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Gigantic Impact (ギガンティックインパクト) is an energy sphere attack and is one of Kale's signature techniques as Uncontrollable Super Saiyan. It is identical to the Eraser Cannon used by Broly.


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Kale fires a Gigantic Impact at Cabba.

First, Kale charges a green light energy from around her body in the form of a seismic wave. Next, she gathers it into her palm to form a bright-green energy sphere. Once ready, Kale waves or shoots the blast forward, inflicting a critical amount of damage. This can also be charged on her chest as a defensive move.

In Dragon Ball Super, Kale uses this attack in her Uncontrollable Super Saiyan form against Cabba, however Caulifla manages to go Super Saiyan 2 and reflect it away.

Appearances in games

Gigantic Impact was named in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, where it is Kale's super attack.


  • Just like Galick Gun and Galick Cannon, both techniques are virtually identical in appearance and function, the Gigantic Impact could be viewed as the Eraser Cannon's Universe 6 equivalent (as Universe 6 and Universe 7 are twin universes).