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DLC idea:

kSS5 Goku, Kid Goku (DBGT), SS4 Bundle (Goku & Vegeta), Kid Trunks and Goten ,Sacred Costume 1( Bardock, Vegeta, & Bojack), Scared Costume 2 ( Frieza, Cell, Majin Buu), Female Saiyan Edition (Heroine, Elite, & Berserker Costume/Hair: All Type)), Namekian Edition ( Light, Standard, & Heavy Type), Super Hero Bundle (SS2, SS3, & SS4 for all types), Future Gohan, Bojack Unbound Bundle (Zangya, Bojack, Bojack[Powered Up]), Frieza Family Bundle (Cooler, Meta-Cooler, King Cold, Chilled), Evil Dragon Bundle (Nova Shenron, Oceanus Shenron, Ice Shenron), Female Costume Pack (Videl, Android 18, Zangya, Classic Chi-Chi, Saiyan Armor)SaulPhalanx 02:42, January 18, 2012 (UTC)Saul Phalanx.

A tail & sword off option please maybe as a free Add-On ==

Forum Ultimate Tenkaichi DLC?

[[Category:{{{1}}}|Ultimate Tenkaichi DLC?]]

Ultra Perfect Cell's DLC Idea. More Costumes (Cell, Frieza, Buu, Piccolo aka Namek)==

Do you think there will be any? If so, what do you think it'll be? I think there should be a Cell and Freiza costume, cause who wouldn't want to make like Ultra Perfect Cell, or Final form Frieza with some sort of crazy ability. A Majin character would be cool, a Namek too cause you did unlock Piccolo's clothes in Hero mode so why not be a namek. The Hero mode is based off a saiyan but for just dueling why not be a custom Cell or Majin Krillin, now that would be awesome. Also more characters, DBZ BT3 had 161 character and this had only about 63 or so. SSJ4 Goku and Vegeta, original Gohan (adolescent), King Vegeta, King Cold, Demon King Dabura, Base Vegito. Some GT characters would be nice also cause you need like Baby Vegeta and Super 17 cause you did fight Great Ape Baby in Story mode.

A removable tail in hero mode would be nice, I mean he is a saiyan but you could always be like Goku and have your tail removed.

All in all, my main thought is just have like more costumes and more characters for DLC cause so many more people would want the game, because full character creation for like a Majin Cell would be so cool, so many DBZ fans would love this. Ultra Perfect Cell (my account)17:38, November 23, 2011

GalickExplosion's DLC Idea

{C}More characters like Kid Goku, Kid Trunks, Goten, Super 17.

Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT story. There was no Dragon Ball story in the story mode, and only one GT fight. So... Also, when you open to the start menu, it says "Checking Downloadable Content" so i'm assuming there will eventually be some.

Oh boy, where do I begin? First off, Character wise, we need some more characters like, Base Vegetto, SSJ4 Goku/Vegeta, Giants you can fight WITH (not just in story mode) etc...It was pretty stupid how they added SSJ4 Gogeta, but not his Fusees. Also maybe some new attacks. For me, it's mostly the characters. We need a lot more of them. SuperGogeta91 21:39, November 3, 2011 (UTC)

More Female characters

like:Videl, Chichi, zangya, pan, mamba, and Fasha for example

maybe, Oceanus Shenron *correction, Oceanus isn't really a female.*

LeeHatake93's ideas

I'd like to see some more characters, like add Kid Goku or GT Goku (with SSJ, SSJ3, and SSJ4 forms), SSJ4 Vegeta, Base Vegito, Goten & Kid Trunks, Base Gotenks and etc.

Aside from characters, I'd like to see old movesets return, mainly ones like SSJ3 Goku's Dragon Fist or Sword Trunks' ultimate (the one he had in base form in BT3 and RB2 where he'd send a barrage of blasts from his sword. can't remember the name)

And one thing I'd really like is more features for created characters like Vegeta or Gotenks hair, Vegito's clothes, Saiyan armor without the shoulder pads, and other stuff like that.

I think the move is called lightning sword slash or something with lightning 03:16, January 11, 2012 (UTC)GotenLSSJ99.229.23.2 03:16, January 11, 2012 (UTC)

More characters

Like: Fasha, the rest of bardocks crew, Videl, cooler, king cold etc.

The Future Warriors

Trunks Future SSJ3 as DLC character and Majin race in Heroe mode and the What if Story in Story Mode of Trunks Future SSJ3 and The Saiyan and Majin Heroes who you created VS Majin Buu(Fat).

In this match, Trunks returned to the past of the Cell is defeated for Gohan and help the Saiyan Hero to defeat Majin Buu(Fat). They founded Majin Buu in destroyed city and he transformed the people of city in candy. The Saiyan Hero fight with Majin Buu While Trunks save the people of city. During his fight, Majin Buu has HP of 75000 and you have a wear to 60000 to Majin Buu remove your good side and appears Majin Heroe to fight up the HP have 30000 and you use in at the end the Trunks SSJ3 and you have wear the HP of Majin Buu to 00000 and after you use the ultimate attack of Trunks, "Heroes of Past and Future" to anniquilate Majin Buu. 00:03, November 7, 2011 (UTC)I was just playing Raging Blast 2 when I noticed it also says "Checking for Downladable Content" so just saying68.195.191.66 00:03, November 7, 2011 (UTC)

MysticSonicZ DLC Ideas Part 1

Here are some DLC's i wish that were in the game and some prices that will go along.

Jeice Hair

PSN £0.99 XBL 120MS

Infomation: Gives characters a New Hairstyle, Jeice's Hair.

Scouter Colour Wheel Pack


Infomation: Adds a colour wheel to the Scouter to make your own Scouter Glass colour.

The Big Gete Star Pack

PSN £3.99 XBL 500MS

Infomation: Adds a new Costume Meta Cooler Coustume and Final Form Cooler Costume, also adds move Finger Blitz Barrage.

The Hero Pack

PSN £3.99 XBL 500MS

Infomation: Adds the Costume Great Saiyanman Costume + a Great Saiyanman Helmet , Including the Move Justice Pose.

Thats all i can think for now but i will ad some more when i get the time. ~~MysticSonicZ~~

That's hard?

Sun Wukong

They should add him. Sun Wukong started it all. Tokeupdude 17:15, November 24, 2011 (UTC)

Pinoycho's idea

For DLC I would suggest for more costumes, hair styles and more options so you can create a custom Majin Buu. Also where you can choose the height amd how thin or fat you want them to be. Also to be able to create females, namekians and all that other stuff. (Like the Girl who can turn Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball Heroes.) Also for more characters like: Goten Kid Trunks Kid Goku (SSJ1, SSJ3, SSJ4) Vegeta (SSJ4) Chichi Pan Adult Gohan (Not just ultimate Gohan) Videl Hurcule More Fusions Being able to level up characters to rank A or higher more than thrice Etc

P.S my PSN name is Pinoycho

Lol I seem pretty serious here

Necroninja666s Idea

Super Saiyan Bardock. Nuff Said. My PSN is Necroninja666

Siprit Kamehameha85's picks

Bosses: Hatchiyack Giant form, Black Smoke Shenron, Lord Slug giant form,

Tag team: team up with friends to battle enemies (Goku and vegeta vs. meta coolers) like that


Gt Pack 1: Vegeta SS4, Goku SS4, Baby Vegeta, Kid Goku, Pan

Gt pack 2: Majuub, Super 17, Hell Fighter 17, Uub, Videl, Goku Jr.

Ultimate pack: Gogeta SS3, Vegito SS3, Hatchiyack, more movie and z charecters, like 13

Tenkaichi DLCs

Charecters: SS4 Goku, SS4 Vegeta, Videl, Uub, Hatchiyack, Baby, Super Baby Vegeta, Super 17, Leigid, More Custom Slots, Namekian Custom, Majin Custom, Movie Villans, more to come

Maps: Dark Planet, Big Gete Star, King Kai's Planet, Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Hell, more to come

I would like them to add more charecters, like goten (kid and adult) kid trunks, and have goku ssj4 and vegeta ssj4 also kid goku, then add Gogeta being ssj3 and vegetto normal. There is a lot of things they missex in this game so i want them to add more, would make the game 10x 'kamehameha' better. GOKU125 19:54, January 21, 2012 (UTC)ThatSaiyanGoku

Deitylink4567's DLC ideas

Bonus character slots

you can get 3 more spots for 3 more characters. so you can make 2 standard types, 2 light types and 2 heavy types. it would cost about $2.99 ps3 and 800 MS Points.

Saiyan costume pack

Comes with more saiyan armor options. like vegetas, the undersuit gloves and boots without the armor, saiyan armor with shoulder pads only,probably saiyan armor with a gi underneath, and SSJ4 fur, and bardock armor. $1.00 ps3 and 400 ms points

Hero costume pack

comes with saiyaman outfit, goku jr outfit, GT goku outfit, and a gi with cool designs on it like stripes on the side of it. $1.00 ps3 and 400 ms points

More voice options

it wouldnt hurt to add a goku voice, gohan, trunks, vegeta, broly or fusion would it? $1.00 ps3 and 350 ms points

More characters

Kid goku, ssj4 goku and vegeta, pan, videl, ssj3 vegeta, baby vegeta, and cooler. $5.00 ps3 and 1000 MS Points

Quite dissapointing....

Hi guys I know how much was left out of DBZ Ultimate Tenkaichi, but it wasn't there fault!

Here are some of things that that got taken out because of COD (that's right out of all the people Treyarch/Infinity Ward sued them. Supposedly DBZ stole ideas from Call of Duty which is bullcrap!):

-400+ Characters

-More classic stages like the hyperbolic time chamber

-the hero creation mode having more customization like creaing Namekians

-All the previous forms of gameplay from previous released Dragon Ball Games. (like playing DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3)

-And much much more.

And this may sound fake but I implore you that everything that I have said is true!!!!

This is clearly a lie. This would never happen. You know what? Give me a link To proof. Then we talk

Ollie266's "DLC" Idea

Heres an idea, what if they chose not to waste any more time on that damn game, and actually put some effort into giving us a half decent Dragon Ball Z game for a change? That'de be an AWSOME idea!

Richtofen2115's Ideas

Yes, sure, the game's lack of characters and suckish gameplay was a huge disapointment... but, also, the game was mainly based on the anime... NOT! They skip regular Vegeto, but they also did that in manga. There is no FILLER characters, such as Robotic Tao, Princess Snake, etc. I agree I want a game closer to the manga and anime, but this is over the line. Alos, on back of all cases, at the top, it says DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT. And at menu screen it says: Searching For Downloadable Content. RB2 Did that, but didn't have DLC on back cover. Namco, you have done well; so far, but this sucks. A List of characters would be appropreate:

All Budokai Tenkaichi 3 characters, plus all GT enemies, and all DB characters, and all movie characters, etc. I say this because it is ULTIMATE TENKAICHI! In my opinion, the game was over sold, and over advertised. And also more levels.