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Future Ox-King (未来の牛魔王 Mirai no Gyūmaō) is the alternate timeline counterpart of Ox-King and one of the few characters to survive the Androids' attack.


He appears the same as his present timeline counterpart except now sporting gray hair and a new outfit.



Future Ox-King

As of Age 780, Future Ox-King is seen living with Future Chi-Chi, and following what little news of Future Gohan reaches them. Because he is shown to be living with Chi-Chi, it is likely that his kingdom fell victim to Future Android 17 and Future Android 18's rampage around the Earth where most civilizations were attacked, though it is unknown how he survived their attack. However, he does not appear in Trunks The History - The Lone Warrior, which means he possibly died during the android rampage.

It is unknown whether he survived when Goku Black invaded Earth, since it has been stated by Future Trunks that there's hardly any humans alive in his timeline.

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