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Future Pilaf is the alternate timeline counterpart of Pilaf in Future Trunks' timeline.



Future Pilaf's personality appears to be identical to the present Pilaf's.


Last granted wish

Pilaf gang turned into toddlers

Future Pilaf's life was exactly the same as his main timeline counterpart's until Age 767 when the world was put into ruin from the Androids. He managed to use Dragon Balls to wish for youth and was together with his minions turned into toddlers in similar manner as in the main timeline. However, in this timeline, soon as his wish was granted he was surprised by the arrival of Bulma and Gohan, who tried to use the Dragon Balls for averting the Androids' threat. Already sucked into toddlers' bodies, the Pilaf Gang fled. After this, Future Pilaf's further fate remains unknown. He and Future Shu did certainly die sometime in the thirty years that passed between their wish and Fused Zamasu destroying all mortal life on Earth and the rest of the multiverse when he fused with it, and their souls were destroyed by Future Zeno when he erased the timeline.

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