Superman(Clash of Two Mighty Titans! The Saiyajin vs. the Superman!)

Check out this site and enjoy.

That might be interesting. A movie with both of them. 

But to be fair, the only way to avoid fanboys rage about those characters powers is to give both heroes for this movie maybe an additionally movie exclusive power. Like that SSJG for Goku (which I am still not used to since it sounds stupid).

For those who want to argue who would win based on their current powers...maybe should take a look at this:

No, thats not the death battle Goku loses based only just few things like lifting 40 Tones on a planet with 10x gravity compared to moving the entire earth. Its a long read, but everything is proven through sources. Keep in mind that this article doesn't decide a winner but what death battle didn't take in consideration during their "analysis" and that Goku actually has as much chance to win as Superman based on the manga alone. 

"As much chance to win". Goku would cream superman. END OF STORY.

well yes probably

BUT not the both working on it it would be a terrible fight theyd argue back and forth and there fighting would be shown in the characters so like someone who wouldnt be biast but someone who wouldnt be stupid by letting superman win

goku vs superman

Goku will kick Superman's ass


I have to save the day again

Yes, but the people that worked on that project were some DC fans and a group of that make a parody of DBZ, so you can't trust that battle worth $h!#. So to who ever linked this get your head out of your @$$.

/\ This one gave an advantage to Superman, also, they used one of the strongest Superman there. The Superman from the Superfriends cartoon is so weak that even Krillin can defeat him. Yakon RenderSandubadearPui Pui Render 20:38, June 11, 2013 (UTC)