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Future Beerus was the God of Destruction who existed in Future Trunks' timeline.


Future Beerus' life was the same as his counterpart until Age 763, when Future Goku, who had the potential to become a Super Saiyan God, has fallen from the Heart Virus, then the Androids arrived, and killed the Z Fighters, including Future Vegeta, and Future Gohan 13 years later, the former also had that potential, and Piccolo as well, thus, the prophecy of the Super Saiyan God did not arose in his head, fortunately for the Earth and due to Goku's death, he never visited the planet and remains asleep indefinitely on his planet.

As a result of Future Supreme Kai's death at the hands of Future Dabura, Future Beerus was also killed, presumably while still asleep.[1]

Prior to his death, he was visited by Present Whis to be warned of Future Zamasu's Zero Mortal Plan so he could deal with him. This prevents the plan from being carried out in a new timeline for Future Trunks and Future Mai free from Zamasu's reign.[2]


  • Fortunately for the future Earth, that Future Beerus did not wake up from his slumber, due to Future Goku's death, because if he did, hypothetically, he would then look for the Super Saiyan God aimlessly, if he arrives on Earth looking for the prophesized warrior, then the androids there are causing destruction, then there is a possibility that the androids would foolishly badmouth him, unfortunately, this would prove to be their undoing, as there is a possibility that when insulted by them, Future Beerus would immediately destroy the Earth, taking Future Bulma, Future Trunks, and the Time Machine with the planet, preventing the Time Machine from ever being used and thus, effectively, history would remain unaltered forever.
  • Since Future Beerus died due to Future Shin's death, Future Whis, his Angel attendant, became inactive, preventing him from finding any potential candidate to become a God of Destruction in Future Beerus' place.


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