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Frieza? Or Vegeta? is a secret scenario in the Frieza Saga of Dragon Ball Z: Budokai when you complete the main storyline. This is after the events of The Road to Super Saiyan.


After the events of The Road to Super Saiyan, Frieza is in his final form. Vegeta volunteers to fight him. Frieza thinks that he is not a Super Saiyan at all, thinking it is a joke. Vegeta starts to doubt himself and tries to blast Frieza but he deflects the attack. Frieza headbutts him and tail slaps him. About to die, Goku swoops in and deflects his Barrage Death Beam attack. Vegeta dies by the death beam and tells Goku about the Genocide of the Saiyans with his last dying breaths.


Vegeta vs. Frieza



  • Like the whole story arc, for some reason, Dende's clothes are purple, not red.

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