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Forum Humans (Android Saga) vs Ginyu Force (minus captain ginyu)

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It's a trap!

Whatever you do, don't reference their fight on King Kai's planet! It was filler!!!!!! Janemba4eva 10:38, July 9, 2011 (UTC)

damn...i was waiting for someone to...

I'd say Krillin and Tien had probably surpassed average ginyu force levels at that point.

since they were both able to put up at least a little fight against two forms of cell, they had to be pretty strong. yamcha and Chiaotzu, i'm not so sure about (filler obviously excluded).

no they didnt. tien held semi perfect cell. he did not damage him in the slightest and was using an overpowered kikoho technique. you cant just say tien > cell based on tien using his strongest move. thats like saying goku > kid buu because spirit bomb killed kid buu. strongest move =/= actual power level. and krillin didnt put up any kind of fight against any form of cell. 

Tien was able to hold semi perfect cell by that time in the series he could beat the whole ginny force himself


I'd like to think tien is the strongest human.But something says krillin.cell second form was strong.krillin would destroy ginyu force.even though I hate krillin.if I get replied to,I can't figure out how to edit an existing topic on my phone.-raiden

Okay here's the thing though ginyu 120000 semi cell high in the millions not sure so yeah just being able hold him makes tien that much stronger

Humans easily

Most likely krillin or tien alone can handle them as krillin was shown to put up a (kind of)decent fight against imperfect cell


who was far beyond even Mecha Frieza so the Ginyu Force(especially with Ginyu excluded) should be a cake walk for him.

Gohan ssj2Gohan is Supreme, Supreme is Gohan. I, am Supreme GohanGohan ssj2 09:47, July 10, 2011 (UTC)
lol krillin vs cell is FILLER. does not count.

To end this..

Krillin and Tien in the android saga, and even yamcha would be able to beat the ginyu force, with captain ginyu included, without breaking a sweat. All the ginyu's were aroudn 60,000, with captian around 120,000. Krillin yamcha and tien are all atleast over 300,000 by then.

but you have no proof and just making shit up.


Where do you get cap. Around 120,000 thats about how strong goku was when they met and he was far stronger and the rest cant be 60,000 because when cap. Ginyu gussed that as goku's power Jeice was in awe about how strong goku was. Anyways humans win.

This is what I dont understand. Vegeta is powerful enough to destroy entire planets with his finger tips easily. Even before vegeta came to earth. Even then, the ginyu force was much more powerful than vegeta. When the ginyu force died and went to other world to fight the humans like yamcha and tien and chiaotzu. They lost against the humans. Does this mean that the humans also have that much power? To destroy entire planets? Or could it be that in other wolrd, your somehow stronger? Basically, vegeta beats planet, ginyu force beats vegeta, humans beat ginyu force. Are they really that strong?

If you're thinking of Vegeta blowing up Arlia, that was filler. And Jeice states that Captain Ginyu's max PL is 120,000, so I'd guess the rest of the Ginyu Force is in the 40-70k range (except maybe Guldo), though I don't remember if any of the others are actually given Freeza Burn 08:17, February 5, 2012 (UTC)