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Future Android 8 (未来の人造人間8号 Mirai no Jinzōningen Hachi-Gō) was the alternate future timeline counterpart of Android 8.


Same as his main timeline counterpart.



Same as his main timeline counterpart until Future Goku's battle with Future Frieza and Future King Cold.

Dragon Ball Super

"Future" Trunks Saga

When Fused Zamasu was attacking Goku and Vegeta, his destructive power was witnessed across Earth. Future Android 8, who was in the snowy mountains near Jingle Village, witnessed the destruction.[4]

Later, when Future Trunks was fighting Fused Zamasu after Vegito defused, all living beings on Earth gave their energy to him. Android 8 is seen giving his energy to Trunks. Soon after Zamasu's physical body was destroyed, he faded into the sky and unleashed an attack that spread around the Earth during which Future Android 8 and the other people were killed. His soul was erased when Future Zen-Oh erased the future timeline to kill Infinite Zamasu once and for all. His soul still exists in the second alternate future timeline created by Whis.



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