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Galick Beam (ギャリックビーム) is a Galick Gun technique used by Vegeta. Vegeta only used in the anime, never in the manga.



Vegeta charges the attack

Vegeta first extends his index and middle fingers forward and charges a white energy sphere while streaks of electricity surround his body. He then fires the energy sphere in the form of an energy wave at the opponent, inflicting a large amount of damage. Another version has Vegeta simply hold out his hand with index finger pointed outward and strikes the opponent with deadly force.

Vegeta first uses the attack few times as a kid. While attacking a planet with his father and several soldiers, Vegeta uses the attack to vaporize an alien.[1] During training, Vegeta uses the technique to destroy Saibamen.[2]

While on Arlia with Nappa, Vegeta uses the Galick Beam to kill Lesoy and later to destroy Planet Arlia.[3]

On Namek, Vegeta uses the second version in an attempt to murder Tsuno when the village elder refuses to give the village's Dragon Ball, but a Namekian villager defends Tsuno from Vegeta's finger blast taking the shot instead.[4]

While on New Namek, Vegeta uses a barrage of Galick Beam attacks when fighting alongside Goku during the two Super Saiyans' battle against a Meta-Cooler.[5]

While in Super Buu's mind, Vegeta uses the Galick Beam while Goku fires a Finger Beam as well to free their friends and family.[6]

While on New Planet Plant, Baby Vegeta uses a barrage of Galick Beam attacks when fighting Goku during the Golden Great Ape's attempt to destroy the Super Saiyan 4 in battle.[7]

Appearances in games

The technique was named Galick Beam in Dragon Ball Heroes, where it is Kid Vegeta's super attack.



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