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Frieza's Elite (フリーザ様御一行 Furīza-sama go Ikkō) are a faction of soldiers representing the strongest members of the Frieza Force under the command of Emperor Frieza. Frieza is the self-proclaimed "Galactic Emperor" who spends hundreds of years controlling an interplanetary empire who ruled over 70% of Universe 7 before his death in Age 764.



Frieza and Zarbon

Frieza's Elite make their debut with the Saiyan Raditz, who is sent to Earth in "The New Threat" ("The Arrival of Raditz" in the edited anime) to investigate the planet's status and recover his brother Kakarot (now known as Goku on Earth). However, Raditz makes no mention of Frieza, instead simply citing that the Saiyans are responsible for planet broking. It is not until the episode "Held Captive" that the universal threat Frieza poses is first described. Frieza's most esteemed henchmen and possibly those who he has collaborated with the longest are Zarbon and Dodoria, who each act as his closest advisers and military commanders.


Frieza's aids; Dodoria and Zarbon, after escaping from Hell in Dragon Ball GT

In the special Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku, both Zarbon and Dodoria oversaw the destruction of the Saiyan race, with Zarbon suggesting the Saiyans be eliminated before they form a rebellion, and Dodoria participating in the extermination of one of the most powerful Saiyan platoon. Decades later, Vegeta executes both Dodoria and Zarbon on Namek, although initially a transformation used by the latter gets the best of the Saiyan and capture him for Frieza.

The Ginyu Force are also among the soldiers employed by Frieza, serving as a High-Level Executive Class team, and are among the strongest of soldiers within Frieza's empire - with their captain Ginyu acting as the right-hand man of Frieza himself.

The brother duo Abo and Kado are also shown to be mercenaries of Frieza's empire in the 2008 film Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!.


Frieza along with Sorbet, Tagoma, and Shisami

In Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, a large remnant faction of Frieza's empire led by Sorbet revived Frieza and attacked Earth to gain revenge against the Saiyans. Those under Sorbet and Frieza's command included the elite soldiers Shisami and Tagoma (who himself later briefly became Frieza's right-hand man).

In Dragon Ball Super, it is revealed that Frieza served as an Agent of Destruction for Beerus the God of Destruction of Universe 7. This was due to Frieza's father having warned him to never cross Beerus the Destroyer or the legendary monster Majin Buu. As a result, Beerus allowed Frieza to maintain his empire despite his pure evil nature as he treated Beerus with respect and followed his orders to destroy various planets for him including Planet Vegeta due to Beerus' dislike of the stingy King Vegeta and the evil nature of the Saiyans. Frieza did as he was told though he had his own reasons for wanting to destroy the planet and most of its people. Due to Beerus' non-interference, Frieza was able to conquer 70% of Universe 7 with the remaining 30% not controlled being the godly realm ruled by King Yemma, Kais, Supreme Kais, and Beerus himself which truly made him the lord of the universe as he had claimed as he ruled over essential the entire mortal portion of Universe 7 and was its strongest mortal being before the appearance of Super Saiyan Goku. Additionally not even the Galactic Patrol lead by the Galactic King were capable of standing up to Frieza's might and Frieza's defeat of the Galactic Patrol made confronting him or his forces taboo for the Galactic Patrol.

Frieza's Honor Guard were the most elite soldiers in Frieza's army and served directly under the command of Frieza and Cold. These guard troops survived the falling apart of Frieza's empire, and attempted to invade Earth in Age 820, and later joined the Time Breakers in an attempt to once more revive Frieza himself.

Xenoverse series

In the Xenoverse series, the two Future Warriors can train under Frieza and/or some of his top subordinates. The Future Warrior in Xenoverse can train under Captain Ginyu and if they complete his training Frieza will appear in Toki Toki City allowing them to train under Frieza himself and upon completing Frieza's training he will appoint them as a member of his Honor Guard though permits them to continue with their Time Patrol duties as it would be disadvantageous for Frieza were history to be destroyed. The Future Warrior in Xenoverse 2 can work under two different incarnations of Frieza, one as an Time Patrol Academy Instructor and the other existing in a Time Rift anomaly created by Distorted Time Egg Towa had tricked a combatant into bringing aboard Frieza's Spaceship. The Future Warrior goes under cover as a new recruit along with several Time Patrollers, joining Frieza Force to investigate the cause. The Warrior must work their way up the ranks of the organization. In the rift it is shown that Frieza permits his aids Zarbon and Dodoria to maintain their own factions using the infighting between his aids to weed out weakness from his ranks as well as encourage his subordinates to grow stronger in order to survive. The warrior can help their chosen faction defeat the other faction causing the aide they chose to serve to gain more prestige while Frieza forces the other to work among the rank and file members as a way to earn his respect with the understanding they will not get a second chance. Eventually the Warrior can challenge the aide they serve under and defeat them to gain Frieza's favor, though they and Frieza will spare the defeated aide who is not mad as they gain prestige due to the warrior having served under them and watch their progress as they rise thru the ranks. Eventually they are allowed to join the Ginyu Force before proving themselves to be stronger than the entire Ginyu Force which causes them to catch the eye of both Frieza and Cooler. Cooler hopes to recruit them to his forces while Frieza hopes to keep them as one of his top ranking subordinates. If the warrior chooses to stay with Frieza, they become Frieza's top aide and assist him in training in order to combat his brother for control of the universe, assisting Frieza in acquiring his Golden Frieza form and then confronting Cooler alongside him, resulting in Frieza's victory which ensures Frieza's dominance as Galactic Emperor. However if the Future Warrior is of the Frieza Race they can challenge Frieza or Cooler if they selected him, for control over Universe 7. They defeat Frieza, though Frieza permits them to rule for the time being as they are a member of his race who Frieza sees as a worthy rival though plans to grow stronger and defeat them one day. Additionally Frieza and Cooler assist the new Galactic Emperor in acquiring their Turn Golden form to ensure they remain in control as both brothers seek to defeat them one day though for the time being they consider the Warrior a member of the Frieza Clan, ensuring their family remains the Strongest in Space. During Frieza's Siege on Conton City the Frieza Force from the rift timeline invades Conton City, though they apparently originate from earlier within said timeline as no mention is made of the Frieza Race Future Warrior becoming Emperor and they are viewed as still subordinate to Frieza regardless of race, though the Frieza Force members consider them a traitor for siding with the Time Patrol unaware they were an undercover agent. However this does not effect the warrior's standing within the rift timeline itself. In addition to training under Frieza, the warrior in Xenoverse 2 can train under Dodoria, Zarbon, and Captain Ginyu as Instructors. Cooler will also seek to train the Future Warrior in order to make them his subordinate, though they can train under both brothers if they choose to. Frieza even encourages the Warrior to train under Goku in the hopes of using them to acquire information on his enemy such as weaknesses Frieza could exploit to his advantage and even admires their willingness to train under different instructors in order to grow stronger as Frieza notes his own pride is to great to allow him to do the same. However he will order them not to upset Beerus while they are training under him, permitting it only because Beerus recognizes the Warrior's potential. It should be noted that the Future Warriors in both games are not truly loyal to Frieza's Elite and only go along with it as part of their Time Patrol duties and training, though Frieza and his underlings consider them to be part of the organization (save in certain instances such as if they side with Cooler or actively oppose the organization). Additionally their membership within the organization depends on the timeline in question, as the second Future Warrior demonstrates by serving/training under two separate incarnations of Frieza. Additionally it is implied in Xenoverse 2 that Zarbon and Dodoria are actually rivals due to their differing personalities who compete with each other for Frieza's favor which is implied to exist in several timelines though the two can still work well together when required to as shown in the main story of Xenoverse 2. Though Cooler occasionally joins forces with his brother against a shared enemy, the two siblings actually lead rival factions thus at times Cooler can be seen as an enemy of Frieza's Elite though they treat Cooler with respect addressing him as Lord Cooler and some even consider joining him if the feel that Frieza may lose to his elder brother or ally themselves with anyone who proves themselves stronger than both brothers (even normally loyal soldiers such as the Ginyu Force, though this is likely due to simple self-preservation and fear) as the Frieza Race Future Warrior in Xenoverse 2 demonstrates.


Android 21 conflict

In Dragon Ball FighterZ, Frieza, Sorbet (seen during Sorbet's Ray Gun assist attack for Frieza), Ginyu Force, and Nappa (swears loyal to Frieza out of fear as well as wanting revenge on Vegeta and Goku) are revived by Android 21 and cloned. In the Enemy Warrior Arc, Frieza recruits Nappa and the Ginyu Force after he is linked with a human soul which Frieza and his soldiers (minus Sorbet who is apparently too weak to be effected) must link with to access their power which is being suppressed by waves that effect those with high power levels. Frieza and his Elite end up forming an alliance with the Bio-Android Cell who also desires revenge on both the Z Fighters and Android 21. However Frieza treats Cell as more of a partner than subordinate while his men tend to dislike Cell viewing him as disrespectful and a potential enemy, though work alongside him as long as Frieza wills it. At the insistence of the soul inside Frieza, Frieza and Cell are eventually forced to declare a truce with the Z Fighters in order to combat the threat posed by 21, which both sides accept albeit begrudgingly due to their past history while Gotenks and Majin Buu are more willingly to go along with it due to being less familiar with the villains and their past evil actions. Frieza eventually realizes that the clones are a temporary food source for 21 and the alliance of heroes and villains decide targeting them is the best why to lure out 21 in addition to preventing her from growing any strong through consuming clones. The angers 21 who targets the heroes and villains due to both her anger and hunger. They have Bulma use her machine to counteract to waves at maximum output in hopes of regaining their full strength though it only works on Frieza, Cell, and Goku leaving their allies weakened and unable to fight, though Goku, Frieza, and Cell destroy 21 with a combined Energy Wave. However with 21's defeat Frieza and Cell call an end to their truce with the Z Fighters though Cell remains allies with Frieza and his soldiers. The results of their conflict with the Z Fighters is not shown. In the Super Warrior Arc, Frieza and his henchmen form a less stable alliance with Cell with Frieza proving Cell information on 21 though they do not join forces against 21 which allows her to defeat and consume them easily, though she is ultimately destroyed by the Z Fighters. Additionally, Cell does not ally himself with Frieza at all in the Android 21 Arc, leading him to be consumed by Evil 21, while the fate of Frieza and his men are unconfirmed either being defeated by the Z Fighters, Clones, or consumed by Evil 21.

It should be noted that in FighterZ the revived Frieza's Elite are technically enemies of the Red Ribbon Army as Android 21 is considered the de facto leader of the current incarnation of the Red Ribbon Army (which consists of the clones, a reluctant Android 16 who is truly loyal to 21's good persona, 18 and 17 who are linked with artificial souls in the first two arcs allowing 21 to control them, and revived villains she linked to artificial souls before they became freed from her control) and Frieza suspects 21 desires galactic conquest which 21 herself does not dismiss as a possibility though that goal is secondary to satisfying her hunger which is the main driving force behind her actions while her good self seeks to stop her evil counterpart until she is suppressed completely by her evil persona in the first two arcs leading to Android 16 being destroyed for assisting her enemies in an effort to stop her while trying to protect her good self. It is likely that 21's considering galactic conquest at all is likely due to the influence of Frieza's cells the same why her Majin cells drive her hunger and evil self's destructive impulses. Though 16 actually ends up helping Frieza by linking him with the human soul who forces Frieza not to be as hasty, impulsive, or destructive as he normally would, thus helping him build up his forces and create more stable alliances with the likes of Cell and the Z Fighters, Frieza himself desires revenge on Android 21 for her actions such as cloning him and seeks to be free of the soul as he dislikes being forced to cooperate with it in order to fight, even joining the Z Fighters mainly due to Goku's confused explanation of how Bulma's machine worked and the soul's insisting he consider an alliance recognizing Frieza's Elite and Cell were at a disadvantage and that a temporary truce would allow both factions to focus on 21 and her army of clones after 18 & 17 had been freed, while 16 had been destroyed by 21 herself for conspiring against her. As a result things worked out for Frieza's Elite as Frieza gained an ally in Cell and once freed from the soul's influence was able to put an end to his truce allowing the villains to seek revenge on the Z Fighters once the Red Ribbon Army lead by 21 had been effectively destroyed along with 21 herself.


Notable members


Dodoria, Frieza, and Zarbon


Frieza with Zarbon and Appule


Team attacks



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