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Well, this one is tricky. Goku is super strong.As a child, he was a low class saiyan with a power level of 400.he beat red ribbon, mercenary tao, and king piccolo. Goku also has the kaio ken. at the end of gt i'd say his power level was 10,000,000,000 or so and he was a kid ( via pilaf's dragon ball mishap). But Luffy, the hero of one piece, started with painful exercises and battles as an orphan raised by bandits. The things he went through at a young age could have killed a strong grown man. luffy has haki ( fighting spirit) that can knock people unconcious just by standing near him. Haki also makes him fight harder and not give up. He also ate a fruit that makes his arm strech, giving him powerful moves. he can punch several times like a machine gun, punch so hard you cant see him, and put his arms together and ram things. in the current one piece chapter, i'd say he's a tad weaker than goku. but luffy goes all out and goku is very sentimental.

so who would win? you decide!

luffy doing a gear three bazooka storm with haki


goku super saiyan doing a kaio ken

Already a topic about this. In fact, I made it. --DARK 17:24, July 5, 2011 (UTC)