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This has been on my mind for quite a while now, ever since episode 64 in fact. What exactly happened to Goku after he absorbed the Dragon Balls? Now I know none of us are qualified to answer, but what is your understanding? I always thought that the dragon balls granted Goku godlike power (as if he didn't already have enough), like something similar to Omega Shenron: "After Syn Shenron absorbs the other six Dragon Balls" and then "Omega Shenron gains the abilities of all the other Shadow Dragons, as well as a massive general power increase." Disregard the negative energy part since these are the pure DBs we are talking about.

"I may be just a pothole in the road to you big guy, but it's going to be one hell of a deep pothole." - Tien 15:38, November 25, 2011 (UTC)

I guess he became the almighty guardian of Earth and got Omegea Shenron's powers. Lol its kinda sad how he didn't get to spend the rest of his life with his family and friends though since he's was a "ghost".

My thoughts

I think when he absorbed the dragonballs he became immortal and I think that's why in the epilogue Pan saw Goku at the world martial arts tournament 100 years later.Msdbzfanssjelite 21:25, November 25, 2011 (UTC)

He's not in the hell, nor he's in heaven, yet he still somehow exists in real world without aging. The only logical explanation I can come up with is that Goku became the new keeper of dragon balls. Since he is pure hearted there shouldn't be problems with negative energy anymore. Whenever earth will be in need of him, he will appear.

Second option could be that Goku fused with Dragon Balls and then merged with Shen Long, becoming most powerful being in the universe, period. Powerful enough to grant ANY wish and rational enough(since Goku and Shen Long co-exist) to avoid granting wishes to bad guys. This way bad guys would never destroy earth/universe, since Shen Goku is protecting them.

Third option is that he absorbed the Dragonballs, became the new keeper of the Dragonballs and was granted ETERNAL LIFE. Eternal life is very diffrent from immortality, having eternal life means he can be killed if someone stronger than him ever arises just like Shenron when he was destroyed by evil Demon King Piccolo in Dragonball, but just like Shenron goku will live until the end if time itself. Him being the strongest thing in the Dragonball Universe he can survive earth being destroyed and is not tied to it like Shenron or the Dragonballs were. Goku with the Dragonballs gains the transformation of Super Saiyan 5 and the ability to grant one wish every year and this wish can be ANY wish EVER, being that goku is the strongest thing in the universe, he has the power limit that Shenron had only granting wishes equal to his keeper or creater well, goku becomes that person meaning any wish he wants.


HE would become all powerful. Super saiyan 5, the blonde SS4, the he would achive SS6, which is SS3 with 2 tails, then he would achive Ultimate Great Ape, which is grey great ape, then he would achive SS7, which is a 3 tailed larger hair SS5

REALLY? Someone's pulling some AF shit there! To that I say :-P .... That is all.

i think he went off to train with shenron an acheived a form above super saiyan like the dragon force from fairy tail or like super saiyan 4 but with scales instead of furn an maybe no tail. omg can u imagine a were-ape with dragon scales...scary

GT happened to Goku

GT happened to him. And when gt happens, it sucks. there's no real explanation for most of things in gt just like for goku absorbing dragon balls.

My understanding is that he got immortality, so he'll never age, and he got the ability to grant any wishes, coexisting with Shenron. So he can't die, and whatever he wants to happen, happens. Fatdude (talk) 01:07, September 3, 2012 (UTC)

He Became Somewhat Like Shenron

In "GT: A Heros Legacy" Pan and Puck are back to full health after Goku Jr. meets Goku. Goku tells him that it's because of his determination, but I think Goku may have rewarded him by using some sort of newfound power to revive them.

///\\\ Remember that "A Hero's Legacy" was written to be 'the end' of GT, but then they continued into the Super 17 saga, and then the Shadow Dragon saga.

But that was a good remember, kudos to you.

Sandubadear (talk) 04:48, December 28, 2012 (UTC)

In the begening of dragon ball gt a heros legacy the narrator said that all the z fighers accept pan died that includes goku the film even shows his grave stone but at the end goku is seen standing up talking to goku Jr then disaperes in the last episode of dragon ball gt ( the end which takes place after a hero's legacy) goku was seen again looking alive whith no hallow so he must have died and 100 years later the dragon balls leave his body (in the shawdo dragon saga kibito Kai explains that the dragon balls were supposed to be used every 100 years) and sense gathered them and asked when ron to revive goku as a ghost

 My Idea

I personally think that it gave him the ability to grant wishes within his own power level like shenron can with Kami and Dende's power levels

Bardock200118 (talk) 23:01, January 10, 2014 (UTC)

He may have trained with Bills and Whis

Just a possibility. He went with shenron to Bill's planet or temple and met him and Ultimate Shenron and achieved LSSJ 4 and SSJ GOD 4 and his final form, True LSSJ GOD 4. He also gets a combo of ascended and Full Power super saiyan called True super saiyan which makes his base form 1.5x SSJ3 and takes no chi consumption. He can also learn DBAF super transformations by wishing for it to become real for him using Shenron Powers and God Ki.

I think the balls entered goku just to be purified just like when he swallowed the forth dragonball, can't get more simple than that.

Ok so when omega shenron "killed" goku he wasnt dead... 

or so you think. Baically omega shenron killed goku for real, BUT while goku was in heaven/or hell he made a deal with king yemma that if he brought him back that he would kill omega shenron and bring normal shenron back. so king yemma agreed but on one condition, that he would take shenrons place. so goku agreed as well. and thats why when shenron tells him to come along after he kills omega shenron goku said "is it time already". Because he already knew he was leaving. After he leaves, pan finds the exact same clothes he was wearing when he was holding omega shenrons attack (and "died"), even though he was still wearing them when he left with shenron. so we can sum it up for sure that goku did indeed die. However everyone has their own theories on where he went. what i think happened, is that he needed the energy fro them temporarily, and that he sent them back after a while. Because in a heros legacy goku jr has the 4 star ball, and then goku says that he needs all of them to make a wish. so while he was gone after GT he was training with shenron (the strongest in the universe before we knew abou battle of the gods) so he can be as powerfull. Also his last wish shenron was to make everyone on earth safe forever. so that is what i think happened to goku after GT. 

oh... and one more thing, dragon ball AF is fanmade. proven by the creators of dragon ball. 

written by DBZfanman