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Fusion vs. Potara Part 2: Super Vegito is the 3rd level in the what-if saga in the video game Dragon Ball: Raging Blast. It is essentially an alternate ending to "Fusion vs. Potara Part 1: Super Gogeta".


Somehow, Goku and Vegeta's Potara fusion, Vegito, fights his Fusion dance counterpart, Gogeta, on the Sacred World of the Kai. Kibito Kai and the Old Kai watch the battle with Elder Kai stating that the Potara fusion is more effective when Kibitoshin asks who will win. Eventually, Vegito wins and says "It seems the Elder was right. The Potara Earring's effects are stronger than those of the Fusion technique". Gogeta then says "You got me. I gotta admit, the Potara Earrings are really something" and then he asks "But you're going to have to stay that way forever. How do you plan on explaining this to Chi-Chi and Bulma?" which Vegito is worried about saying "Erm... well... I... Gah...". Gogeta then says "Well you can all be one big happy family that should be nice right?" in which Vegito answers "I'm not sure they'll go along with that".


  • Super Vegito vs. Super Gogeta