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What would happen if the events of the second movie never happened and babidi found broly while he was on Earth and turned him into majin broly? Would goku convince vegeta to fuse with him during his one day on earth ( and what would happen if a dead guy fused with an alive guy? half a halo?) and fight broly? would majin buu be revived, and if he was, would he be stronger than majin broly? Would babidi be able to control broly? Would gotenks ever be created? Will the Z fighters realize that instead of trying hard and fighting like all other times, they could just use shenron to wish their enemies into the sun? would king yemma have pikkon brought to earth to help? what do you think would happen? -10x Dragon Kamehameha 04:08, January 14, 2012 (UTC)

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He would kill everyoneVegtassj5 04:23, January 14, 2012 (UTC)

1)Why even Broly wanted to go to earth? If we can asume that everything in the Movie ,Broly the Legendary super sayian are cannon the z fighters would just had to find Broly, there is not other choise or else the universe would had been destroyed.

2)I dont know probably SSJ3 Goku would be more than Majin Broly could handle.But if we asume that Goku cant win Broly , yes probably he would convince Vegeta to fuse. You probably forgot that a dead guy alwredy fused with one alive guy and THEY WERE THE SAME PERSONS ... Vegeta and Goku ,and they formed Vegetto. (This one is stupid question)

3)I seriously doubt that he would be revived, if Goku and Vegeta fused it would take SSJ2 Gogeta couple of seconds to take care of broly. If Goku fought Broly while he was in SSJ3 and lost and died then no ,buu would had been revived and not stronger than Goku Since SSJ3 Goku is stronger than Fat Majin Buu.

4)No , babidi was not able to control The Buu who was not all that bad ,what makes you think he could control a maniac?

5)If Broly fought Gogeta then no. If broly fought Goku and won , and killed him no. If broly fought Goku and Goku survived yes.

6)This has to be your most Stupid Question by far. As we saw in the Frieza Saga when they wished to Namekian Dragon to teleport Goku near them, Goku refused ,so the bad guys will decide if they will be Port to the sun not the dragon and the z fighters. And i am positive no one want to go to a trip to the sun am i right?

7)NO ,he would not, if he have a little brain he will see that he is useless

Broly immediately turns on babidi, he couldn't control Vegeta, why should he be able to control Broly? Kills Babidi, is released from his Majin form, and then Goku kills him as SSJ3, no Buu saga would follow either, all problems would have been solved. Latchley 07:42, January 14, 2012 (UTC)

my response to the above comment:

1.) Broly ended up on Earth after the events of the first broly movie and was in a coma for seven years until he heard goten's crying (This forum is about what-if goten didn't cry and the second brly movie never happened)

2.) I forgot that vegeta was dead.

3.) if broly was destroyed, and babidi was somehow still alive, he would probably use the energy from the fight to revive majin buu, and go into hiding until gogeta defused. when gogeta defused, goku would probably return to other world and vegeta probably wouldn't think to teach the fusion technique to goten and trunks so that would completely change the way majin buu ends up getting defeated if at all.

4.) i agree with you on that one

5.) i agree with you on that one

6.) I thought that question was genius. They didn't wish goku back to earth. before thay could, goku convinced them not to. Your reasoning doesn't make sense since vegeta wanted to stay and fight frieza but was forced to return to earth anyways. Also, even if broly refused the only way it wouldn't happen was if shenron decided to obey his wishes, which shenron isn't obligated to do, And shenron would prob end up sending broly to the sun anyways since if he doesn't his creator may be killed again.

7.) I got nothing.

And broly could be controlled as long as he doesn't see anything that reminds him of goku, like how paragus controlled him. We also don't know for a fact that killing babidi will release him from his majin form (dabura and vegeta were released because they died, themselves). Majin Broly (if killing babidi didn't release him from his majin form) would probably put up a good fight against ssj3 goku. You also have to remember that goku is dead and going ssj3 reduces the time he has left on earth so he may end up going back to other world before he can finish broly or teach anyone the fusion technique. Then, no one would be able to stop broly and he would destroy the earth and go on to destroy other planets. After this goku will "break the rules" by either using instant transmission to goto the world of the living and fight broly as a ssj3 or, if he didn't think ssj3 would stop broly, he would teach vegeta the fusion technique and they would form gogeta then use instant transmission and kill broly. If namek hasn't been destroyed elder moori and the namekians will use the dragon balls to revive everyone and everything killed/destroyed as a result of babidi and broly. and then use their third wish for a plasma tv. happy endings. I'm not saying you're wrong Latchley, just that this can play out many different ways depending on how you look at it. -10x Dragon Kamehameha 15:53, January 14, 2012 (UTC)

About 6th Question

I am not quite sure maybe you are correct . I am 2 bored to see the episode when they summoned the namekian Dragon but i am positive the dragon said. I cant make that wish. And everyone was like why? whats wrong? And the Dragon said the one you called Goku refuses so i cant do it. And master roshi said. I KNOW WHY BECAUSE GOKU AFRAID THE ONE THING THAT A SUPER SAYIAN AFRAID ! HIS WIFE. It was something like that. But on the other hand the namekians, bulma ,gohan, and vegeta did not have a choise.So we can asume that the dragon ask them if you want to be teleported away from namek. But everyone didnt knew where they port + vegeta was furious and he was ready to blast Frieza when he came back to life. So i dont know if the person can acually chose if he want to be port or not .

we're talkin about two different wishes. The one your talkin about is when they tried the wish goku to earth after they found out that he was alive (After namek exploded). The one that i was talkin about is when goku was on namek fighting frieza and king kai had the idea to port everyone but frieza to earth. -10x Dragon Kamehameha 01:20, January 16, 2012 (UTC)