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Future King Kai is an alternate timeline version of King Kai that appears in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road.


This version of King Kai is still alive during the Majin Buu conflict, unlike his main timeline counterpart, since the Cell Games did not occur in Future Trunks' timeline. When Future Trunks is about to fight against Future Dabura, Future King Kai uses telepathy to talk with Future Trunks and advises him to protect the cities. Future King Kai contacts Future Trunks again when Future Korin gives some Senzu Beans to Future Trunks, and he teaches Future Trunks how to use the beans. When Future Trunks comes back with the Z Fighters, Future King Kai teaches him to fight in team. Future King Kai uses telepathy again when Future Trunks is on New Namek in order to teach him how to use the Dragon Radar.

In an alternative ending, Future King Kai, Future King Yemma, and Future Old Kai help to gather energy, powering the Super Spirit Bomb which allows Goku to destroy Future Kid Buu, ending the story.

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