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The Galactic Poachers (銀河密猟団 Ginga Mitsuryou Dan) are a group of hunters who steal and sell rare animals across the universe.


Screenshot 2017-08-18-15-19-42

The Galactic Poachers' boss.

Once they spotted the endangered Minotaurus, the Poachers head to Earth and capture all the animals they can. Once they had captured enough, they leave to space.

As the leave however, a wildlife protector and a "temp" named Android 17 and Goku respectively soon follow them. Noticing them with their cameras, the forces soon surround the two fighters. However, Goku and Android 17 soon take them down.

Screenshot 2017-08-18-16-03-23

A Galactic Poacher Guard.

As Goku took down the main forces of the Poachers, 17 headed straight to the boss and took down his guards and had the boss in a corner. As Goku arrived, the boss attempts to bribe them money, calling the protector's actions "hypocritical" as in the end they all want money. However, as 17 pushes the boss back, he tells him that he is not disliking the boss a nor is he interested in money, what he doesn't like what is disgusting to him.

As a last ditch effort, the boss threatens them to not take a step closer, and if they do, the boss will blow up a bomb in his body. As 17 tells Goku to take care of the animals, he rushes blasts the window, causing the air to suck 17 and the boss out of the ship, attempting to kill the boss by leaving him in space. However, Goku transforms into Super Saiyan Blue and takes them both to King Kai's Planet. When finding out the bomb in his body was a lie, the Galactic Poachers were soon arrested by the Galactic Patrol, who returned all their animals to their respective planets.


  • Gun - Most of the forces possessed guns.
  • Sword - Both of the guards have a sword to slice enemies with.
  • Knife - The boss possessed a knife in his jacket and uses it for self-defense.

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