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Future Scratch is Scratch from Future Trunks' timeline.


Future Scratch was originally the pet of Future Trunks' late grandfather. He eventually ended up in the care of Future Trunks and Future Mai. Like with his previous owner, Future Scratch likes to sit on Future Trunks shoulder.

In the anime he is seen giving his energy to Future Trunks so that he could defeat Fused Zamasu, but was later killed by Infinite Zamasu's Chou Makohou Barrage and had his soul destroyed by Future Zeno when he erased the Universe. However, he is still alive in the timeline created by Whis in which Black and Future Zamasu were dealt with by Future Beerus.

In the manga, Future Scratch came back into the past in the time machine, and lives alongside Scratch at Capsule Corp.

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