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in dragonball z, it is stated that gohan could not go supersayian after his power increase from old kai. but in dragonball gt,as goku(kid form) is about to face omega shenron,gohan was able to go ssj and give his energy to his father.please elborate.

Dragonball GT, quite frankly, should not be considered canon to Akira Toriyama's original series. He intended the end of the series to be with Goku and Uub flying off for training. Therefore, due to the lack of Toriyama in Dragonball GT, one can discredit Ultimate Gohan's act of going SSJ.

The reason

There is 1 reason why he went SSJ: BECAUSE TOEI SCREWED IT!!!

theres plenty of explanations. one is that gohan lost ultimate inside buus body.

the reason he went SSJ is because he lost the ultimate in GT cause he did not train at all.

A defense

Alot of series have wished to be ended at a certain point by the creators. But due to a fanlove of the series most of them continue on. So DbGT still should be considered canon as long as it has the Akira Toriyama name on it. Which does mean that Gohan can go SSJ still.

Horrible defense

That was a pretty bad defense of dragonball gt....

who cares if it has his name on it? It's not even part of the manga!

because canon is a body of works sanctioned by a specific writer or group of writers. toriyama approved gt, called it a side story (ergo never said it wasnt part of his personal canon), and said he loved watching it.

It was created by some peopel who wanted to make more money, not Akira Toriyama

toriyama wanted to make money too. does that mean he isnt valid?

So basically -- anything that happens in GT does not exist.

lol dragon ball itself doesnt exist. its drawings on pieces of paper for gods sake!

Ultimate Gohan can't go ss -- and if Toriyama did have any real oversight over the GT series that mistake would not have been made (seeing as how Gohan is one of his favorite characters) -- e.g. more proof of Toriyamas non participation in the GT series

ultimate gohan can go ssj. show me proof its never ever possible for him to go ssj. whats that? you cant? oh...

and toriyama definitely had alot of oversight.

I always thought Gohan could still go SSJ and SSJ2 but would choose not to because his ultimate form was much stronger than both. Is that right? VegetasPinkShirt

NOTE: Gohan attempted to go super saiyan on Kai's planet, but his appearance did not change. He still went up in power, but he apparently cannot gain the golden locks we're all used to.

Ultimate Gohan (MSSJ)

Akira did GT, but took an active part in this. He designed the SSJ4. Why there is no longer under the Ultimate? Well, it's his fault Lack of training and fighting resulted power reduction and again he could go only to the SS and SS2. but nor can the level of Ultimate

its not his "fault". ultimate was most likely not permanent and wore off but the power did not. gohan can use his ultimate power in gt but only by becoming a super saiyan 2 once more.

define canon. if its a sanctioned approved body of works all in the same continuity like the marvel comics.then gt is canon. if its whatever a writer worked on and helped with, then gt is canon.

The Real Reason

First off, Gohan had all of his hidden potential unlocked when he first became a Super Saiyan 2 during the Cell Games. Vegeta even stated that while Gohan could still become a SS2 when he powered up against Dabura, Gohan didn't have the same power he had when was a child (due to his lack of training). Old Kai stated that Gohan could have all his hidden potential unlocked through his ritual. When the ritual was completed, he stated that even if Gohan still transformed into a Super Saiyan, it would not matter. Gohan's power would increase so much that it would seem as if he was already a Super Saiyan without having to transform. However, at the end of DBZ, it could be assumed that Gohan reverted back to the way he was at the start of the Majin Buu saga, since, once again, he stopped training. Personally, if I was Piccolo, I would have re-trained Gohan in the cold, ruthless way he did during the Saiyan saga so that Gohan would regain his old fighting spirit and stopped getting knocked down on his ass.

And the reason he stopped training is because he settled with videl, had pan, and got a job that i forgot what it was, i think it was a doctor

You guys are over thinking

As soon as gohan became ultimate gohan, that was it. He stays at his max power without the cost of powering up or transforming. He transformed in GT because it would be more epic that way. Simple as that. It's not like its the first inconsistency or pothole in dbz/DBGT. Toriyama didn't write GT which means the new writers could flexible with it--Ssj3gogeta96 (talk) 04:04, January 25, 2013 (UTC)ssj3gogeta96


Where in the anime or manga does it EVER say Gohan can never turn Super Saiyan ever again? Tell me the episode # or the chapter # because I never seen or read anywhere saying "Gohan, you cannot ever transform into a SSJ anymore" tell me where you see this at and then I will post again. 

New Movie!

Toriyama has said that this is the first time he has been so deeply involved with DragonBall Z in a while and that a lot of fans have already considered this movie canon. In the movie "Battle of gods" Gohan is shown to be Super Saiyan even though this takes place AFTER Buu. Case closed. SuperGogeta91 (talk) 18:53, February 1, 2013 (UTC)

SuperSaiyan ._.

In the new dragon ball z movie their going to show Mystic gohan in ssj

DBZ:Battle oF GODS

after reading this forum : so how can gohan is ultimate in the movie dbz battle of gods

Simple Inconsistency

For those of you who don't know, Dragon Ball GT was created by Toei Animation, with production being overseen by Akira Toriyama. With that being said, they producers may have overlooked a couple of details left over from Dragon Ball Z, one of them being Gohan's inability to access his Ultimate/Mystic form. GT has a couple of inconsistencies, or continuity errors, to be precise. Ultimate Gohan probably never existed in GT's continuity.

However, the common belief/theory is that Gohan's unlocked potential probably decreased over the years due to a lack of training after Kid Buu was defeated.

Hope that clears things up.

The Perfect Ultimate reason

In Dragon Ball Z, Ultimate Gohan was still able to transform into a SJJ and SJJ2, but doing so wouldn't increase his power, but rather drain it due to the energy supporting the transformation. Ultimate Gohan is said to be more powerful than SSJ2 Gohan and SSJ3 Gotenks, but less powerful than SSJ3 Goku. It is likely the writers forgot this, and made him go SSJ Anyways.

Ultimate Gohan is stronger by far than SSJ3 Gotenks and even SSJ Gotenks is stronger than SSJ3 Goku. Just because Gohan can go SSJ does not mean that his Ultimate form and SSJ form can stack. SSJ 2 (talk) 22:16, July 24, 2013 (UTC)

Its a Transformation

After having his potential unlocked by Elder Kai, Gohan still had the ability to transform into a SSJ and SSJ2. This "ultimate" form sort of acts like a transformation itself, as displayed in the movie Wrath of the Dragon. In the movie, Gohan turns into his "ultimate" form to fight. He looks simliar to his base form, but you can tell the difference.

Evolve 20 (talk) 23:08, July 24, 2013 (UTC)


It is unlikely that his power wore off and then he could transform in GT as the Old Kai unlocked his full potential and he couldn't transform during the Buu Saga. They never show Gohan transforming during the last few episodes of DBZ after Kid Buu was defeated so we can't ever be sure. Like someone said earlier, I think it was just not focused on much during GT as the main characters were Goku, Trunks, Pan etc.

Also, Toriyama has admitted to forgetting a lot of things even during the time he was writing DBZ (such as Launch). It could simply be a mistake. 

I read somewhere in this forum that its never written that Gohan could not transform into a Super Saiyan after his powes were unlocked by Old Kai. Gohan could not, cause if he could, he would have transformed after Buu absorbed Gotenks and Piccolo. 

The only other explanation would be if he could transform, but his powers would remain the same. This probobly may explain why he wouldn't have transformed in DBZ, but not explain GT, as his Ultimate form and his SSJ2 form should have the same power during the Baby Saga. Seems unlikely that due to lack of training and settling down, his Ultimate power decreases but not his SSJ2.

This has long since been a very controversial topic and a never ending one. I still feel it was just not pondered upon by the creators of GT.

SSJM Gohan (talk) 09:54, July 25, 2013 (UTC)SSJM GohanSSJM Gohan (talk) 09:54, July 25, 2013 (UTC)


Wow Guys First off It's not called ULTIMATE GOHAN It's called Mystic Gohan

Ultimate Gohan Is not a TRANSFORMATION

It's merely the same thing as the power upgrade the Big fat Namekian on namek did during the

Frieza saga.

And Nobody said Gohan can't go into super sayain or unlock anything else.

That being said It was also found in the new movie Gohan went super sayain

This clearly Defines This so called "ULTIMATE GOHAN" As a bunch of crap

Gohan Can Increase his power But due to his lack of training he's lost power

But yes Mystic Gohan is the strongest he can go For now? Until they make him more powerful or make him weaker

Im guessing Vegeta is going to go into Ssj3 Soon in the next movie after God's series or if they make another Anmie series... That would be great...