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Future Yajirobe is Yajirobe's counterpart in the alternate timeline.


Dragon Ball Z


Future Yajirobe struck down

Future Yajirobe is seen in the beginning of the TV special Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks, when the Z Fighters are gathered around Goku's house before Future Goku dies. In Future Trunks' flashback in the Dragon Ball Z episode "Ghosts from Tomorrow", he is struck down by Future Android 18's High-Pressure Energy Wave.

Dragon Ball Super

Future Yajirobe is shown to be alive in Dragon Ball Super, he explains that Future Korin gave him the last Senzu Bean. Future Yajirobe is spotted by Goku in a new resistance base underground West City. He sports a beard and a messier hair.


  • In the normal timeline, Yajirobe did not attempt to fight the androids, but only had his hovercar shot down (by Android 19 and Android 20, not by Android 17 and Android 18).
  • When he is shown to be struck down by Future Android 18, Yajirobe's katana appears to be broken. The reason for this is unknown, but it has quite a resemblance as when Android 18 broke Future Trunks' sword (Future Android 18 may have done the same to Yajirobe's sword if he had attacked her with it).



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