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The Frieza Force employs several medics of different races.


Bardock - The Father of Goku

Medics of the Frieza Force appear on Planet Vegeta to heal Bardock.

Namek Saga

Medics of the Frieza Force appear on Planet Frieza No. 79 to heal Vegeta.

Trunks Saga

After King Cold and Frieza's Subordinates discovered the shattered body of Frieza floating unconscious amongst Planet Namek's debris they'd brought him on board of King Cold's spaceship and took a flight to King Cold's planet where the medical team led by Malaka-esque took care of his rejuvenation and launched a procedure of turning the defeated tyrant into a half Cyborg - Mecha Frieza - who is stronger and faster than his purely organic form. It was afterwards that Frieza and Cold's invasion to Earth took place.



  • There's an animation inconsistency with the soldiers who are sitting in front of King Cold. their designs and sitting places are changed within the same scene.