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Directory: TechniquesOffensive techniques

"The one who seeks the power, Frieza, will never have it, but I have given it to you as a gift, Bardock, so you can see. See the horror of your end, just as we had to."
Toolo to Bardock

Future Punch is a secret Kanassan technique[1] used by Toolo. It is used to curse an opponent with the ability to see into the future.


The user runs at the opponent and jumps behind him. Then, he delivers a powerful strike to the victim's neck that activates a function in the brain that allows them to have the power of divination.

After Bardock and his crew slaughtered the Kanassan race, Toolo uses this technique to grant the divination ability to Bardock as a form of retribution for the misdeeds of Bardock and the Saiyan race in general.


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