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Forum Why are the androids in future trunks timeline weaker the the one's in the origianl dbz timeline

[[Category:{{{1}}}|Why are the androids in future trunks timeline weaker the the one's in the origianl dbz timeline]]

Yes they are

Trunks stated that after 3 years trainning the androids future far greater than trunks's timeline android

Present 17, 18: 360,000,000 & 350,000,000

Future 17, 18: 260,000,000 & 250,000,000


I think this is stupid, surely 17, 18 future< 17, 18 Present

I was referring to

the part in future android 17 page in the power section where it say's "Trunks states to the Z Fighters that the androids he knows in his time, while much stronger than him, are not nearly as strong as the ones released in the main timeline."

They arent weaker. Trunks was wrong. He wasn't awake when 17 said he was greatly holding back on Future Gohan and not even using half his power. Which means Trunks (no stronger than Gohan) never saw what they were really capable of and is just ignorant.

Possible explanation

In the future timeline, Goku had not been training in preparation for the androids' arrival so he was weaker and died earlier than he would have from the heart virus. Seeing that Goku had already died, Gero decided to release 17 and 18 earlier, before he had built them up to their full potential, seeing as their max power would no longer be necessary. Once released, the two immediately killed Gero and proceeded to murder the rest of the Z Fighters. This makes since to me, as it accounts for the androids being weaker in the future timeline as well as Trunks never encountering 19 or 20.

If thats the case then how did trunks know when they would the androids would come out? They would have come out later in the present timeline.

its possible it just happened by coincidence that 19 and 20 came out the same time as 18 and 17.Supreme Gohan 11:51, May 16, 2011 (UTC)

Doesn't work.  Gero said he stopped monitoring Goku after he left for Namek.  There's also the different personalities in the Androids too that didn't make any sense.  In the future, they're weaker cold blooded murderers.  In the present, they're stronger, but have a conscience?