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Galick Kamehameha (ギャリックかめはめ波 Gyarikku Kamehameha) is a combination of Goku's Full Power Kamehameha and Vegeta's Hyper Galick Gun used by EX Gogeta and EX Gotenks in Dragon Ball Fusions.


GK 7

EX Gogeta about to shoot his Galick Kamehameha

EX Gogeta extends his arms and starts charging two energies on the palm of his hand, then he performs a movement similar to the The Original Kamehameha and fuses the two energies together. Then, EX Gogeta takes it to the right side of the body to ultimately shoot it.

Video Game Appearances

Galick Kamehameha was named and first appears in Dragon Ball Fusions as a Special Move that can be learned by EX Gogeta and EX Gotenks. Like the Big Bang Kamehameha, it is one of the Fusion Special Moves that can be obtained by having a character that knows Full Power Kamehameha fuse with one that knows Hyper Galick Gun. For example, fusing Goten who knows Full Power Kamehameha and Trunks who knows Hyper Galick Gun will cause Galick Kamehameha to appear among the Special Moves which can be equipped to EX Gotenks. The same holds true for Goku and Vegeta when they fuse into EX Gogeta. However one characters must have learned the move Full Power Kamehameha and the other Hyper Galick Gun before fusing for the fused Special Move to appear. Additionally, they may also receive the move in the same manner as other Special Moves, though EX-Fusion is the most sure-fire way to obtain it. However, if they defuse, the move must be stored in the Special Move inventory or transferred to another character who can learn it (as it is a fusion move most of those that can learn it are EX-Fusions).

It can be also learned by Saiyan Tekka (who can learn Hyper Galick Gun) if they fuse with a Full Power Kamehameha user or by Earthling Tekka (who can learn Full Power Kamehameha) if they fuse with Hyper Galick Gun user.



Goku and Vegeta performing a move similar to the Galick Kamehameha