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Fusion vs. Potara Part 1: Super Gogeta is the second level in the what-if saga in the video game Dragon Ball: Raging Blast. It is followed by "Fusion vs. Potara Part 2: Super Vegito".


Somehow, Goku and Vegeta's Fusion Dance warrior Gogeta fights his Potara counterpart, Vegito, on the Sacred World of the Kais with Goten and Trunks watching. Trunks tells Goten they should one day fight their dads in a Fusion battle. Trunks then warns Goten that a Potara fusion is permanent, but Goten does not mind too much as that would mean Trunks would be Goten's brother.

In the battle, Gogeta wins and says "It seems that our fused form from the Fusion Dance was a bit stronger." Vegito then says "Your power was unbelievable. But I won't lose the next one. Lets have a rematch right now!" Unfortunately, the Fusion begins to wear off and Gogeta answers "Hold your horses! I'm sorry but my Fusion is about to wear off. We won't be able to have a rematch for a while." Vegito then says "Hmph what a pain. It looks like the Potara transformation is actually the more powerful Fusion. I win by default!" Gogeta answers "Hey now, that's not fair", leaving the true outcome inconclusive.