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Galaxy Battle is the third level of the What If Saga in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3.


The Saiyans start an all out war against Frieza; Prince Vegeta kills Cui and Dodoria. Fasha tries to help him against Zarbon, but she is not strong enough. Bardock comes to help but Zarbon then transforms. Fasha saves Bardock but is killed. Her death makes Bardock angry and kills Zarbon. Frieza then enters the battle and kills King Vegeta and his son. Bardock is the last Saiyan left and kills Frieza, however, he uses all his energy and dies hoping his son Kakarot will carry on the Saiyan legacy.


Bardock has recently discovered that Frieza had been keeping a secret from the Saiyans. Bardock had overheard a conversation between Zarbon and Dodoria about Frieza's fear of the Saiyans becoming too powerful and his decision to eliminate the entire race for good. Having heard this, Bardock races to King Vegeta and informed him of Frieza's betrayal. The king along with his son Vegeta, Bardock, and Fasha decided to launch a surprise attack on Frieza's forces while Frieza and his main forces were away.

The attack begins with Vegeta facing off against his rival Cui. Cui battles Vegeta while also trying to figure out a way to tell Frieza fearing that even Frieza himself would be killed in the Saiyan onslaught. Cui is no match for Vegeta's might and even begged for him to spare his life, but Vegeta shows no mercy and blasts him to bits with ease. Dodoria soon arrives on the scene surprising Vegeta that one of Frieza’s elite warriors was still on the ship. Vegeta knows that they have to destroy the base before the Ginyu Force returns. Vegeta quickly orders the Saiyan troops to kill every single one of Frieza's soldiers and to take control of planet Frieza. Dodoria tries his best to defeat Vegeta, but his power is still not enough to overpower the prince of Saiyans.

Zarbon, one of Frieza's other elite warriors manages to get a distress call from Dodoria's scouter before he is killed and rushed back to the ship. He arrives and quickly makes haste in defeating Vegeta who was already weakened from the battle with Dodoria. Vegeta has no choice but to retreat so he can recover. Fasha takes his place in fighting Zarbon. Zarbon decides to let Vegeta go and deal with the “ill-mannered female monkey”. Bardock soon realizes that Fasha did not stand a chance against Zarbon and decides to take her place. Even with Bardock not using his full power, Zarbon has to resort to his transformation to overpower Bardock.

Fasha decides to stop hiding behind Bardock and fight Zarbon herself even though Zarbon's power is way beyond her own, as a result of her Saiyan pride clouding her judgment. Zarbon delivers a vicious pile driver, killing Fasha. Bardock's other comrades Tora, Borgos, and Shugesh are already dead from a mission where Frieza's soldiers had ambushed them. Fasha begs Bardock with her last breath to make Frieza pay and to win the battle against him and his forces.

Zarbon laughs at her feminine death, but Bardock decides to use his full power. This time Bardock does not hold back on his power, easily killing Zarbon. At last, Frieza had returned to the ship only to find his to elite warriors Zarbon and Dodoria dead. He informs Bardock and the other Saiyans that the Ginyu Force should be arriving soon, but in the mean time decides to handle Bardock himself.

Before Frieza can overpower Bardock, King Vegeta decides it is time for him to settle the score with Frieza himself. He informs Frieza that he would join his father in the next world, implying that King Vegeta had taken care of King Cold himself before arriving on the scene.

But even the King of Saiyans does not have enough power to put down Frieza and is killed in battle. But Vegeta soon returns after healing and regaining his energy to put Frieza out of his misery. Vegeta could already sense that he was weak and fatigued and decides to end this war. But just like his father, Vegeta is eradicated as well, even though he comes very close to destroying Frieza. Bardock still remains, and he attempts to finish the job. He is the last Saiyan left, standing in Frieza's way of domination. With his Final Spirit Canon, Bardock ends Frieza's reign of terror over the Galaxy. But Bardock is so weak that even he dies, though he knows that his son Kakarot will become stronger and do the Saiyan race proud.

Alternate endings

If Zarbon is defeated by Fasha or Vegeta or Bardock (Before Fasha joins the fight again) then the fight will end.

An alternate cutscene will play if Fasha defeats Zarbon in his transformed state (with Bardock still alive), in which Bardock tries to convince Fasha to flee and leave Frieza to the rest of the Saiyans, claiming that she must give birth to the next generation of Saiyans. Fasha refuses to run, however, and claims that Kakarot is the next generation. Impressed by her resolve, Bardock prepares to fight Frieza alongside Fasha, even knowing that they will likely die and remarks that Tora is waiting for them in the Other World, but the scenario will end before Frieza arrives.

Once Frieza is defeated by Vegeta, King Vegeta or Bardock the battle will end properly.



  • This scenario is similar to that of the what-if saga "The Revenge of the Saiyans".
  • The other Saiyans are still alive and Prince Vegeta is an adult with an identical appearance to the one he had in the Vegeta Saga, which indicates that Frieza did not plan to kill the Saiyans until around Age 762 in this what-if story. In the main timeline, Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta in Age 737.