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This article is about the character in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. For the character in Dragon Ball Xenoverse, see Future Warrior.

The Future Warrior (未来戦士 Mirai Senshi) is a custom character and main protagonist in the video game Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.[1]


In the trailer, promotional material, and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 The Manga, Future Warrior is a blue haired young Saiyan male who is seen wearing a black and white tracksuit jacket, similar to the one Goku wears in the beginning of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods though with the Time Patrol logo on the back. He also wears blue colored pants, similar to those worn by Android 17, and brown boots, and the Scouter model used by Tagoma. His outfit is known as the Time Patrol Logo Suit in Xenoverse 2.

Like the Future Warrior from Dragon Ball Xenoverse, his appearance, race, and gender can be selected by the player in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.


Though the warrior is similar to the Toki Toki City Hero, however unlike the previous hero they are shown to be somewhat clumsy during their first mission as they comically forget to use Flight when they find that they appear in the air slightly above the ground on Earth in Age 762 causing them to fall to the ground, which is in sharp contrast to the previous hero, whose entrance during their first mission was flawlessly executed.

However, despite their embarrassment they recover their composure quickly. While they get along with Elder Kai, they are shown to be aware of his lechery and even point out to female Patroller Chicori that Elder Kai was likely only pretending to trip at her feet in order to look up her skirt, showing that they are honest. Despite not showing it Elder Kai thinks highly of their abilities and recommended them due to their latent potential.

Like the previous Future Warrior, they are adept at training and learning various skills. They are also able to work well undercover such as when they are investigating the Time Rift anomalies like Frieza's Spaceship. The warrior also sometimes forgets things when excited as after hearing they were selected they flew back to Conton City despite not having obtained their flying license as it is illegal to fly in Conton City without one, though fortunately Chronoa lets them off with a warning. Though the warrior is a student at the Patroller Academy, they apparently were unaware of why the Time Patrol fixes history changes even asking Chronoa about it at one point.



The Future Warrior was one of the many beginner Time Patrollers. Each time, the Supreme Kai of Time and Elder Kai pick one to be an official Time Patroller, if they could pass the test that is. But until then, it was small time trip after small time trip.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 The Manga

Main article: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 The Manga The Future Warrior was one of the applicants who answered the call for new Time Patrollers in Toki Toki City. One day he noticed a strange rift appear in the city and, upon investigation, was sucked inside to find himself at the climax of the Battle of Namek - where time had been changed and Cooler had appeared to aid Frieza - alongside Goku. He discovers that Goku is at a disadvantage, but the original Future Warrior shows up - having seen the new Future Warrior get sucked into the rift - to assist the two defeat Frieza and Cooler with a Multiple Kamehameha.

After the city had been rebuilt into Conton City because of the Time Rifts, the Future Warrior is shown looking at his predecessors holographic image. He is then shown on a mission with other Time Patrollers battling a Great Ape, and reveals he can become a Super Saiyan 3.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Main article: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2


"While conducting your secret investigations as a rookie Time Patroller, you suddenly received a transmission from Elder Kai."
Time Scroll plot description

In the opening prologue of Xenoverse 2 the Future Warrior is sent to conduct a secret investigation as a rookie Time Patroller at one of the five mysterious Time Rift anomalies that had appeared in Conton City (Capsule Corp if their race is Saiyan, Satan House if their race is Earthling, Guru's House if their Namekian, Majin Buu's House if they are Majin, or Frieza's Spaceship if they are Frieza Race).

After observing things going inside the rift they are investigating the warrior gets a call from Elder Kai who informs them that they have been selected to take part in the critical mission. Excited for the new assignment, the warrior rushes off immediately to Conton City. There they are greeted by Chronoa the Supreme Kai of Time herself. However, in their excitement the warrior had flown around Conton City illegally as they had not yet acquired a flying license though Chronoa lets them off with a warning. Chronoa notes they are being pretty cold towards her but they explain they were expecting Elder Kai. She tells him that Elder Kai ran off after hearing the news. After asking some people around, he finally reached Elder Kai who admonishes them for being late and is about to give them their assignment but Chronoa interrupts and explains she would like to give the warrior some combat training before taking on their mission. She has them spare with some Saibamen teaching them basic combat fundamentals. After they defeat the Saibamen she has them spar with one of their fellow Patrollers. After completing their training, Elder Kai sends the warrior on a mission to Age 761.

Saiyan Saga

Raditz's Attack

On his trip to Age 761, he assisted Goku and Piccolo in a fight against Raditz, who was mysteriously powered up by a mysterious source. He successfully helped Goku weaken Raditz, prompting Piccolo to deliver the final technique, restoring the timeline. The Future Warrior made it back to Age 852, in which Old Kai congratulated him, though warning him that this job will get harder. Chronoa appears, and leads the Future Warrior back to Conton City, showing him the large hologram of the previous Future Warrior. Before taking on another Time Patrol, Chronoa directs the warrior to check out the Time Patroller Academy and the Reception Area to take on a Parallel Quest where Elder Kai explains the fundamentals of Parallel Quests.

The Saiyan Threat

Back in the Time Nest, there is another problem in history, so the Future Warrior visits Age 762, during the battle with the Z-Fighters and Nappa & Vegeta. While Nappa is mysteriously powered-up, the Future Warrior helps Piccolo, Krillin, Tien, Yamcha, and Gohan fight him. The Z-Fighters begin to sense Goku is arriving, but also sense another unknown evil person approaching him. Old Kai orders the Future Warrior to check on Goku, and it is revealed he is being held back by Turles, who has no place in this current part in history. Turles attempts to recruit the Future Warrior, but fails. Both Goku and the Future Warrior fight Turles while Time Patrol Trunks tells the Future Warrior that his partner, the previous Future Warrior, is en route to their location. When he arrives, Turles retreats, and the previous Future Warrior goes after him. Goku thanks the Future Warrior, and they both return to the battlefield, where Gohan and Krillin are the only two Z-Fighters left standing. While Goku fights Vegeta, the Future Warrior fights Nappa.

The Future Warrior fights Nappa back, while Goku lands a serious blow to Vegeta, who grows angry and prepares to use his Galick Gun. Goku collides with his Kaio-ken Kamehameha, while Nappa fires a Bomber DX at the Future Warrior. The Future Warrior blocks the attack and defeats Nappa with his own energy wave, while Goku uses his Kaio-ken x4 Kamehameha, which overpowers Vegeta's Galick Gun. With him and his partner both cornered, Vegeta creates a Power Ball, and he and Nappa both transform into Great Apes while they are mysteriously powered-up. Chronoa comments that Turles slowing Goku down caused a lot of trouble as Nappa was not originally supposed to transform. When Nappa is defeated, the Future Warrior helps Goku fight Great Ape Vegeta, and Krillin and Gohan eventually return to help them. When Vegeta is defeated and his tail is cut off, he calls on his Attack Ball to retreat as Krillin weakly approaches him. The Future Warrior stops Krillin from finishing off Vegeta, and Goku telepathically tells Krillin to let him go so that Goku can fight him again one day. With history intact, the Future Warrior returns to the Time Nest.

Frieza Saga

Ruckus on Planet Namek

Frieza, with a mysterious aura around him, along with Zarbon and Dodoria, confronts Gohan, and Krillin arrives and the two both retreat. Frieza orders Zarbon and Dodoria to chase after them. Old Kai, looking into the scroll, says Gohan and Krillin will have a hard time escaping, so he tasks the Future Warrior to help. Krillin orders Gohan to escape with the Namekian kid while he and the Future Warrior fight off Zarbon and Dodoria. Zarbon tells Dodoria he can handle this himself and that he should chase after Gohan. Dodoria does so and leaves, and Old Kai orders the Future Warrior to do enough damage to Zarbon so Krillin can find an opening and escape. When Krillin escapes, so does Future Warrior, and Zarbon chases after them. Gohan and Krillin escape, and Vegeta confronts Dodoria. Old Kai tells the Future Warrior to come back as history is intact, but the Future Warrior is suddenly confronted by Lord Slug. Chronoa realize that he, along with Turles, were pulled from another timeline and that they work for Towa and Mira. Trunks appears to help the Future Warrior, and Slug retreats while Trunks goes after him. Dodoria has been mysteriously powered-up, so the Future Warrior helps Vegeta defeat him. Back at the Time Nest, Trunks and his partner, the previous Future Warrior, officially introduce themselves to the Future Warrior. While the Future Warrior was being showered with compliments, Old Kai yells at them to not spoil him. The group realize that Mira and Towa are behind everything, pulling villains from different timelines to use them to sow chaos and cause anomalies in history.

In an unknown time and location, Turles and Slug are confronted by Towa, Mira, and a Masked Saiyan. Slug tells Mira not to order him around, as he is only cooperating to exact revenge on Goku. Towa hands the two each a Fruit of the Tree of Might, with its effects amplified. Slug and Turles take the fruit and leave.

The Ginyu Force Strikes

Back in Age 762, Jeice and Captain Ginyu strike poses in front of Gohan and Krillin; Captain Ginyu had stolen Vegeta's body. The group realize that this is Towa and Mira's doing, and Trunks says he will chase after them. The Future Warrior travels to when the Ginyu Force first appear, and while Captain Ginyu delivers the Dragon Balls to Frieza, the Future Warrior helps Vegeta, Gohan and Krillin fight the mysteriously powered-up Guldo and Recoome. Later, Recoome is defeated by Goku. The Future Warrior then helps Vegeta and Goku fight Burter and Jeice. Goku thanks the Future Warrior for saving Gohan and Krillin. Suddenly, Turles appears, and gives Burter and Jeice the amplified Fruits of the Tree of Might, causing them to power up exponentially, then leaves. Burter is eventually defeated, and Goku senses someone unknown to him approaching. Captain Ginyu arrives, having stolen Trunks' body. Trunks apologizes for his body being stolen. While Captain Ginyu has mysteriously powered-up, Goku and the Future Warrior fight him and Jeice; Captain Ginyu scolding Jeice for deserting his post in their fighting pose, as Jeice did not expect Captain Ginyu to return in another body. Trunks, in Ginyu's injured body, appears and helps Goku and the Future Warrior fight Captain Ginyu and Jeice. When Captain Ginyu is cornered, he tries to change bodies with Goku, but Trunks gets in the way of it, gaining his body back.

Turles appears again and holds Goku in a Full Nelson, allowing Captain Ginyu to switch bodies with him. Goku, in Ginyu's body, along with the Future Warrior, fight Turles and Captain Ginyu. Captain Ginyu, impressed with Turles' actions, tries to recruit him into the Ginyu Force, but Turles declines. When Captain Ginyu is beaten, he tries to switch bodies with the Future Warrior, but Goku gets in the way, gaining his body back. Ginyu, in his original body, tries this again, but a Namekian frog suddenly appears beside Goku and Goku throws the frog in the way, prompting Ginyu to switch with the frog. Turles, realizing he failed, retreats, and the Future Warrior returns to the Time Nest. Trunks is ashamed that he fell into Towa's trap, and he and his partner says they will go after Towa and Mira, leaving the Future Warrior to repair history.

The Galactic Emperor

The Future Warrior appears to help Nail in his fight with a mysteriously powered-up Frieza. Nail tells Frieza about distracting him, but Old Kai and Supreme Kai of Time realize that Turles and Slug are getting the Dragon Balls. With Nail defeated, an angry Frieza heads towards the Dragon Balls. Turles confronts Gohan and the Dragon Balls, with Krillin defeated. Slug appears, and when the Future Warrior appears, the two agree to a truce and eat the Fruit of the Tree of Might to power up. The Future Warrior and Gohan fight the powered-up Turles and Slug. Slug, amazed at his power, tells Turles that he is next, but Turles tells him not to be too cold and they should stick together. Krillin wakes up, and the Future Warrior tells Gohan and Krillin to leave this to him, and they retreat with the Dragon Balls.

Turles and Slug realize the fruit they ate has been tainted by Towa's dark energy, and the two become empowered and transform into an even more powerful Villainous Mode. While the Future Warrior fights them both, Trunks and his partner appear. Trunks trusts in his partner to deal with Mira and Towa as Trunks helps the Future Warrior fight Turles and Slug. After the two are defeated, Trunks goes out to help his partner, and Chronoa tells the Future Warrior to go help Gohan and the others, as they are currently fighting Frieza. When the Future Warrior shows up, Frieza had already transformed into his Final Form, and has mysteriously powered-up. The Future Warrior helps Gohan, Krillin, Piccolo and Vegeta fight him as Goku should be arriving soon. Vegeta is then defeated by Frieza, and the Future Warrior fights him alone until Goku appears, who eventually hits him with the Spirit Bomb.


Future Warrior confronting Mira after defeating Frieza and Cooler

Piccolo is defeated and Krillin is killed by Frieza, and Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan. Together, SSJ Goku and the Future Warrior fight off Frieza, who eventually tries to destroy Namek's core. However Frieza held back causing a voice to admonish Frieza for thinking of his own safety at a time like this then stating he always was weak. The voice is revealed to be none other than Frieza's elder brother Cooler. Joining forces with his brother to take down the Super Saiyan both him and Frieza power up into Villainous Mode to fight SSJ Goku and the Future Warrior. Cooler's appearance in this time proves that history has been completely altered. Chronoa suspects that Cooler was brought from another period in time to aid his brother, similar to Turles and Slug. She tells the Warrior that Cooler is even stronger than Frieza and that Goku won't stand a chance against both brothers thus to is up to the Future Warrior to protect Goku and defeat Cooler. Frieza asks Cooler why he is there, and Cooler reveals that Towa transported him through space and time, before asking himself why he is telling Frieza this, though he admits to pay her back he will end the life of Goku and that Frieza should be grateful for that, thus confirming Chronoa suspicions. Frieza tried of being mocked by everyone including his brother decides to not hold back anymore. Eventually, Cooler transforms into his Final Form and Frieza into his 100% Full Power form while at the same time their Villainous Mode power-up is replaced by Supervillain Mode indicating that Towa has shaved off their life in order to increase their power even further presumably as a result of the Future Warrior's interference. However, despite their increase in power Cooler is defeated and is presumably killed after he falls into the remains of the molten core of the now dying Planet Namek. Frieza notices that Porunga has been summoned and Goku realizes King Kai's plan to use the Dragon Balls. Goku thanks the Future Warrior, but tells him that he wants to finish it himself. The Future Warrior complies and leaves. Elsewhere, Trunks is injured by Mira, and when the Future Warrior appears, Mira retreats. Trunks orders his partner to chase after him, while he and the Future Warrior return to the Time Nest. The Masked Saiyan, watching from afar, also retreats.

Back at the Time Nest, Chronoa and Elder Kai congratulate them on defeating Frieza and Cooler. Elder Kai states he was surprised by Cooler showing up and Chronoa is amazed Towa and Mira could recruit such a powerful ally. Trunks suggests that Towa must have recruited him while the Time Patrol was tied up with dealing with Turles, Slug, and Mira. Elder Kai tells Trunks he did nice work as well and Chronoa asks where his partner the hero is, causing Trunks to inform her that he sent his partner to chase after Mira. Trunks states that currently the Future Warrior lacks the strength to confront Towa or Mira yet, though tells them they must be prepared as they may have to face them one day. Elder Kai says they done enough for now and that they'll call them when they need help again. In Conton City, Chronoa gives the Warrior a Flying License which she reveals are only awarded to Elite Time Patrollers. She explains that this means they are now recognized as an elite member of the Time Patrol for managing to defeat both Cooler and Frieza. With their new flying license the warrior is permitted to legally use Flight in Conton City allowing them to explore out of reach areas and access the Travel Shop robot in the Mushroom District which is located high atop one of the giant mushrooms.

Cell Saga

Android Warfare

In Age 767, Cell, in his Villainous Mode, has defeated Piccolo and Android 16. Android 17 charges towards him, but Cell uses Solar Flare to blind him and Android 18 and knocks them both out. Cell then absorbs them both one after the other, attaining his Perfect Form. Trunks, watching this from the scroll, realizes that Cell is not supposed to absorb them both at once. Trunks offers to help the Future Warrior as he is familiar with this part in history. The two travel to Age 767 during Piccolo's fight with Android 17. The Future Warrior helps Piccolo fight a Villainous Android 17. Their fight is interrupted by the arrival of a Villainous Cell, and the two fight him along with Android 17 and Android 18. When Piccolo is defeated, Android 16 advises the two to leave as he will deal with Cell. Android 16 is originally supposed to be equal with Cell, but since Cell has powered-up from Villainous Mode, the Future Warrior helps Android 16 fight him. Cell then sneaks behind Android 17 and absorbs him.

Trunks tells the others about Cell reaching his Perfect Form and opening the Cell Games, but notices one participant that should not be there: Mira. Trunks offers the Future Warrior his help. While the Cell Games commences with the fight between Goku and Cell, Mira is confronted by Trunks and the Future Warrior in another location. At the Cell Games, Goku has surrendered and calls for Gohan to fight. Towa then appears and disappears along with Mira. Trunks notices that Cell's power has shot up due to Towa's magic, and says he cannot help the Future Warrior anymore due to the present Future Trunks being at the Cell Games. The Future Warrior goes to the Cell Games and helps the Z-Fighters fight the Villainous Cell Jr. Eventually, Android 16 is destroyed by Cell, and Gohan transforms into a Super Saiyan 2. While Gohan fights Cell, Trunks tells the Future Warrior to dispose of the remaining Cell Jr.

Suddenly, a wormhole appears in the sky, and a group of Meta-Coolers confront the Future Warrior, saying they will also participate in the Cell Games. Chronoa advises Trunks to help the Future Warrior, saying if he goes through the wormhole, he won't be seen by Gohan and the others. Trunks does so and after the Meta-Coolers are defeated, they retreat into the wormhole. As history is repaired, Gohan is left to fight Cell. The wormhole leads to Planet Namek, where the Future Warrior is confronted by more Villainous Meta-Coolers. Trunks soon arrives to help him, saying he programmed a self-destruct sequence in the Big Gete Star's computer. Trunks and the Future Warrior hold off the Meta-Coolers until they are all destroyed.

Trunks returns to the Time Nest while the Future Warrior returns to the Cell Games to help Gohan fight a Villainous Cell, who has transformed into his Super Perfect Form after self-destructing himself. Gohan and Cell collide with their Kamehameha attacks, with Gohan overpowering Cell and destroying him. With history restored, the Future Warrior returns to the Time Nest.

A Desperate Future Saga

Main article: A Desperate Future Saga Xeno Trunks is looking at the scroll of Age 780 of his alternate timeline and watches the final moments of his mentor Future Gohan and his discovery of Gohan's dead body and becoming a Super Saiyan. Even that time in history is being altered, Chronoa asks Trunks if he understands, as this is a sensitive time in history from him and that its is dangerous for him to intervene. Trunks confirms he does and hands the scroll to the Future Warrior leaving his timeline's fate in their capable hands. The Future Warrior arrives to help Future Gohan fight a Dark Future Android 16, who should not even exist in that timeline as he was never activated. Unlike his counterpart Dark Future 16 is fixated on eliminating Future Gohan and willing to kill anyone who gets in his way. When he is defeated, they are then confronted by Mira. Trunks, growing impatient and worrisome, appears in his Super Saiyan form, despite Chronoa and Old Kai telling him not to. When Mira is defeated and retreats, Future Gohan meets Trunks and asks if he is from the future, realizing that Future Bulma managed to build her time machine and tells Trunks he is proud of him. Future Gohan says that the Androids are attacking the city, and Trunks says he will go with Gohan to fight, knowing history would change for the better if he does. Chronoa pleads for him not to as Trunks would change the entire course of history and that he is acting out of emotion. Future Gohan realizes that since Trunks is all grown up, the future turns out to be safe, and his final fight with the Androids has a purpose, telling Trunks not to abandon the Future Warrior as his friend. Trunks tries to follow Future Gohan as he flies off, but the Future Warrior stops him. The two return to the Time Nest, and Chronoa thanks him for being there to stop Trunks. Trunks takes a break as Old Kai offers to watch over the scrolls in his place.

When the present Future Trunks returned to his alternate timeline after the Cell Games, he is confronted by the Villainous Android 16. Even though Future Trunks is supposed to be more powerful than him, he is having trouble, and the Future Warrior appears to help him. Eventually, a Villainous Future Cell appears, in his Perfect Form, having absorbed the future Androids. Future Trunks is surprised at this and due to his knowledge, Future Cell realizes he went to the past. When Future Cell and Android 16 are defeated, Future Trunks says it's finally over, and turns to thank the Future Warrior, who had already returned to the Time Nest. Trunks appears and apologizes for his actions, thanking the Future Warrior for stopping him.

Afterwards Chronoa, Elder Kai, and the Future Warrior decide to give Xeno Trunks some space and watch from the Time Vault's balcony as Trunks views the scroll for Age 780 and notices that the original history has been slightly altered as Future Gohan tells the Androids that he will never die as even if his body breaks someone stronger will raise in his place, referring to his student Trunks, an event that was not present when he first looked at the scroll. Elder Kai notes the minor change and Chronoa states that it will disappear after she puts the scrolls together but wonders if she should just leave it as is and Elder Kai agrees that they might as well let that one slip by as ultimately Future Gohan chose to accept his fate and out of respect for Trunks.

Majin Buu Saga

Decisive Battle with Majin Buu

Supreme Kai of Time announces that Tokitoki has finally laid its egg, explaining to Trunks and the Future Warrior that as Tokitoki controls time, its eggs marks the dawn of an entirely new timeline. Chronoa calls for a celebration, offering to cook, but Trunks, knowing she is a terrible cook, stops her by asking if they can celebrate later. Chronoa agrees as Trunks' partner is not with them. In an unknown time and location, the Masked Saiyan gives Towa Babidi's Energy-Suction Device full of energy, which Towa uses to empower Mira and the Supervillain Broly and Janemba standing behind him.

In Age 774, a Villainous Broly appears while Goku is fighting Majin Vegeta, and the Future Warrior appears to fight Broly. When Majin Vegeta knocks out Goku and begins to fight Majin Buu, the Future Warrior defeats Broly and helps Majin Vegeta as Majin Buu enters Villainous Mode. Majin Vegeta knocks out Trunks and Goten, telling Piccolo to leave with them. As the Future Warrior returns to the Time Nest, Majin Vegeta blows himself up with the Final Explosion.

The Future Warrior later arrives to help Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks and Piccolo fight a Villainous Super Buu. When Gotenks defuses, the Future Warrior fights Super Buu as Old Kai says that Gohan will soon arrive after his full potential has been awakened. Gohan arrives and the Future Warrior helps him fight Super Buu, but suddenly Supervillain Broly appears. The Future Warrior fights Broly to prevent him from interfering with Gohan's fight. When Broly is defeated, the group learn that Vegeta is unable to return to Earth because he is being held up in Hell. This is an anomaly in history as Vegeta cannot come to Earth to eventually fuse with Goku. The Future Warrior leaves Gohan to fight as he makes his way to Hell to help Vegeta.

The Future Warrior goes to Hell and sees Trunks defeated by Supervillain Janemba. Trunks offers to help, but cannot due to Vegeta being in the vicinity. Vegeta then appears and helps the Future Warrior fight Janemba. Vegeta destroys Janemba with a Final Flash, and thanks the Future Warrior, who had already returned to the Time Nest. As Trunks is resting, the Future Warrior must fight in his place. The Future Warrior then arrives to the final fight with Kid Buu, helping Vegeta fight Supervillain Kid Buu while Goku charges the Super Spirit Bomb. With the Super Spirit Bomb fully charged, Goku uses it and destroys Kid Buu, restoring history. With the heroes resting, the Future Warrior spots the Masked Saiyan and chases him, and they both disappear.

Battle of Gods Saga

God of Destruction's Anger

In Age 778, the God of Destruction Beerus is talking with Goku after their fight about Goku absorbing the powers of the Super Saiyan God. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of the Future Warrior and the Masked Saiyan. The Future Warrior fights the Masked Saiyan, partially shattering his mask. Trunks recognizes the Masked Saiyan, revealing he is Bardock. Mira then appears and fights the Future Warrior. As Beerus grows impatient, Mira tells him to stay back, mouthing off to him. Beerus grows angry and prepares to destroy everything, and Chronoa sends in her surprise: pudding that the Future Warrior gives to Beerus. Chronoa says Beerus can have that pudding if he doesn't destroy everything. Beerus accepts the pudding and offers everyone some. Goku and Whis accepts, while Mira and Bardock retreat. Beerus and Goku eat the pudding, but find it disgusting as Chronoa says she made it herself. Beerus grows extremely furious and powers up, and Whis asks the Future Warrior to help with subduing him. Beerus calms down and says he will have no more of Chronoa's cooking, and leaves with Whis. Goku thanks the Future Warrior as Earth is safe.

Resurrection ‘F’ Saga

The Emperor's Return

The Future Warrior arrives in Age 779 to help the Z-Fighters fight the resurrected Frieza and his henchmen. Together with Jaco, the Future Warrior fights off several of Frieza's henchmen in their Villanous Modes. With the defeat of his henchmen, Frieza himself fights the Future Warrior. Goku and Vegeta then arrive and Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan Blue while Frieza transforms into Golden Frieza. The sheer pressure from their power levels cause interference in the Time Nest's communication as the Future Warrior helps Goku fight a Villainous Golden Frieza. Eventually, a Villainous Meta-Cooler appears to help Frieza, and Vegeta transforms into a Super Saiyan Blue and joins in the fight. During the fight, Chronoa appears to ask for Beerus and Whis' help as Mira and Towa are attacking the Time Nest, enticing them with cream puffs. They agree and leave. With Frieza defeated, he quickly destroys the Earth but not before Trunks appears to save the Future Warrior.

While Beerus and Whis are in the Time Nest, Chronoa says that Towa impersonated her to lure them away from Earth, so that Whis could not perform a Temporal Do-Over to restore Earth as he did in the correct history. Whis, Beerus and the Future Warrior return to where Earth is supposed to be, and Whis performed a Temporal Do-Over, rewinding time to right before Frieza blew up Earth, allowing the Future Warrior to stop him. Goku thanks the Future Warrior, and he, Goku and Vegeta begin to fight Supervillain Golden Frieza and Meta-Cooler. When the two are defeated, Goku offers to help the Future Warrior should he ever need it, and the Future Warrior returns to the Time Nest.

Beerus is annoyed by Towa's actions, asking to destroy the Time Nest. Whis, learning of Tokitoki's egg hatching, says he will not allow Beerus to do so, offering to spar with him to relieve stress. Whis then offers the Future Warrior to join them. While the Future Warrior and Beerus fight with Whis, Whis draws his symbol on Beerus' forehead. Beerus leaves to go wash it off as the Future Warrior fights and defeats Whis alone. With Beerus content, he and Whis leave everything to them and they leave.

The Masked Saiyan Saga

Main article: The Masked Saiyan Saga With things calm, a little too calm, the group decide to investigate Bardock's disappearance from the original timeline and save him from Towa's mind control. Trunks and the Future Warrior travel to Age 737, moments before Frieza destroys Planet Vegeta. Before Bardock is killed by the attack, he is sucked into a wormhole. Towa and Mira appear, and Trunks and the Future Warrior chase them. They arrive at Earth in an unspecified point in time, and Towa appears along with the masked Bardock in Villainous Mode. Villainous Mira appears to help Bardock. When they are both defeated, Bardock's mask is shattered, and Towa traps Trunks and the Future Warrior in a wormhole slowly sucking them into a separate dimension with no way out. They are saved by Bardock, who woke up and pushed them out of the wormhole by blasting them. Bardock, free from the mind control, traps Mira in a full nelson. Due to Bardock gaining power from being under Towa's control, Mira is unable to free himself from Bardock's hold. Bardock powers up, telling them to never underestimate the power of a Saiyan, and he drags Mira along with him into the wormhole leading to the separate dimension. Towa then reveals her trump card, Trunks' partner wearing a mask and being under Towa's control. Trunks and the Future Warrior are forced to fight the mind-controlled Future Warrior. When the mind-controlled Future Warrior is defeated, Towa decides to start a clean slate, making Trunks' partner vanish out of thin air, along with the memories of the Future Warrior vanishing from everyone's minds. Trunks and the Future Warrior return to the Time Nest with Bardock's broken mask as their only clue, not remembering the other Future Warrior.

Warrior from the Demon World Saga

Main article: Warrior from the Demon World Saga Trunks puts the pieces together and begins to remember back when he wished for the Future Warrior to appear in Age 850. Before he could do so, Towa appears and quickly destroys Shenron. Due to this change in history, the Time Nest begins falling apart. The Future Warrior quickly travels to that point in time and prevents Towa from destroying Shenron, beginning to fight her as the Trunks from that timeline helps him. After Towa is defeated, she disappears, and the Future Warrior returns to the Time Nest. Towa suddenly appears in the Time Nest, knocking down Chronoa and taking Tokitoki's egg. Mira then appears and fights off Trunks and the Future Warrior. When Mira fires a ki blast to finish off the Future Warrior, he is saved by the previous Future Warrior, who takes the attack. Mira and Towa jump into a wormhole, and the Future Warrior jumps in after them, after being inspired by his predecessor.

At the ruined city in the unspecified point in time, the Future Warrior fights the Villainous Mira. During the battle, Mira begins to overheat from his immense power, and he grows insane. Towa tries to calm him down but fails, and is forced to help the Future Warrior subdue him before his core overloads and destroys the entire universe. When Mira is defeated, Towa tries to take out his core to repair it, but Mira stops her and grabs her by the throat. Mira betrays Towa and says he has grown past her schematics and proceeds to absorb her into his being, along with the Tokitoki egg she is holding, attaining his true form. With Mira too powerful, Old Kai pleads for the Future Warrior to retreat, but as Mira attacks the Future Warrior, he is saved by the arrival of Goku.

Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan Blue and helps the Future Warrior fight Mira, explaining that Whis brought him to this time and he is glad to be able to repay the debt he owed the Future Warrior. The two fight a long and fierce battle against Mira. Eventually, Mira's power begins to fluctuate. Seeing an opening, Goku uses Dragon Fist on Mira, and yells for the Future Warrior to finish Mira off with his own Super Kamehameha. As Mira is being destroyed, he laughs and wished he could have fought more, asking Towa to forgive him.

Alternate Ending

In an alternate ending, astral projections of Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo, Krillin and Gotenks appearing around the Future Warrior, go inside the Future Warrior, and then they use Dragon Fist in order to finish Mira.


At the Time Nest, history has been restored and things are once again peaceful. Whis, Beerus and Goku prepare to head back to their era, but not before participating in a huge banquet in Conton City to celebrate the return of Tokitoki's Egg and the Time Breaker's defeat. Elder Kai ends up accidentally bumping into Beerus while reading one of his Dirty magazines. Beerus is at first angered that someone would interrupt his snack time but calms down when he realizes it is Elder Kai. Elder Kai acts friendly towards Beerus, but is actually peeved by the God of Destruction's presence as he still holds a grudge against Beerus for sealing him in the Z Sword. However Beerus overhears Elder Kai grumbling to himself under his breath and tells Elder Kai not to complain to himself loud enough that Beerus can hear him. Beerus then decides to simply destroy Elder Kai for annoying him, but fortunately Whis arrives with a plate of food, diffusing the situation. Meanwhile, Chronoa summons Shenron at the behest of Tokitoki to wish up a feast, after dissuading Chronoa from cooking it herself by successfully arguing that there are too many people to cook for. Elder Kai however objects to using the Dragon Balls to order take out, but Beerus reminds him it is a festive occasion. Chronoa then wishes for a feast that will leave everyone full and satisfied which Shenron easily grants. At the banquet, Beerus tells Whis to try some of the sushi, only to find that Whis is sitting at another table with Goku, Chronoa, Tokitoki, and Elder Kai.

After the banquet, Goku asks who they think is stronger between the two Future Warriors, causing Xeno Trunks to remind Goku that he has been at it longer than either of the two Future Warriors, but Elder Kai reminds him that Goku defeated his brother despite the latters higher power level. Whis suggests the two fight and compare the results to settle matters and Goku eagerly agrees, as he hopes to join in, but Beerus tells him to sit back and watch. Goku complains, but is admonished by Xeno Trunks for his immature behavior, causing everyone to laugh. The results of the two Future Warriors' battle is left ambiguous.

For their role in the Time Breaker's defeat, the Future Warrior is given the title Conton City Hero and their holographic statue appears in the center of Conton City's Recreation Plaza.

Unknown History Saga

Main article: Unknown History Saga After collecting all 5 Distorted Time Eggs from the five Time Rift anomalies in Conton City and giving them to Chronoa, Xeno Trunks and the Future Warrior are summoned by Chronoa and Elder Kai to show them what occurred when Xeno Bardock pulled Mira into the Time Rift. The Future Warrior and Xeno Trunks then witness Xeno Bardock's battle with Mira. During the battle Xeno Bardock takes advantage of the modifications Towa had made to his body and rage over being manipulated to access his Super Saiyan form and uses his Saiyan Power to grow stronger as he fights to awaken his Super Saiyan 2 and Super Saiyan 3 forms. SSJ3 Bardock ultimately defeats Mira, who realizes that what he had been lacking all along was an fighting spirit and indomitable will. Chronoa explains that Mira's battle with Bardock is what changed him, causing him to defy Towa in the final battle in Age ???. She asks Trunks and the Future Warrior their opinion on Bardock's fate as he was not present when Mira regained consciousness. They surmise that Bardock either destroyed himself or was transported to another timeline due to the explosive power unleashed by his Super Saiyan 3 form. Chronoa thanks the Warrior and Trunks for their input.

Afterwards Xeno Trunks tells the Warrior Chronoa wanted to see them before he leaves to attend to another task for Chronoa. Chronoa and Elder Kai greet the Warrior and explain there has been another history change in the alternate timeline of Age 780. In this timeline, Chronoa reveals that a history change caused Xeno Trunks to defy Chronoa and fulfill his desire to save his master Future Gohan. Instead of asking them to fix the change, Chronoa tells the Future Warrior to see the change for themself. The Warrior witnesses Future Gohan fighting Future 17 & 18 like in the original history, but suddenly Super Saiyan Xeno Trunks shows up to the surprise of Gohan who reminds him that he shouldn't be there. Trunks states he has made up his mind and will fight alongside him. 17 is surprised to see Trunks as an adult, but states that growing a few inches won't save him. Seeing his student in danger causes some of Future Gohan's hidden power to surface, granting him the strength to defeat 17 and 18 alongside Xeno Trunks. Xeno Trunks states that he can never return to Age 852 and decides to remain in Age 780 with Future Gohan. Gohan is glad that peace has been restored and comments that Future Bulma will be surprised to see she has gained another son. Xeno Trunks then remembers several future threats such as Future Cell, Future Dabura, and Future Majin Buu causing Gohan to call him a living crystal ball. Afterwards Chronoa asks the Future Warrior their opinion on whether they should leave it as an alternate timeline or fix it. Regardless of the Warrior's decision, Chronoa reminds them she has final say. It is unclear if Chronoa had it fix or allowed the change to remain as an alternate timeline (with Xeno Trunks from the timeline where he choose to leave Gohan to his fate still exist as member of the Time Patrol in Age 852, while the other Xeno Trunks that saved Gohan continues to protect the alternate future timeline he created alongside his mentor, his younger self, and Future Bulma). Afterwards Chronoa explains that the Distorted Time Eggs Towa had created caused a natural time distortion which caused Xeno Trunks to fulfill his strongly held desire to save his master thus explaining the reason behind the change and Xeno Trunks' behavior.

Battle With Universe Six Saga

Main articles: Universe 6 Saga and Tournament of Destroyers As part of the Super Pack 2 DLC, the Future Warrior is informed by Capsule Corp robot Spots of a new time distortion. They meet up with Xeno Trunks, the Toki Toki City Hero, Chronoa, and Elder Kai inside the Time Vault and are informed that a history change has occurred during the Tournament of Destroyers which takes place a year earlier in Age 779 instead of Age 780 like in the original history. Elder Kai and Chronoa then show them the Time Scroll for Age 779 which shows Beerus, Whis, and the rest of Team Universe 7 waiting for Goku and Majin Buu to show up, only for Beerus and Whis to decide to leave them behind when they fail to show up on time. Chronoa and Elder Kai task the Toki Toki City Hero with finding Goku, causing Trunks to ask if he will be looking for Buu, but Elder Kai tells him not to bother as Buu never fought in the Tournament as he failed the written exam in the original history and tell Trunks to help the Hero search for Goku. Meanwhile, the Future Warrior is selected to join Team Universe 7 in order to ensure Universe 7's victory and fix any further changes during the tournament.

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The Future Warrior learns they have to take an exam in order to participate in the tournament

In Age 779 on the Nameless Planet, Piccolo is about to face Botamo in the first round due to Goku's absence, just as the Future Warrior appears. Beerus yells at the warrior for getting in the way, but Chronoa contacts him and explains that she selected them to join Team Universe 7 since they were two fighters down. Champa is furious at the sudden last minute addition, but Beerus reminds him of his already unfair advantage and he reluctantly agrees. Vados however points out the Warrior must take the exam first. While Piccolo faces off against Botamo, the Future Warrior takes the exam under the watchful eye of Vados. Elder Kai apologizes for forgetting about the exam, causing Chronoa to admonish him for forgetting something he had witnessed first hand. Elder Kai complains that he can't remember everything, causing Chronoa to state she hopes she never gets old, only for Elder Kai to remind her they are only 1000 years apart in age. Xeno Trunks interrupts the argument by asking if he should turn off his communicator while they are arguing, causing Chronoa to apologize to Trunks and the Warrior for distracting them. Eventually Piccolo defeats Botamo just as the Warrior finishes the exam which they pass, allowing them to official join Team Universe 7. At about the same time, the Toki Toki City Hero arrives with Goku. Beerus enquires as to Goku's whereabouts and Goku apologizes stating that he thought the tournament was on a different day and it is revealed that the Warrior and Trunks located him training on King Kai's Planet. Champa is once again angry at the sudden appearance of another fighter, but Beerus states reminds him that it is now a fair fight and rhetorically asks if he has a problem with fighting fair, which Champa claims he is fine with playing fair. Vados however reminds everyone that Goku will have to take the exam, forcing him to leave the fighting to the Warrior and the rest of Team Universe 7 for the time being. Champa decides to match the next match a team match to spice things up and tells Cabba to team up with Frost. As a result, the Future Warrior and Piccolo confront Final Form Frost and Cabba in a team match. Elder Kai notes that Frost shouldn't be fighting in his Final Form yet, causing Chronoa state that they will just have to be prepared for any other changes that might pop up. Frost is cordial and respectful towards the Future Warrior, causing Beerus to state that though Frost looks like Frieza, he couldn't be anymore different.

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Piccolo stops Frost from kicking the Future Warrior out of the ring

However, when the Warrior starts to get the upper hand, Frost reveals his true colors by using his Secret Poison on the Future Warrior, disorienting them and knocking them near the edge of the ring. Just as Frost is about kick the dazed Future Warrior out of the ring, Piccolo manages to block Frost's attack, preventing his teammate from being disqualified by ring out. The Future Warrior recovers from the poison and engages Frost in combat once more. However Jaco having seen Frost's poison needle informs the referee that Frost is cheating by using a weapon, causing him to be disqualified. Cabba is stunned that Frost would resort to cheating and demands an explanation. Vados then reveals that it is simply Frost's true nature and reveals his status as the secret leader of space pirates. Frost laughs and admits that he has been starting wars in Universe 6, ending them publicly, and profiting on the rebuilding, something which his is unapologetically proud of, causing Beerus to state that he's not too different from Frieza after all. However Vegeta tells the Warrior to not to let Frost get off so easily with a disqualification and that people like Frost need to be ground into the dirt. As a result, the Warrior continues to fight Frost despite his disqualification. Frost asks if they are sure they want to fight, as he will gladly use his poison on them. As Cabba had been fighting fairly against Piccolo, he is exempt from being disqualified and continues to fight Piccolo as their battle is still unresolved. Meanwhile, Goku manages to finish his test and Beerus asks if he pasted, causing Goku to sheepishly confirm he did but only barely, causing Beerus to remind him that he would have destroyed him had he failed. Goku asks when he will get a chance to fight, and Beerus tells him he will get his chance soon and to just sit back and wait. The Warrior manages to defeat Frost shortly there after. Despite Frost being defeated and disqualified, Champa is not impressed by Warrior's strength and sends Hit in to team up with Cabba. Before the match can commence, Vegeta asks Piccolo to tag out so he can deal with Cabba, which Piccolo agrees to. As a result, the third round consists of Vegeta & Future Warrior vs. Cabba & Hit. Goku is excite to see what Hit is capable of, causing Whis to explain he is the strongest assassin in Universe 6, which makes Goku eager to fight him. Vegeta demands Cabba transform into a Super Saiyan, but Cabba reveals that he is unable to transform and asks Vegeta to teach him how to, stating that he needs to become stronger to save his family back home on Planet Sadala. Vegeta however refuses and transforms into a Super Saiyan, admonishing Cabba for daring to call himself a Saiyan after asking an opponent in the middle of a tournament and attacks Cabba. Xeno Trunks is taken aback by the brutality of his father's attack and Beerus hopes that Vegeta remembers that killing will get him disqualified. Cabba attempts to give up, but Vegeta swears if he gives up now he will kill him. He then threatens that after the tournament he will destroy Planet Sadala himself and slaughter all of Cabba's family and loved ones. As Vegeta stands over Cabba charging a Big Bang Attack, Cabba raises to his feet and angrily tells Vegeta to live his planet and family alone, transforming into a Super Saiyan, like in the original history. Vegeta then reveals that he was helping Cabba unlock it the whole time and states that Anger is the first step to becoming a Super Saiyan. Vegeta then tells Cabba to test his new power on the Future Warrior and then transforms into Super Saiyan Blue in order to fight with Hit. Elder Kai curses Vegeta for always doing whatever he wants, but Chronoa states what's done is done and tells the Warrior to leave Hit to Vegeta and go fight Cabba instead. Cabba is in awe of his newfound power and realizes that Vegeta said all of the horrible things to him in order to stir up feelings of rage and desperation with in him. Cabba says he will remember what Vegeta taught him and fight with everything he has.

Xeno Trunks is impressed that Cabba possesses such power even though he only a fledgling Super Saiyan and concludes that Cabba is a well spring of raw talent. He tells the Warrior he can't imagine how strong Cabba will become so they will have to watch him carefully. As Cabba and the Warrior fight, Beerus recalls that there was one more fighter on the other team. Whis explains that Magetta withdrew to Beerus' shock. Whis then explains that Champa apparently called Magetta a "Rust Bucket" which caused Magetta to lose his will to fight and went home. Whis explains that Metalman can be quite sensitive and crumple up at the slightest insult. Beerus is taken aback, but concludes that it's one less fighter for them to worry about. Eventually the Future Warrior manages to defeat Cabba, however SSGSS Vegeta is not so fortunate as Hit manages to defeat him in battle. To make matters worse, the Future Warrior finds it Hit is now under the influence of Dark Magic and obtains the Supervillain Mode power up gaining its telltale black/white aura and glowing pink eyes. Goku is amazed that Hit is strong enough to beat Vegeta. With Vegeta and Cabba knocked out, the referee calls for Monaka to step out onto the stage, causing Beerus to worry. Goku wishes Monaka good luck and tells him he has been looking forward to seeing him fight. However Whis finds that Monaka had fainted which he attributes to all the excitement. Beerus tells Goku to fight in Monaka's place, though Goku asks if he is sure that he wants to save Monaka for last, causing Beerus to reply it is best to save the best for last, as it keeps things exciting. However Goku is reluctant to join the fight as Universe 6 is down to their last fighter and that it would be super disappointing if it ended too soon, but Beerus tells him to let him worry about that. Vegeta having recovered from his battle, notices Hit's power level went up even further, and Piccolo reveals that Hit is growing stronger as he fights. Suddenly, Cabba and Frost jump into the ring both possessed by Dark Magic and in Supervillain Mode. The referee announces it is pandemonium and Champa wonder what the heck has gotten into them. Beerus tells them to stop as they already lost. The sudden melee causes Goku to get excited to fight and even wants Monaka to join in so it is 3-on-3. Champa takes advantage of the situation by stating that if the fighters agree to it then it is not against the rules and declares it a good old-fashioned battle royal. SSGSS Goku tells Monaka to join in but Beerus declares that Monaka withdraws and explains that one on one matches are fine but in a brawl like this Monaka would kill everyone, though Goku is somewhat skeptical. Beerus orders Goku to get in the fight and win, though Whis states that beating 2-on-3 won't be easy. Elder Kai tells the Warrior its their cue and tells them if they beat Cabba and Frost, it will be back to Goku against Hit, just like it should be. Xeno Trunks realizes that Monaka is useless in a fight which Chronoa confirms and that he was just someone that Beerus had brought along in order to motivate Goku and the other members of Team Universe 7. Elder Kai states that playing tricks like that is a naughty habit, even for a god, causing Beerus to sneeze (due to Elder Kai talking about him), causing Whis to ask if he had caught a cold. Beerus replies by saying he thinks that someone has been talking about him behind his back and says he will make a note to destroy them, causing Chronoa shriek in fear, though Elder Kai insists that Beerus couldn't have heard him. Hit is surprised that Goku's is capable of overcoming his Time-Skip but states he will just have to improve further. Goku states it is too bad as he was doing his best to improve so he could fight against Lord Beerus and then powers-up with the Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken. Goku reveals he had been saving it to fight Lord Beerus to Beerus' shock, causing Whis to ask if he is sensing a tinge of fear coming from Beerus, which Beerus denies. Eventually the Warrior manages to damage Frost enough for him to start returning to normal, causing Elder Kai to tell them to keep on attacking and Cabba starts to resist mentally after the Warrior manages to damage him enough, causing Chronoa to tell them to hurry up and finish Cabba off to return him to normal. After defeating both Cabba and Frost, Champa cheers Hit on and Beerus threatens that if Team Universe 7 loses after all the Warrior's meddling, he will destroy the Time Nest for good causing Chronoa to reassure him that they won't lose and to calm down.

Eventually, the Warrior does enough damage to Cabba, Frost, and Hit to restore them to normal. Having restored history to it proper course, the Warrior jumps out of the ring, causing Beerus to yell at them and asks if they want him to destroy them, though Chronoa tells Beerus to just wait a little longer. Chronoa then explains that the truth is their fighter wasn't just a stand-in for Buu and that they are actually there on a Time Patrol mission and that their work here is done and the rest is up to Team Universe 7. However Beerus says that can wait as Universe 7 is about to win. Champa taunts his brother over the Future Warrior being disqualified by ring out, causing Beerus to growl at his brother, forcing Whis to tell Beerus to take a deep breath and calm down. Beerus calms down and thanks the Warrior for their help and that it was some terrific fighting. The Future Warrior takes one last look at Goku and gives a nod, before returning to the Time Nest in Age 852. Hit calls the Warrior a nuisance, causing Goku to tell him not to insult them. Hit says that they seem pretty tight and Goku confirms it calling the Warrior a friend before using the X10 Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken to power-up further while Hit responds with Pure Progress and the two clash, leading to Goku blasting Hit into the air with a 10x God Kamehameha.

The Future Warrior is greeted back at the Time Nest by Chronoa, Elder Kai, Tokitoki, Xeno Trunks, and Toki Toki City Hero. Chronoa says that everything has returned to normal. Xeno Trunks said he didn't expect Goku to jump in there but it seems they have restored the time and explains that Team Universe 7 ended up wining the fight after they left. Elder Kai however points out the Universe 6 fighters were pretty scary. However Chronoa finds the idea of a tournament like that as being pretty fun and even suggests the Time Patrol should hold a tournament of their own and bring fighters from all over time. Elder Kai however furiously calls Chronoa a fool and to think about what would happen to history then. Despite Elder Kai's valid point, Chronoa calls him a party pooper causing Xeno Trunks to laugh at Chronoa and Elder Kai.

Afterwards, Xeno Trunks asks everyone if their recent mission seemed strange, Goku was missing and then just as they fixed things he showed up and everything went crazy, and suggests that it was like someone planned for all that to happen, though he hopes it is just his imagination.

"Future Trunks" Saga

Warrior of Hope

The warrior finds a Capsule Corp Robot named Culina in the Time Nest who informs them that they have a new mission. In the Time Vault they are greeted by Elder Kai who asks where Trunks is, though Chronoa states she set him on another mission as it would be a bad time to run into a problem like they did before, as Elder Kai informs the warrior that the history change involves a piece of history closely connected to Trunks. He explains that the future timeline had finally found peace after being ravaged by the Androids, when it was beset by a terrible tragedy. Chronoa tells them to look at the scroll which shows the change they are talking about.

In Age 796, Future Trunks is preparing to flee in the Time Machine when suddenly his Time Machine mysteriously stops working as its systems emit the same energy as a Time Scroll with a history change. As he tries to get it started, he notices a shadowy figure with glowing red eyes appears in the smoke. The smoke clears and he sees Goku Black charging a Black Kamehameha. Black states this is the end for him then fires his Black Kamehameha which destroys both Trunks and his Time Machine. Goku Black smiles as his eyes glow and he is surrounded by dark energy.

Chronoa reveals that in the original timeline Trunks should have used his Time Machine to go and get help from Goku and the others, but that man showed up and destroyed the machine before Trunks could use it changing history. Elder Kai is dismayed they are dealing with time travel again and states he does not approve of Trunks' use of it even when its an established part of history. Chronoa explains to the warrior that unlike the time scrolls and machine used by the Time Patrol, Trunks' time machine actually creates more timelines, however she notes that Trunks going to the main timeline is a part of the correct timeline, so they have no choice but to protect it. Elder Kai asks if they saw the face of the one who attacked Trunks and explains he is Goku Black. Though he notes that while Black looks like Goku his heart couldn't be more different and that he's wiped out gods and mortals from every universe, a truly terrifying foe to say the least. Chronoa states there is no need to panic as they won't be alone out there. The Toki Toki City Hero walks in and Chronoa explains that since Trunks is away they have arranged for hero to be the warrior's partner for this mission. The two Future Warriors are both ready to work together. Chronoa orders the Toki Toki City Hero to go to Age 796 and make sure Trunks flees in the Time Machine while she orders the warrior to go to the past in the main timeline when Trunks meets up with Goku, at which point Goku Black will be transported to that period by his Time Ring due to the time distortion caused by the Time Machine. Elder Kai states that their mission is to stop Goku Black before he changes history as he had in the altered timeline of Age 796. Chronoa tells them both good luck and to keep Trunks safe. The Toki Toki City Hero manages to stop Goku Black from destroying the Time Machine allowing Trunks to escape to the main timeline. The warrior watches from behind a building at the Capsule Corporation as Future Trunks talks to Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, and his younger counterpart. Elder Kai states Goku Black should be arriving any minute and asks if they see anything. Chronoa then informs them that Goku Black is traveling through time and asks of they are ready. Suddenly a fissure in timespace opens and Black emerges. He activates Supervillain Mode power up causing Goku to respond by transforming to Super Saiyan 2. Black wonders where he is before noticing Future Trunks and Goku. SSJ2 Goku tells Black he heard he's pretty strong and to show him what he's got, which Goku Black agrees to saying it would be an honor as he has been wanting to fight Goku too. Trunks asks how he got to the main timeline, and Black explains that he took the same route as Trunks that was created by the Time Machine. Elder Kai informs the warrior that Black has a Time Ring, which means if they aren't careful, he could follow them anywhere through timespace and that they need to wear him down enough so that he won't be able to pursue them immediately, then come straight back to the Time Nest. Goku asks who the warrior is and wonders if they came from the future with Trunks. Goku Black notes that the pain there are causing him is only making him stronger, causing Goku to state he is starting to creep him out. Black soon notices that his Time Ring is reacting to the warrior's presence and wonders about who the future warrior is. Suddenly a wormhole opens up and starts sucking Goku Black in as Goku Black notes that the time distortion is restoring itself back to normal, though he resists being sucked in long enough to destroy Trunks' Time Machine with a ki blast before being completely sucked in. Future Trunks is devastated by the destruction of his time machine, before Goku asks about the Future Warrior, though Trunks has no idea who they are.

The two Future Warriors return to the Time Nest, where they are congratulated by Elder Kai and Chronoa. Elder Kai notes that though the Time Machine ended up totaled, it is okay as it occurred in the original timeline and Chronoa adds that the correction was a success as Bulma would fix up Cell's Time Machine for Future Trunks, Goku, and Vegeta to use. However Chronoa soon notice another scroll showing a history change. Elder Kai asks if she is sure and Chronoa notes it is from after the point in which Bulma had repaired Cell's Time Machine when Trunks took Goku and Vegeta into the future. Elder Kai notes that it was in the future timeline when Future Zamasu showed up. Elder Kai explains that Zamasu was once an apprentice Supreme Kai who used the Super Dragon Balls to switch bodies with Goku after he noticed how much power Goku had and became Goku Black. He then explains that Black teamed up with the Zamasu of Trunks' timeline so they could work together to rid the universe of humanity. Elder Kai notes that while he may have only been an apprentice, he doesn't like the idea of sending them to deal with the gods' mistakes, but notes they are the only ones they have capable of stopping Zamasu. Both are sent to Age 796 where they join forces with Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta in confronting Goku Black. Vegeta recognizes the warrior from the previous battle with Black. Black notes that no how many fighters join in the results will be the same. Goku offers to join in, but Vegeta tells he doesn't need any help and for all of them to stay out of his way, causing Elder Kai to note how scary Vegeta can be, before stating it isn't the time for that as Goku Black is strong enough but he keeps getting stronger now. Chronoa states they both know what to do and to concentrate on holding off Black. Goku Black is impressed by the power of both warriors and decides to show them something as a reward. , leading him to transform into his Supervillain Mode empowered Super Saiyan Rosé form. As Goku Black babbles on about he beauty of his new form, Goku notes he has no clue what he is talking about and notes Black is a real creep. Black notes his Time Ring once again reacting to the warrior's presence and states he knew there was something familiar about them and what wonderful fortune it is for him, though before he can say anything further Vegeta tells Black to shut up as he's the one Black is fighting. Black however states that Vegeta's part is long over and that he is nothing but a warm up. Black defeats Vegeta, and reconsiders stating that warm up was too strong a word and compares him to an appetizer of vegetables. He also states it is time to relish the main course, however Future Zamasu appears and states that will be enough as he will no longer suffer Black's irresponsible actions and reminds them of their deal that Future Zamasu will be the one to finish off Goku. Elder Kai identifies the newcomer as Zamasu and Chronoa tells the warriors to focus on Black while Goku and the others deal with Zamasu. As they continue to fight Black, Elder Kai tells them Future Mai managed to rescue Vegeta, while Goku and Trunks managed to get away from Zamasu. Chronoa tells them to find an opening and come back but to remember that both Future Zamasu and Black have Time Rings. The two warriors manage to elude Black and he notes Future Trunks and the others got away but Future Zamasu is unconcerned noting they will be back and they will finish them off when they do. Black asks what they should do about their other problem referring to the two warriors, though Zamasu states that will require patient thought, and notes there is no sense in rushing when one is dealing with time travelers which Black agrees, showing they are both aware of their ability to travel through time.

Back at the Time Nest, Elder Kai welcomes them back and admits he is glad to see they are alright. Chronoa tells them they did great and that she wishes she could tell them to rest up but unfortunately another change occurs. Chronoa states that she imagines that Future Zamasu and Black are behind this new change too. Elder Kai tells them they'll be in for some more hard fighting, so tells them to let them know when they are ready to go, giving them both some time to prepare for their next mission.

After making preparations the Warrior returns to the Time Vault, where Elder Kai informs them their next destination is when Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks returned to the future timeline. Chronoa notes that Zamasu and Black haven't disappeared and the situation looks grim. Chronoa states in the proper timeline Goku and the others survived and came up with a plan to defeat the two. Elder Kai notes that it will be tricky to get away from them this time now that they are even more powerful. He tells them to do their best to keep Zamasu and Black busy. Back in Age 786, they find that both Goku and Vegeta have already been defeated leaving only Trunks to stand up to Supervillain Mode empowered SSR Goku Black and Future Zamasu. Elder Kai notes the strange energy emanating from them before noticing Goku and Vegeta have already been defeated. Chronoa tells them not to worry as their partner the hero will make sure Goku and Vegeta survive. Elder Kai tells them to work with Trunks to hold off both Black and Zamasu. Zamasu and Black explain their rational behind the Zero Mortals Plan, though Trunks states it is nothing but senseless slaughter. However Black states that Trunks' sins are far more severe than theirs, with bot Black and Zamasu pointing out that Trunks' misuse of the time machine. Black states that by saving Goku from dying of Heart Virus he allowed Black to steal his body in the unaltered main timeline. Zamasu notes that the one who created their current situation was Trunks himself, and it is the result of human pride. Trunks notes that he only wanted to save everyone, though Zamasu states that time is the realm of the gods and that the only thing awaiting one who trespasses into that realm is a swift death, failing to realize his own hypocrisy as he and Goku Black have both misused the Time Rings and murdered their fellow gods, as well as the fact that Chronoa is the god who ultimately rules over time and space. However Trunks' anger causes him to transform into his Super Saiyan Anger form. SSA Trunks states they can call him a criminal if they want but he has a sentence of his own for Black. Black and Zamasu are shocked by Future Trunks' increase in power. SSA Trunks thanks the warrior for their help but states that stopping Zamasu and Black is his job, and tells them to head to his father's time and find a way to defeat them. However Chronoa tells them to hold on a little longer as the hero is just coming to help Goku and Vegeta. The hero manages to get Goku and Vegeta away safely and Chronoa informs the warrior that the hero managed to get them back to the time machine safely. Elder Kai tells the warrior to leave the rest up to Trunks and hurry on back.

Hero Colosseum Saga

The Future Warrior is hanging around the Time Nest together with Xeno Trunks, Elder Kai, Chronoa, and Tokitoki. Elder Kai notices Trunks holding something in his hand and asks what it is. Xeno Trunks shows them the object which is a figure of his main timeline counterpart in Super Saiyan form. Trunks explains he got it from Bulma from Goku's timeline who gave it to him while he was in Conton City. Thinking it is a doll, Elder Kai asks if he is going to dress it up or something, only for Chronoa to state he is so behind the times before telling him it is a figure and not a doll. Trunks says he has some figures for the Future Warrior as well. They can either gratefully accept or push away, though if they refuse by pushing away Trunks' persistence will eventually force them to accept. Trunks notes they are his mother's handiwork alright as they have been detailed down to the tiniest points. Curious, Elder Kai asks what they are supposed to do with the figure thingamajigs. Xeno Trunks states they are supposed to be part of some kind of game, but that he didn't ask about it so he doesn't know anymore details about them. Chronoa remembers she think she saw Goten and Trunks' younger counterpart playing with figures a little while ago in Conton City's Shop Area. Xeno Trunks tells the Warrior that since they have these new figures they should go ask the boys how to use them and head back to Conton City.

At the Hero Colosseum in Conton City, Goten and Trunks are playing the game with their figures. Goten sulks as he loses to Trunks again, causing Trunks to apologize before guessing he's just too strong for Goten to handle. Xeno Trunks greets his younger self as he arrives at the Colosseum with the Future Warrior. Trunks notes his future self is in a good mood, while Goten notices they have figures too and excitedly asks if they want to have a battle with them. Xeno Trunks is confused when Goten says they can battle with the figures, causing Goten to ask him if he knows how to battle. Trunks says they will just have to teach his future self and the warrior. Trunks introduces them to the Hero Colosseum and explains that the Hero Colosseum is a battle simulator his mother made from data she collected in Conton City. Taking a minute to recall what his mother told them, he quotes her by saying "You can use the warrior data installed in these figures to have lots of different fights." Xeno Trunks is still bewildered by the idea that they can make the figures fight. Realizing it is hard to explain he suggests they try a battle for themselves and Goten agrees. Trunks decides to take on his future self, which is fine with Xeno Trunks thus leaving the Future Warrior to face off against Goten. The Warrior manages to defeat Goten who is surprised at how good they were even though it was their first time. Trunks is impressed and tells them to battle him next. Goten states Trunks is better at figure battles than he is. Trunks states that his future self is hopeless and that he was hoping for a decent challenge. Xeno Trunks sheepishly laughs off his lack of ability and tells the warrior his younger self's skills are no joke, before wishing them good luck. Trunks asks if it is alright with them for him to go all out and let loose. Trunks is surprised when he actually loses to the Future Warrior while Goten is amazed that they beat Trunks. Xeno Trunks says he didn't even stand a chance which is odd, before noting the warrior must have a real talent for figure battles. Trunks says he'll have to polish his skills some more and maybe get a stronger figure too. He says he is going to win his rematch with them so they better be prepared to lose which is seconded by Goten who tells them not to chicken out on them. As the boys run off, Xeno Trunks laughs and says they really seem to like the Future Warrior before admitting he lost his battle with Trunks, however he states he still had a good time and thinks figure battles might just be what they and the Time Patrol need for relaxing. He says they should do it again sometime, to which the warrior can respond with an nod or think about it. If they nod, Xeno Trunks says he's going to practice so he can win next time and maybe that he should get a new figure while he is at it. If they think about it, Xeno Trunks states they are a pretty cool one and that they should come back again.

Xeno Trunks and the Future Warrior return to the Hero Colosseum where they find Goten and Kid Trunks. Trunks is happy to see them and is eager for another figure battle when his mother Bulma shows up whom he greets. Bulma tells the Future Warrior she saw their battles with the boys earlier and says they put on an impressive show for a first-timer. She admits just watching them put her on the edge of her seat and she says she has the perfect role for them. Xeno Trunks asks what role it is and Bulma bestows upon the Future Warrior the title of Chief Promoter for the Hero Colosseum to the shock of both Trunks, Goten, and the Future Warrior. She explains that the battle simulator is something else and is an invention she is really proud of and wants everyone to have the full experience seeing as how she went to all the trouble of making it. However just handing out figures and doing promotions herself hasn't created the turnout she wanted and she admits the only real fans she has are Goten and Trunks. She angrily points out that most of the Time Patrollers in Conton City are fighting nuts who'd rather fight with their own fists, which is why she needs their help in spreading the fun the game holds. Xeno Trunks however asks his mother if she is aware that the Warrior is an active duty Time Patroller, causing her to angrily state she is aware of it and asks them to help out in between missions. The Warrior has the option to take it or refuse, though unfortunately for them they are dealing with Bulma who asks them if they are really going to turn down a request from her and then informs them that it doesn't matter what they say as everything is all settled and its too late to back out. Xeno Trunks tries to tell her she just can't force someone to work for her but can't bring himself to argue with her and just gives up on trying. If the Warrior agrees to take it Bulma is pleased and Xeno Trunks agrees to go along with it if that is what the warrior wants to do.

Xeno Trunks asks her how they are to go about getting people to realize how fun it is, only for Bulma to state figuring that out is their job, which Trunks reluctantly agrees with. Then Vegeta appears and asks his wife what she is doing in Conton City and about the Hero Colosseum he heard she had built. Kid Trunks explains the Hero Colosseum is a battle arena before asking if he got a figure too. Vegeta remembers Bulma giving him one but forgot about it, causing Bulma to admonish Vegeta for never being interested in her work before claiming that his lovely wife has invented the product of the century. However Vegeta points out its not for him as its a childish game compared to a real battle. However Bulma knowing his ego can't resist a challenge she tries to goad him into it. Vegeta claims he cannot be beaten when it comes to fighting, though he still refuses to take part in a childish game. However Kid Trunks says he wants to watch is father fight and Xeno Trunks agrees. The warrior has the option of encouraging Vegeta to fight or show dislike though they will get yelled at by Bulma for not paying attention if they show dislike before claiming they want to fight, though Vegeta agrees to fight though states he will only do it once. Regardless, Vegeta agrees and says he will show them how a real warrior fights.

Infinite History Saga


The Future Warrior can train under various historical characters from heroes, villains, and even divine beings. Certain Masters require the Warrior to be in a certain class (Easy, Intermediate, Advanced, Kai, God, and Super) in order to train under them while others require the user to have reached a certain point in the story to appear. The Future Warrior can take Advancement Tests at the Time Patroller Academy in order to access higher classes. The first 5 tests must all be Z-Ranked in order to unlock the sixth and final test for Super Class. These tests are simple straight forward battles and the Future Warrior can retake them after completing them if they choose to.

Unlike Xenoverse, Masters will spawn in fixed locations in Conton City and the warrior has the option of training under different masters. Each Masters' location is marked on the Conton City Map.


In Xenoverse 2, after completing a Master's Initiation Test, the Future Warrior has the option to recruit said master as their personal instructor at the Time Patroller Academy in Orange Star High School in Conton City and cause them to appear in front of the fountain in front of Orange Star High School. This cause the instructor to appear as the warrior's sparring partner during Elder Kai's Challenge Quests (save for Challenge Quest 01: "The Art of Battle") which act as tutorial lessons that allow the Warrior brush up on the basics of combat or learn about advanced fighting mechanics like Just Guard. Challenge Quests can be accessed via specking to Elder Kai at the Academy.

This will allow them to bond with and talk with their selected instructor to earn Marks (special pictures for their Play Data profile) as their friendship with their current master grows and cause their master to appear in Parallel Quests to assist the Future Warrior if they are having trouble. Interacting with their instructor by talking to them, taking them on missions, and wearing certain outfits (which applies only to Upper Body options) will increase their instructor's friendship bar. The Warrior can also train under Masters to learn their skills even if they are not their currently selected instructor. The Z-Assist Ultimate Skill function which increases the power of a Master's Ultimate Skills who they are currently training under does not return in Xenoverse 2 thus the Future Warrior does not receive a Z-Assist boost when using their current instructor's Ultimate Skill.

Special Events

Bonding with different masters and increasing their friendship level to the max and receiving all their Marks, may result in a special event inside Orange Star High School. During these special events they will encounter two of their bonded masters meeting, talking, and/or interacting with to one another and they will unlock a special Marks representing both characters. These events can lead to interesting encounters between different instructors such as Goku & Vegeta, Perfect Cell & 1st Form Frieza, Dodoria & Zarbon, Bardock & Raditz (Masters Pack DLC required), or Pan & her father's counterpart, Future Gohan (Masters Pack DLC required).

List of Masters

  • Piccolo - Can be found near the entrance to the Time Nest and will offer to train the Future Warrior.
  • Krillin - Found in front of Orange Star High School where he will offer to train the Future Warrior. Occasionally, Krillin will run a special training lesson in the Business District called Milk Delivery which the Future Warrior can take part in to earn TP Medals, during which time the Warrior will be unable to do any of Krillin's other lessons.
  • Yamcha - Can be found on the stairs leading to the World Martial Arts Tournament Arena and will offer to train the Future Warrior. Occasionally, Yamcha will run a special training exercise in the Resort District called Turtle Stone Hunting which the Future Warrior can take part in to earn TP Medal, during which time the Warrior will be unable to do any of Yamcha's other lessons.
  • Tien - Appears near the lake close to the Mushroom Desert in Conton City. He will offer to train the Warrior in the New Crane Style of Martial Arts.
  • Vegeta - Appears on a hill north of the Recreation Plaza where he will offer to train the Future Warrior.
  • Raditz - Can be found near the Time Machine Station and offers to spare the Future Warrior if they work for him, allowing the Future Warrior to train under him under the pretense of being his subordinate.
  • Nappa - Can be found near the Time Machine Station and offers the Future Warrior the option of being his new sparring partner.
  • Dodoria - After defeating Frieza and Cooler on Namek in the Main Story, Dodoria appears in the Namek Area of Conton City. When the Future Warrior approaches the Namek Area while flying, Dodoria will attack them forcing them to fight. Afterwards the Warrior can speak to Dodoria in order to take Dodoria's Initiation Test to train under him.
  • Zarbon - After defeating Frieza and Cooler on Namek in the Main Story, Zarbon appears in the Namek Area of Conton City. The warrior must use flight in order to reach him and may have to fight Dodoria first if they hadn't defeated him previously.
  • Captain Ginyu - After defeating Frieza and Cooler on Namek in the Main Story, Ginyu will appear in the Namek Area of Conton City looking for new recruits to join the Ginyu Force allowing the Future Warrior to train under him under the pretense of joining the Ginyu Force.
  • Frieza (1st Form) - After defeating Frieza and Cooler on Namek in the Main Story, Frieza will appear on the top most portion of the Namek Area. The Future Warrior can train under him under the pretense of joining his army.
  • Kid Gohan - Can be found on the road between the Business District and the entrance to Bamboo Forest. Offers to teach the Future Warrior despite his own inexperience.
  • Adult Gohan & Videl - After defeating Kid Buu they can found in front of Orange Star High School in the Business District of Conton City. They will offer to train the Future Warrior as a team.
  • Mr. Satan - Can be found near the Recreation Plaza after the defeat of Kid Buu. He takes notice of how well toned the Warrior's body is and offers them a chance to take part in his new fitness program, "Mr. Satan's Fighting Fitness!" where he will give them his personal training. Though the warrior ignores Satan at first (as they are aware of how weak Satan truly is), Mr. Satan offers them a trial lesson, which takes the form of Mr. Satan's Initiation Test.
  • Majin Buu - Can be near the stairs leading from the Recreation Plaza to the Business District after the defeat of Kid Buu. At first Majin Buu, thinks the Future Warrior is food and states he has no interest in them when they point out they are not, but reconsiders as the Future Warrior looks like they would be fun to play with. Majin Buu will then play fight with the Future Warrior resulting in Majin's Initiation Test. After successfully completing the test, the Future Warrior convinces Buu to be their teacher.
  • Cell (Perfect) - Can be found on top of the mountain overlook the Mushroom Desert after the Cell Games. Out of boredom, Cell will offer to training the Future Warrior instead of absorbing them.
  • Android 18 - After completing the Cell Games, she can be found on the walkway above the Accessory Shop in the Business District of Conton City. Offers to train the Future Warrior so she can receive a promised reward from Chronoa.
  • Gotenks - After the defeat of Kid Buu, he can be found on top of one of the spherical protrusion jutting out of one of the tall buildings in the Business District (the building is near the floating platform that leads to Satan House).
  • Broly - After defeating Kid Buu, Broly will appear in the sky near the Time Nest and Time Machine Station looking for Goku but finds the Future Warrior instead. In frustration over not being able to find his nemesis, he will attack the Future Warrior resulting in a battle. If the Future Warrior defeats him, Broly will decide to wait for Goku believing he will show up eventually. Afterwards will appear on top of a mushroom in the southwest portion of Mushroom Desert. If the Future Warrior talks to him, Broly will be angry over the amount of power emanating from them which he blames for making it hard for to sense Goku's energy. After he realizes the warrior has met Goku, he demands they tell him where he is leading to the fight that serves as Broly's Initiation Test. After completing it, Broly recognizes the warrior's strength and decides to "train" them to make them suffer a bit more and makes the Warrior his slave to help him find Goku, swearing to attack the warrior over and over until they do. Interestingly, it is implied in Broly's final training that Broly does not actually teach the Future Warrior his techniques, but instead the Warrior learns them via mimicry.
  • Lord Slug - After completing the Cell Games in the Main Story, Lord Slug will appear in Conton City looking for new recruits to join his army of demons and the Future Warrior can train under him under the pretense of wanting to join Slug's army.
  • Turles - After the defeat of Kid Buu in the main story, Turles will appear in Conton City on an outcropping near the portal to Majin Buu's House (which floats in the sky over the lake outside the Mushroom Desert). He offers the Future Warrior a chance join him as a member of his Crusher Corps. and the Future Warrior can train under him under the pretense of joining his band of space pirates.
  • Beerus - After completing the Battle of Gods portion of the main story, Beerus will appear on the roof of Orange Star High School. He explains that he was asked by Elder Kai to help train members of the Time Patrol and decides it would be a good way to kill time, however he reveals that none of the Time Patrollers who tried managed to pass his test and were completely hopeless with no talent what so ever, though he thinks the Future Warrior might have a chance. Should the Future Warrior ask Beerus to be their instructor, Beerus will start to refuse when he changes his mind, saying that if he claims to only take one student at a time, he can refuse requests to train other Time Patrollers.
  • Jaco - After completing the Frieza's revenge portion of the main story, Jaco will appear Conton City's Recreation Plaza. After introducing himself, Jaco reveals that he became a little lost after he made an emergency crash landing in Conton City and is sure some will be along to rescue him eventually. Until then he decides to run PR for the Galactic Patrol while in Conton City and believing that meeting the Warrior is some sort of destiny, offers to train the Future Warrior as a Galactic Patrol cadet allowing the Future Warrior to train under him under the pretense of joining the Galactic Patrol.
  • Pan - After completing the Frieza's revenge portion of the main story, Pan will appear in Conton City's Business Distract. She is surprised to learn the Warrior is a Time Patroller as they do not look very strong to her and offers to train them leading to Pan's Initiation Test.
  • Goku - After completing the main story, Goku will appear near Grandpa Gohan's house in the Bamboo Forest of Conton City. He will tell the Future Warrior that Chronoa asked him to train someone, but had no idea it would be the Future Warrior. Having heard everything about them from Chronoa, Goku is eager to train them as he will finally get a chance to fight the Future Warrior. Though Chronoa had already vouched for the Warrior's strength, Goku states that he must test the Warrior in order to see if they are as strong as the Chronoa says, resulting in Goku's Initiation Test.
  • Bardock - Available via the Masters Pack DLC, Bardock near in the valley behind Grandpa Gohan's house standing near the lake in Conton City. Bardock is at first confused where he is and although he is currently nursing an injury, he offers to teach the Future Warrior one of his techniques leading to Bardock's Initiation Test. Afterwards Bardock prepares to leave, having fulfilled his end of the bargain but the Future Warrior silently insists he stay and train them more, so Bardock decides to put the Future Warrior through what he called Bardock's boot camp.
  • Future Gohan - Available via the Masters Pack DLC, Future Gohan can be found standing near the lakeside plaza (where the All Levels Match Coordinator can be found in Multi Lobby) north of the Recreation Plaza.
  • Android 16 - Available via the Masters Pack DLC, Android 16 can be found in the small forested area south of the Recreation Plaza in Conton City. Confused 16 asks the Future Warrior where he is and after failing to find Conton City within his location database, he asks the Future Warrior to assist him in calibrating his Power Radar resulting in Android 16's Initiation Test. After the test, 16 realizes his Power Radar is functioning correctly and asks why there are so many people with higher than normal power levels. When the warrior informs him about the Time Patrol, 16 realizes they were gathered by Trunks to defend history and understanding their intentions are noble, 16 offers to assist them in their training.
  • Cooler (Final Form) - Via the Masters Pack DLC, Cooler can be found in the Namek Area standing on a rocky pillar right next to the pillar where his brother Frieza can be found in Conton City. Like Frieza, he only appears after the Future Warrior has defeated both Frieza and Cooler on Dying Namek in the main story (as the Future Warrior requires a Flying License in order to fly to reach either of them).
  • Whis - Available via the Masters Pack DLC, Whis can be found near Grandpa Gohan's house stand in front of the giant roosting fish in the Bamboo Forest district in Conton City.
  • Hit - Available via Super Pack 1 DLC, Hit can be found in the middle of the World Martial Arts Tournament Arena in Conton City. Though Hit finds the idea of a Time Patroller wanting to train under an assassin like him ridiculous, he will oblige them leading to Hit's Initiation Test. Completing the test will allow to Future Warrior to train under Hit in order to learn various Time-Skip based skills. Unlike most instructors, Hit's final skill is not an Ultimate Skill, as his Ultimate Skill must be acquired through a wish to Shenron. The Future Warrior must have a passed all 6 Advancement Tests and graduated to Super Class in order to train under Hit.
  • Bojack - Available via Super Pack 3 DLC, Bojack can be found near the Dragon Ball Pedestal. The warrior finds Bojack waiting for his henchmen to show up and will tell the warrior to get out of his sight. This leads to Bojack's Challenge which requires the Future Warrior to obtain Bido's Clothes (Upper Body, Lower Body, Hands, & Feet) or Bujin's Clothes (Upper Body, Lower Body, and Feet), and the Bujin's Turban accessory (all of these items can obtained at the TP Medal Shop). After obtaining all of these items, the Future Warrior must speak to Bojack to train under him. Throughout their training under Bojack, the Warrior must prove themself to Bojack by completing other Challenges which once completed allow the Warrior to receive further training.
  • Zamasu - Available via Extra Pack 1 DLC, Zamasu can be found on a hillside overlooking the Dragon Ball Pedestal. He is disgusted by the mortal Future Warrior and threatens to kill them. This leads to Zamasu's Initiation Test to train under him in which the Future Warrior must survive fighting against the immortal Zamasu and mortal Goku Black until the time runs out as Zamasu's health regenerates due to his immortality. After surviving his test, Zamasu is surprised to sense a faint amount of godly ki coming from them and learns they work for the local Supreme Kai. He decides the warrior will be of some use and if they pledge their allegiance to him he will allow them to live, considering them to be a useful tool. His first two lessons resemble the Time Patrol Academy's Challenge Quests as they require the Warrior to uses the Super Skills he teaches in combos successfully to complete them. After competing his second Lesson, Zamasu makes the warrior sit for 24 hours as he performs an initiation ritual to officially recognize them as his disciple. During his more straight forward final lesson, he teaches them his Ultimate Skill as a gift and welcomes them to godhood, though realizes the Warrior was only playing along to learn from him and decides to punish them for their blasphemy, noting that he had made the same mistake of not immediately expunging mortals from existence as the other gods had failed to do but plans to correct his mistake by eliminating the warrior, forcing the warrior to use the skill to defeat him completing their final lesson.


The Future Warrior seems to be quite powerful, being able to take on most enemies with ease. Future Warrior also seems to get many comments on their power throughout the game, mostly commenting on how their power is impressive, even godly entities such as Beerus and Whis stated that the Future Warrior is quite powerful and are impressed with their strength. If the Future Warrior is a Saiyan and has attained Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, Whis will mention that their power has surpassed most gods.

The Future Warriors power has impressed Whis to the point where he offered Future Warrior to be the next candidate to be the next God of Destruction for Universe 7, meaning that Future Warrior could possibly be on par with Gods in terms of power.

The Future Warrior was also able to kill Final Form Mira with a Kamehameha, which is quite impressive since Mira in his Final Form was strong enough to hold his ground and push back Full Power Super Saiyan Blue Goku. This means that Mira in his Final Form is at the very least on par with the power of Super Saiyan Blue, which may imply the Future Warrior may possibly be as well.

Zamasu as an instructor was able to detect and sense the ki of a god from the Future Warrior, which meant that the Future Warrior has Godly ki (at least to an extent). This is also very remarkable because the Future Warrior was able to obtain Godly ki without having access to any Godly transformations (such as Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan Blue, Super Saiyan Rosé, etc.), However, the Future Warrior is quite capable of obtaining the powers of the gods that are derived from deities and mortals with godly transformations (such as SSGSS Goku's Super God Shock Flash skill, Goku Black's Super Black Kamehameha Rosé in his Super Saiyan Rosé form, Beerus' Sphere of Destruction, etc.) At the end of the Infinite History saga, The Future Warrior is capable of defeating Super Saiyan Blue Goku and then later Goku in his Ultra Instinct state, stunning everyone.

Goku also seems to be quite intrigued by the Future Warrior's strength, and so does the Supreme Kai of Time.


Main article: List of techniques used by the Future Warrior (Xenoverse 2)

  • Flight – The ability to levitate with the use of ki. The Warrior is capable of using this technique from the start though after accidentally flying around Conton City, Chronoa warns them that they cannot use Flight in Conton City until they acquire a flying license which is issued to Elite Time Patrollers as flying without one is illegal. They warrior obtains their license after defeating Frieza and Cooler during The Galactic Emperor Saga.
  • Boost Dash - The ability to create an aura to enhance flight speed.
  • Ki Blast - The most basic form of ki attack.
    • Charged Ki Blast - A slightly more advanced form of the basic ki attack. There are five types of Ki Blast, which can be changed by equipping certain Super Souls. The Future Warrior's default Ki Blast type is determined by their selected race.
      • Bomb - Imputing the command gain causes the blast to explode. The default Ki Blast type for Majins.
      • Homing Type - Imputing the command again grants the ki blast a homing effect. The default Ki Blast type for Namekians.
      • Paralyzing Type - Paralyzes opponents on impact. The firing stance resembles Frieza's Imprisonment Ball and is the default Ki Blast type for the Frieza Race.
      • Power Type - Fast, strong, cannot be deflected. The default Ki Blast type for Earthlings.
      • Rush Type - After charging ki with Final Flash-like stance the warrior unleashes ki blasts at a high volume and rate of fire, leaving few openings. The Rush Type Ki Blast resembles Future Trunks' Saiyan Rapid Fire and is the default Ki Blast type for Saiyans.
  • Ki Sense - The warrior can sense ki naturally.
  • Pure Heart - The Earthling Future Warrior is shown to have a pure heart as they are capable of riding the Flying Nimbus while using the Power Pole Pro Awoken Skill. The Future Warrior can also learn the Spirit Bomb and Super Spirit Bomb regardless of their selected race. Additionally when Grand Elder Guru foresees the appearance of the Namekian Future Warrior he describes them as a warrior-type with a pure of heart.
  • Unleashing Potential - After assisting Nail in protecting the Namekian Dragon Balls from the Frieza Force in the Guru's House time rift anomaly, the are allowed to meet Grand Elder Guru who senses their dormant potential and uses his power to draw it out, increasing range of Attribute from 1-100 to 1-125, increasing the number of attribute points they can add to their stats. After 1.04.00 Update, Guru will sense the warrior has even more dormant power waiting to be unlocked and will draw it out for them raising the Level Cap from 80 to 85. After the 1.06.00 Update, the Warrior can visit Guru again to have him draw out more dormant power which raises the Level Cap from 85 to 90.
  • Godly ki - Future Zamasu senses the ki of a god coming from the warrior after they manage to survive his Initiation Test though states that it is faint during the test.[8] It is unknown how the warrior acquired this ability, though Zamasu suspects it is due to them serving under the local Supreme Kais which implies it is likely due to them training under Chronoa and Elder Kai (as well as other divine beings such Beerus and Whis). During Zamasu's final lesson and learning the Ultimate Skill, Zamasu welcomes the Future Warrior to godhood (the state of being gods, but as Attendants in Zamasu's case). After the 1.09.00 Update, once the Future Warrior has reached Level 90 and maxed out their friendship with Whis, they can speak to him and he will notice that their power has increase to the point that it may have even surpassed the gods themselves. He rewards their efforts with the Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Awoken Skill (he does this regardless of their selected race though the skill can only be utilized by the warrior if they are Saiyan) which allows the Saiyan Future Warrior to transform into their Super Saiyan Blue form allowing them to utilize the form's godly ki.
  • World of Mind Control - During their Expert Mission rift training, the Future Warrior learns from Chronoa how to access this mental realm to free themself of the effects of a Brainwash Attack by confronting a Supervillain Mode enhanced mental doppelgänger of themself. Defeating this doppelgänger allows the Future Warrior to free themself of mind control.

  • Scouter - As a Time Patroller, the Warrior occasionally wears different types of Scouters which they use to read power levels, find hidden objects/enemies, and to communicate with the rest of the Time Patrol. They start the game wearing New Model Scouter (Green) while in promotional material they wear Tagoma's Scouter model. They can also acquire other models as well, though wearing a Scouter is entirely optional.
  • Time Scroll - Scrolls that physically record history and are used by the Time Patrol to locate and travel through time to fix alterations in history. The warrior uses these when taking on Time Patrols during the game's story.
  • Time Machine - A Time Machine built by the Future Capsule Corporation. It is a redesign of the model used by Future Trunks, as the original time machine had a flaw in its design that produced alternate timelines, though with input from Chronoa a newer model was created that lacks this flaw and thus are safe for use by the Time Patrol. This Time Machine is used to access timelines that cannot be accessed via the time scrolls such as Time Fragment timelines featured in Parallel Quests. They are also used to transport Dragon Balls during Quests that involve collecting Dragon Balls. The Warrior uses the Time Machine mainly during Parallel Quests which can be accessed from the Reception Area.
  • Dragon Radar - During certain quests, the warrior is issued a Dragon Radar for detecting Dragon Balls.
  • Capsules - The Warrior can use various types of capsules which can be purchased in Conton City. Some capsules can heal, cure certain status effects, revive the user, or restore Stamina, or Ki however the warrior is open to attack when using them in battle. Capsules also are used to carry items and equipment.
    • Vehicle Capsules - Vehicle Capsules are special capsules containing vehicles that the warrior can use to cover ground more quickly and serve as an alternative means of getting around Conton City and other areas besides walking or using Flight. The warrior can acquire several different vehicle capsules.

Kaioken (Kaiokenx3, Kaiokenx20) Main article: Kaio-ken

"The higher your Ki when you transform, the greater the power-up! But it'll also become a great burden, so watch out!"
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 in-game description
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Future Warrior using the Kaioken in Xenoverse 2

The Future Warrior can unlock the Kaio-Ken Awoken Skill as a reward in Parallel Quest 08: "Invade Earth". Once obtained, the Kaio-Ken along with its x3 & x20 multipliers can be accessed via this Awoken Skill depending on how many Ki Bars the Warrior has when initiating the transformation. 1 to 2 Ki Bars allows them to access the standard Kaio-ken, while 3 to 4 bars allows them to access Kaio-ken x3, and 5 or more bars allows them to access the Kaio-ken x20. However, the technique drains stamina and the drain increases with each multiplier. If the stamina drains completely they will be stunned momentarily and Kaio-ken will run out, though fortunately they can also deactivate their Kaio-ken to prevent this by using the Unlock Awoken Skill which deactivates their transformation.

Additionally the Future Warrior can also use the Kaio-ken during certain attacks or techniques such as the Kaioken Kamehameha, x4 Kaioken Kamehameha, x20 Kaioken Kamehameha, and Kaioken Assault, however it is tied to those skills and not the Awoken Skill (however these skills can be used in conjunction with certain Awoken Skills such as the Kaioken, Potential Unleashed, and even Super Saiyan forms). The Kaio-ken can be used by Future Warrior regardless of race.

There are also certain Super Souls that effect and/or activate when the Kaioken Awoken Skill is used. Goku's Super Soul Body, don't let me down! grants a large boost to normal attacks though drains health when the Kaioken Awoken Skill is activated, which represents the toll it takes on the user's body. This Super Soul can be purchased at the skill shop. SSGSS Goku's Super Soul I've been saving this! Kaioken! grants an extra large boost to the amount of Ki restored, a medium boost to Stamina recovery speed, and a medium boost to normal attacks whenever the Kaioken Awoken Skill is activated. This Super Soul can be acquired as part of the Super Pack 1 DLC as a reward obtained in New Parallel Quest 103: "Warriors of Universe 6 & 7!" which is randomly dropped by SSGSS Goku when he is KO'd during the quest. The Stamina regeneration boost given by this Super Soul is useful for maintaining the un-multiplied Kaioken as the stamina regeneration cancels out the stamina drain allowing the user to regain stamina as they are using the un-multiplied Kaioken. However the stamina drain is only slowed when either multiplier is used though the x3 multiplier's stamina drain is slowed more than the x20 multiplier's. Kaioken-2.5% damage increase to all stats, small speed increase, minimal decrease to amount of stamina used for vanishes and evasive skills

Kaiokenx3- 7.5% damage increase to all stats, medium speed increase, moderate decrease to the amount of stamina used for vanishes and evasive skills, 5-10% INCREASE to damage taken

Kaiokenx20- 15% increased damage to all stats, large speed increase, no stamina used for vanishes and evasive skills, 20-30% INCREASE to damage taken

Super Saiyan (Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3) Main articles: Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, and Super Saiyan 3

"When Saiyans use the "Super Saiyan" Awoken Skill, the Super Attack guide will display a list of forms and ki costs. In this form, Super Attacks' power increases, and certain moves are changed. Initial weak attacks and strong charged attacks performed during Vanishing Step draw you close to an opponent. Charged attacks particularly enable you to close in quickly, making it easier to perform guard breaks. However, Ki regeneration is slowed."
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Tutorial description

The Future Warrior as a Super Saiyan 3

If chosen as a Saiyan, the Future Warrior can utilize the Super Saiyan transformations as Awoken Skills. This transformation can be unlocked by sparring with Vegeta at the Capsule Corporation Time Rift anomaly. Eventually Vegeta will notice the Future Warrior isn't transforming and is shocked to learn that they cannot transform despite their high power level. Vegeta tells them to talk to Bulma and Kid Trunks about the Super Saiyan transformation which will unlock a new quest Capsule Corporation Quest: "Saiyan Awakening" where they will face off against both SSJ Goku and SSJ Vegeta. During this quest their Super Saiyan transformation will become available mid-battle. After beating both Goku and Vegeta in their Super Saiyan forms, Goku will transform into a Super Saiyan 3 and Vegeta will transform into a Super Saiyan 2. They must then defeat SS3 Goku and SSJ2 Vegeta to complete the quest. Completing this quest will unlock the Future Warrior's Super Saiyan transformation permanently. The Super Saiyan form that they can transform into depends on how much Ki the Future Warrior has. Three Ki Bars are required to transform into the Super Saiyan form, while four Ki Bars are required to transform into the Super Saiyan 2 form, and 5 or more Ki Bars for Super Saiyan 3. If the Warrior is wearing certain accessories such as hats or wigs, they will be automatically removed upon transforming it a Super Saiyan 3, though reappear if the Warrior reverts to their base form (their disappearance during the transformation is only visual and has not bearing on gameplay). Also if the Future Warrior is bald, this form will cause them to grow hair.

They can also revert to their base form at will. All Super Saiyan forms come with the ability to use Z-Vanish to the opponent with a fully charged Super Skill (such as the Kamehameha) and will use Z-Vanish to strike the opponent when within close proximity.

Super Saiyan- 10% increase to strikes and strike supers, 5% increase to ki blast supers, 5% damage reduction-3 ki bars to activate, small decrease to ki gain from strikes

Super Saiyan 2- 15% increase to strikes and strike supers, 7.5% increase to ki blast supers, 7.5% damage reduction- 4 ki bars needed to activate, moderate decrease to ki gain from strikes

Super Saiyan 3- 20% increase to strikes and strike supers, 10% increase to ki blast supers, 10% damage reduction- 5 ki bars needed to activate, extreme decrease to ki gain from strike, nearly non existent.

Super Vegeta (Super Vegeta 2)

"Stronger Ki Blasts than any other type of Super Saiyan! The more Ki you have, the higher the level when you transform! (2 Max)"
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 in-game description

In addition to the Standard Super Saiyan form, the Future Warrior can also gain access to the Super Vegeta variant which grants stronger Ki Blasts then any other type of Super Saiyan and has a different transformation animation. However the Super Vegeta Awoken Skill only allows the user to go into the first 2 Super Saiyan forms and lacks a Super Saiyan 3 form. Three Ki Bars are required to transform into the Super Vegeta form and 4 Ki Bars to transform into Super Vegeta 2. This form can be obtained in Capsule Corporation Quest 04: "Final Showdown with Vegeta!" where they must face off against SSGSS Vegeta. Like the regular super saiyan form, the Super Vegeta form will also Z-Vanish next to the enemy with a fully charged Super Skill or when striking in close proximity.

Super Vegeta- 10% increase to ki blast supers, 5% increase to strike and strike supers, 5% damage reduction, minimal decrease to ki gain from strikes

Super Vegeta 2- 17.5% increase to ki blast supers, 7.5% increase to strikes and strike supers, 7.5% damage reduction, moderate decrease to ki gain from strikes

Future Super Saiyan Main article: Future Super Saiyan

"Can recover Ki faster than any other type of Super Saiyan. Enter the buttons again when transformed to undo the transformation."
Xenoverse 2 in-game description

This transformation is unlocked after completing the Unknown History Saga post-game scenario battle with Future Trunks and Future Gohan vs. Future Android 17 and Future Android 18; this form allows the Ki to recuperate faster than any other Super Saiyan transformation and like the other super saiyan forms, will Z-Vanish next to the opponent with a fully charged super and within close proximity for strikes though lacks higher forms. When transforming the user takes on the same stance that Future Gohan did in The History of Trunks.

Future Super Saiyan- 10% increase across all stats, 5% damage reduction, moderate increase to ki gain.

Power Pole Pro Main article: Power Pole Pro

"When Earthlings activate their Awoken Skill "Power Pole Pro", they can perform special actions using the Power Pole and Flying Nimbus, their speed and reach will increase, and they will be more powerful in mid-range battles. In addition, it is possible to guard while moving or using a Boost Dash, and invulnerability is granted when stepping. However, when the Awoken Skill is active, some of their other moves will become unavailable. Using Power Pole Pro again cancels the move's effect. Power Pole Pro will end after sustaining a certain amount of damage."
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Tutorial description
DBXV2 Female Earthling Future Warrior 2 Power Pole Pro (Awoken Skill)

Female Earthling Future Warrior using Power Pole Pro in Xenoverse 2

If chosen as an Earthling, the Future Warrior can call forth the Flying Nimbus and wield the Power Pole. The Power Pole Pro Awoken Skill can be acquired by assisting the Saiya Squad in the Satan House time rift anomaly as Great Saiyaman 3. Once reaching Level 35 or above, a special event will occur at Satan House. Great Saiyaman 1 & 2 will be discussing the Warrior's role on the squad and ask for their input and tells them to ask around for ideas. The Warrior must then speak to Jaco who will suggest they find some sort of weapon to make them stand out. After speaking with Jaco, they must speak with Mr. Satan who suggests getting some kind of cool vehicle as he considers Flight to be a cheap trick. After talking to both Jaco and Mr. Satan they must return to talk to Great Saiyaman 1 & 2. Though Great Saiyaman 2 dismisses the idea as the Warrior can punch stronger than any firearm and fly faster than any vehicle she knows, Great Saiyaman says he knows of a weapon and vehicle that would be suitable, resulting in Hercule's House Quest 01: "Earthling Awakening" where Great Saiyaman 3 faces off against Great Saiyaman 1 & 2 where the Awoken Skill while be unlocked mid-battle. After using it to defeat both Saiyaman 1 & 2, they will revive and the Warrior must use the Power Pole Pro to defeat them a second time in order to complete the quest and unlock the Awoken Skill permanently. While using this Awoken Skill Earthlings can ride the Flying Nimbus allowing them to guard will moving or using a Boost Dash and makes them invulnerable while stepping. Wielding the Power Pole they can perform a combo by pressing Weak & Strong Attack buttons. Pressing the Control Stick forward and pressing Strong Attack to perform a sweeping attack. Pressing Strong Attack while pushing the Control Stick backwards allows them to perform a multi-directional attack by twirling the Power Pole above their head. Pressing the Ki Blast button will allow them to extend the Power Pole. Guarding allows them to both defend and attack by twirling the Power Pole forward (they can move while doing this as well, though this attack will only knock the opponent back and will not cause any damage). However the "transformation" will end if they receive a certain amount of damage, though they can still resummons the Flying Nimbus. Due to its nature, this "transformation" is unique in that it requires no ki to activate. No Super or Ultimate Skills can be used while the Power Pole Pro Awoken Skill is active. The user can also deactivate it by using Unlock Awoken Skill allowing them to fight and fly as they would normally.

Offers no damage increase but gains speed, attack range, and minimal super armor. If the Flying Nimbus!! Super Soul is equipped the Warrior will be granted Super Armor while using Power Pole Pro, though this Super Soul's effect deactivates after taking some damage.

Become Giant Main article: Great Namek

"Namekians can use the "Became Giant" Awoken Skill, allowing them to use powerful, long-reaching attacks that affect a wide area. A character under the effects of Become Giant cannot be staggered by enemy attacks, but their stamina will gradually deplete over time. Sustaining and attack will also drain stamina. once stamina has reduced to zero, the Awoken Skill will end and the character will enter guard break status. Basic controls are mostly the same while under the effects of Become Giant, but some actions may change or become unavailable. Become Giant cannot be used in all locations. When using Become Giant, the command you input will determine the path of your Mouth Cannon, so consider your foe's position when deciding which command to use. Be aware that you will be vulnerable to attacks from behind during this move."
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Tutorial Description
Giant name

Great Namek Future Warrior in Xenoverse 2

If chosen as a Namekian, the Future Warrior can grow giant to become a Great Namek. To obtain this form, the Future Warrior must visit the Guru's House time rift anomaly and assist Nail in protecting the Namekian Dragon Balls from the Frieza Force. Eventually, Piccolo will appear after having sensed the Warrior's Ki and after thanking them for protecting Planet Namek. He tells them that they have strength hidden deep within and suggests speaking to Nail. Nail reveals he was aware of Piccolo's presence and the Warrior hidden power. He comments that with that power the warrior could easily conquer Namek, but has instead saved it from danger more than once. As a debt of gratitude, Nail decides that he will help them tap into this power and suggests the Warrior talk to Dende for advice on how to awaken their full potential. Dende reveals that in order to unlock their full potential they will need to take themself over the edge by fighting one of their own and suggests that the only Namekians who can help with that are Nail and Piccolo. They must then return to Piccolo which will unlock Guru's House Quest: "Namekian Awakening" where they face off against Piccolo and Nail in battle to unleash their full power and the Become Giant Awoken Skill will become available mid-battle. After defeating Piccolo and Nail using the form, Piccolo and Nail will revive and the Warrior must defeat 3 Piccolo clones and Nail using their Become Giant form complete the quest and unlock the Become Giant Awoken Skill permanently. Like the Kaio-ken, the Become Giant form is fueled by Stamina, though even more so as it puts renders the Future Warrior vulnerable when their stamina runs out. Due to the size of this transformation, it is unusable in certain stages such as Frieza's Spaceship. While in the Become Giant form, Ultimate Skills become unavailable and the Future Warrior gains access to four Super Skills:

  • Mouth Cannon: mid-range: Fires a mid-range energy sphere from their mouth.
  • Mouth Cannon: short-range: Fires a short-range energy sphere from their mouth.
  • Mouth Cannon: long-range: Fires a long-range energy sphere from their mouth.
  • Evil Roar: Unleashes a roar that produces an Explosive Wave around the user's giant body.

Additionally their throw is changed to Crushing in Hands. The Future Warrior can also revert to their base form by using the Unlock Awoken Skill. The form offers a massive increase to overall damage but stamina drains very fast

Purification Main article: Pure Majin

"The Majin Awoken Skill "Purification" changes a number of actions, including Super Attacks, and grants new special abilities that will confuse your foes. During Purification stamina will gradually deplete and the move will end once stamina reaches zero, after which your will enter guard break status."
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Tutorial description
Pure Majin form DBXV2

Pure Majin Future Warrior in Xenoverse 2

If chosen as a Majin, the Future Warrior can transform into a Pure Majin, in which their physical appearance greatly resembles Kid Buu. In order to obtain this form, the Future Warrior visit the time rift anomaly around Majin Buu's house and feed Majin Buu food allowing him to use fission to create some offspring. Eventually, Majin Buu will sense a hidden power within the warrior that Buu recognizes as feeling familiar to the power Buu had a long time ago. Buu is surprised when the Future Warrior wishes to gain access to that power and a little reluctant at first due to his negative perception of Kid Buu, but decides to help the warrior as they helped him make a family. Buu says he will get others to help, but also warns the warrior that if they are not good then their heart might disappear. This will unlock the Majin Buu's House Quest 01: "Majin Awakening!" where the Future Warrior will face off against Good Buu with the assistance of Goten and Kid Trunks. The Purification Awoken Skill will then become available mid-battle allowing them to transform into their Pure Majin form. After defeating Majin Buu, he will revive and produce multiple smaller Majin Buu clones. Defeating Majin Buu and his clones will permanently unlock the Purification Awoken Skill.

Turn Golden Main article: Golden Frieza

"Using the Frieza Race Awoken Skill "Turn Golden" increases the firing rate, number of projectiles and power of normal Ki Blasts, and alters the properties of charged Ki Blasts. It also enhances movement speed, enhancing long-range combat capabilities even further."
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Tutorial description
Golden Frieza form DBXV2

Golden Frieza Race Future Warrior in Xenoverse 2

If chosen as a Frieza Clansman, the Future Warrior can gain access to his race's Ultimate Evolution via the Turn Golden Awoken Skill. The Warrior can obtain this skill by working their way up the ranks of the Frieza Force while working undercover to investigate the Frieza's Spaceship Time Rift anomaly. After overthrowing Frieza (or Cooler if they joined his faction instead) and take his title as Emperor of the Universe as well as leadership of the Galactic Frieza Army. Seeing the Warrior as an equal, Frieza decides to help the Warrior attain the form just as they had for Frieza (only if they remained in his faction), so Frieza can truly prove who is the strongest in the universe by beating the Warrior at their very best. Frieza tells them to seek out the catalyst that will help them achieve their transformation. The Future Warrior must then speck to Metal Cooler who will tell them that as Emperor of the Universe they must go forth with pride, take what's theirs, and make all submit to their might. The Warrior must then return to Frieza who is surprised that his brother was willing to offer the Warrior free advice, but reminds them neither he nor his brother will play nice to them forever, before explaining that Metal Cooler and Golden Frieza will test him in battle and they must either surpass the brothers or perish. This leads to Frieza's Spaceship Quest 01: "-Frieza's Race Awakening!" where they face off against Frieza (Full Power) and Metal Cooler. The Warrior will unlock the transformation mid-battle and must use it to defeat both Frieza and Metal Cooler. After defeating both brothers, they will revive and Frieza will transform into Golden Frieza. The Future Warrior must then defeat them again to complete the quest which will permanently unlock the Turn Golden Awoken Skill. It should be noted that the Future Warrior can access this quest and unlock the form, regardless of which factions they had chosen previously. Interestingly, after their defeat both Frieza and Cooler will be pleased with the Warrior's new form and power despite having been bested, content that the Universe is ruled by one of their own and the honor of the Frieza Clan is secure. Afterwards Frieza decides to let the Warrior rule the universe for the time being, as he plans to continue training in order to surpass the Warrior someday in order reclaim his title, telling them to remain strong until then.

While transformed, the armored sections of the Warrior's Bio Suit turn golden, whilst their skin and gems turn purple and they gain a fierce golden and purple aura (only the portions of their Bio Suits that do not change color are the portions effected by the Bio Suit's custom color which is tied to the Bio Suit itself and not the Warrior). The transformation changes the Future Warrior's basic Ki Blasts into Death Bullets and their charged Ki Blast into a Death Beam. Interestingly, unlike Frieza the Future Warrior automatically manages to both master and adjusted to the form as they receive no detriments upon transforming and can stay in it indefinitely.

Turn Golden - no increase to strike and strike super damage, 30% increase to ki blast supers and basic ki blasts and charged ki blasts.

Potential Unleashed Main article: Potential Unleashed

"Unleash your latent abilities for a massive power-up! This mode can charge Ki quicker than other modes."
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Awoken Skill description
454650 20161112131057 1

Male Future Warrior using Potential Unleashed in Xenoverse 2

In order to achieve this transformation the Future Warrior must Z-Rank all five Advancement Tests (from Easy to God Class) at Orange Star High School (they can retake the tests in order to obtain the required Z-Rank it they failed to do so the first time they took each test). This will unlock the sixth and final test, Advancement Test Quest 06: "Final Advancement Test - Super Class". Completing this test will unlock the Potential Unleashed Awoken Skill.

Potential Unleashed - 15% damage boost across all stats, minimal increase to ki gain from strikes. Offers no damage reduction or anything else. It can be used by the Future Warrior regardless of race.

Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Main article: Super Saiyan Blue

"Transform into a Super Saiyan shrouded in divine energy! This form gives you a massive-power up, but also gradually drains your Ki!"
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Awoken Skill description
SSGSS Awoken Skill

Female Future Warrior transforming into Super Saiyan Blue

In order to achieve this transformation the Future Warrior must have reached at least level 90 and achieved maximum friendship with Whis as their mentor. They must then talk to Whis who will note that their power has increased to the point they may have surpassed even the gods themselves. As a reward for their efforts he teaches them the Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Awoken Skill. Though any playable race can be given the skill, only Saiyans can actually use it. The form while powerful, it requires ki to maintain it.

Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan- 25% increase to damage across all stats, ki constantly drains but with minimal ki return per strike. Automatically reverts to base form if ki drains completely while transformed.

Voice Actors



  • While the voice of Chris Arnott/Takahata101 is retained from Xenoverse (once again listed under Male Voice Option 8), TeamFourStar's Scott Frerichs/KaiserNeko and Nick Landis/Lanipator are also included as customizable voices in Xenoverse 2. listed under Male Voice Option 13 and Male Voice Option 15 respectively.
    • In Xenoverse 2, some of Takahata101's voice tracks from Xenoverse are reused for techniques from Xenoverse, though some new voice work from him has been added for some of the new techniques (such as Dragon Fist) and Emotes (such as the three Bingo Dance emotes) in Xenoverse 2.
  • When using Male Voice Option 6, The Future Warrior will laugh somewhat maniacally when battling in the Battle Simulator.
    • Also using Male Voice Option 6 they will sometimes change the tone of their voice when using a certain move I.E Perfect Kamehameha.
  • Due to a game mechanic, the Future Warrior is able to utilize the Kaio-ken in conjunction with certain Awoken Skill transformations (their various Super Saiyan forms, Potential Unleashed, and Turn Golden) by using Kaio-ken based skills (Kaioken Assault, Kaioken Kamehameha, x4 Kaioken Kamehameha, and x20 Kaioken Kamehameha), though the effect is only visual and does not count as either a power-up or actual transformation. However this effectively allows the Warrior to give the appearance they are using techniques such as Super Kaio-ken and Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken.
    • The Future Warrior is not the only one who can do this as Goku through his custom skillset can utilize these techniques with his Super Saiyan Awoken Skills (Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, and Super Saiyan 3).
  • With the exception of the Frieza Race Future Warrior wearing a Cosmic Suit, the Future Warrior apparently lacks cybernetics yet they are somehow able to utilize Data Input. It is possible that the warrior uses the same means of communicating with the Time Nest (which is artificial and not telepathic as it can be hacked) without a scouter (which is a removable accessory) to download the data into their mind (as the Time Vault contains records of history, they may be downloading a fighter's historical data to better predict their movements). It may be also related to the holographic menu that the warrior can use while in Conton City, Time Nest, and Time Miniature rifts which they can summon out of no where. The game itself leaves the warrior's ability to use this technique unexplained.
    • One other possibility is that the Data Input Super Skill itself is a device or means by which the Warrior and other Time Patrollers replicate the ability. Again presumably this would allow them to upload historical data on the fighter or fighters they are fighting.
  • In addition to being a talented fighter, the Future Warrior is shown to have a knack for Hero Figure battles which allows them to defeat Goten and then Trunks despite being a relatively newcomer to the game itself. Their skill was enough for the game's creator Bulma to even give them the job of Chief Promoter for the Hero Colosseum to help her promote the game.



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