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This article is about the group of characters. For the manga chapter, see The Ginyu Force (manga chapter). For the Manga Volume, see The Ginyu Force (manga). For the sixteenth original Dragon Ball Z anime volume, see The Ginyu Force (volume).
The Ginyu Force

Age 762


December 24th, Age 762


Planet Frieza 79


Captain Ginyu

Main Members:



Planet Trade Organization


Battle on Planet Namek


Directory: CharactersVillainsDBZ villains The Ginyu Force (ギニュー特戦隊, Ginyū Tokusentai; lit. "Ginyu Special Squadron") is a group of characters in Dragon Ball Z, and most of them appear briefly in Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn and Dragon Ball GT. They are an elite mercenary team working for Frieza to conquer planets, and are part of the Planet Trade Organization.

In Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, due to a change of events during the Battle on Namek, the team temporarily becomes the "Venyu Force" when Ginyu takes over Vegeta.

Creation and concept

The Ginyu Force has some resemblances and references to Super Sentai teams (like the Power Rangers): five color-coded warriors, tendencies to pose during battle, role calls and supernatural powers. However, because Akira Toriyama's works usually feature parody, the stances used by the Ginyu Force may be a parody of the stances seen in magical girl animes of the time. Some of the recent references to the Ginyu Force's stylistic forms of poses and colorful display comes from Super Sentai series and even Sailor Moon. This resemblance to Super Sentai may be due to Toriyama's son interested in Super Sentai shows as stated by Toriyama in an interview.

The Ginyu Force members follow the tradition of Dragon Ball characters being named for puns; in this case, all manner of dairy products: Guldo is derived from "yogurt", Recoome from "creme", Burter from "butter", Jeice from "cheese", and Ginyu is derived from "milk". The name Ginyu Tokusentai itself translates to "Special Corps. Milk".




The Ginyu Force

The Ginyu Force is a team of super-elite and powerful warriors. Unlike any others who serve the galactic empire, they are merely freelancers greatly favored by the tyrant rather than forcefully subdued slaves or servants.[1] Despite being evil, ruthless and cold-hearted similarly to their master, the Ginyu Force follows an independent mentality forged within the group and have a code of honor and fairness of their own. These are altogether features that sets them apart from the rest of the Planet Trade Organization and the only ones not threatened or disrespected by Frieza.

Within the Planet Trade Organization, the Ginyu Force are of "High Level Executive-Class", with positions higher in rank than Zarbon & Dodoria who serve as Frieza's generals/advisors.[2] It seems that Frieza is behind the formation of the Ginyu Force, as Vegeta mocks Guldo in his flashback (back on Planet Frieza No.79) that he only made it to the Ginyu Force because Frieza decided to place him there, or as Frieza himself reffers to them while returning from his fight with Nail as "warriors especially selected by him, that there was no chance Vegeta and the 2 Earthlings could have overcome", as he's shocked to not getting their scouters' signals.[3]


Burter and Jeice

Though physically some of the strongest in the universe, the Ginyu Force's arrogant members delight in coming up with strange poses, betting candy on fights, and playing Rock-Paper-Scissors to decide the order they should fight in. Every member of the Ginyu Force is a mutant member of their species, which explains their high powers and special abilities, as mentioned by Jeice when discussing with Ginyu why Goku was so powerful. The strongest of them all is Captain Ginyu himself, who, for a majority of his appearances in the series, occupies the body of a horned, purple-skinned extraterrestrial, though he is capable of changing bodies at will. They have their own individual special or gifted abilities into which they can supplement their own ki: Guldo has psionic abilities, Recoome has high-endurance, Burter has incredible speed, Jeice is specialized in Ki Blast techniques, Captain Ginyu can transfer his consciousness. All their special powers originated during their childhood. Guldo realized he had psychic powers as a kid: he was a real brat, using his powers to lift up girls' skirts and steal whatever toys he wanted. Recoome practiced dance, which is how he got his agility and various battle poses. Burter's mother was very strict, making him do all the household chores and slapping him if he was late preparing dinner; because of this, he became the fastest in the universe. Jeice was a pitcher in the Galactic Little League, and it was there that he developed the Crusher Ball as his special technique. When Ginyu first learned of his Body Change ability, he swapped bodies with the richest kid in his class, which made him popular with girls but also stupid, and he soon realized that men should compete in terms of strength rather than money.[4]

Namek Saga


Ginyu and Jeice on Namek

The Ginyu Force are called upon by Frieza to assist in the defeat of Vegeta on Namek and obtainment of the Namekian Dragon Balls during the course of the Namek Saga and Captain Ginyu Saga in an attempt to regroup from Zarbon and Dodoria's previous failure, which caused their deaths. The overall embarrassment Frieza displayed when they perform their strange poses when arrived on Namek seems to imply that he had never gotten used to their goofy attitude (or that he had never met them in person before). All but Ginyu are killed by Vegeta, with Ginyu having the unfortunate mishap of body-switching with a Namekian Frog (and Vegeta deciding to be merciful for once).



The Ginyu Force in Hell

All the members of the Ginyu Force reappear (in the anime only) during the Frieza Saga from their current positions of defeat. Captain Ginyu (currently in the body of a frog) switches bodies with Bulma in the episode "Frieza's Boast", but inadvertently switches back with her while going after Piccolo in "Embodiment of Fire". In the following episode, "Trump Card", Recoome, Burter, Jeice, and Guldo (who are all dead) arrive at King Kai's planet. Recoome fights Yamcha, Burter and Jeice fight Tien Shinhan, and Guldo fights Chiaotzu. Powered up from their training with King Kai, the dead members of Earth's Special Forces (which will later be expanded to the Z Fighters) are easily able to overpower the dead Ginyu Force members, sending all of them into Hell where they are unable to escape.


The Ginyu Force and Frieza in Hell

The Ginyu Force team up with Frieza, King Cold, and Cell in the episode "Warriors of the Dead", but are all beaten by Goku, falling into the Bloody Pond, and are later impaled on spikes by Pikkon, and are locked up. Ginyu has a few cameo appearances as a frog on Earth throughout the series, until Kid Buu kills him by blowing up the Earth.

In the 1995 film Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn and Dragon Ball GT episode "A Dangerous Union", where the members of the group make their escape from Hell, but are all eventually defeated and sent back.


At the time it is presented in the series, the Ginyu Force is regarded as the fiercest and deadliest fighting team in the galaxy (King Kai considered them to be most fearsome group in the universe, and at least five times stronger than Goku prior to training for Planet Namek, placing them according to King Kai's statement at "at least 40,000"), with Frieza hiring them whenever they are needed. Their might has enabled them to overcome challenges to Frieza's expansion and galactic domination that no others could handle. Captain Ginyu is the strongest among them, with a power level of 120,000 (though it is said in Goku Gekitōden, that by powering up be can double to 240,000) . Burter, Jeice and Recoome are at a similar level, which is said to be at least five times greater than Goku on Earth, making them at least 40,000 (Recoome's highest given official power level is 71,000, Jeice's is 85,000, and Burter's is 90,000). Guldo is physically the weakest, with a power level which ranges from 11,500 to 19,000 depending on the source, but makes up for it with his special psychic abilities. The members of the Ginyu Force appear to have increased dramatically in power while in Hell, as Frieza expresses surprise that Goku was able to defeat them so easily.

Team attacks

Video games

In most of the video games they appear, only Ginyu and Recoome are playable, though the first Dragon Ball Z arcade game also featured Burter. In the opening sequence of Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2, the entire Ginyu Force strikes their famous team poses; however, only Recoome and Captain Ginyu appear in-game. Dragon Ball Z: The Legend was the first video game to feature all of the members.

In Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2, Cooler's story mode includes a side-story where he comes to Earth as Metal Cooler (nucleus) with the Big Gete Star and, after defeating Super Saiyan Goku and Super Saiyan Vegeta in West City, uses the Dragon Balls to revive the Ginyu Force alongside Zarbon and Dodoria. At first, the Ginyu Force can not persuade Cooler nor Zarbon to join to their battle pose, but at the end of his story, Cooler accepts to take part of it after promising to do so if they help him to defeat Perfect Cell, with Zarbon and Dodoria also joining the pose.


Ginyu Force members have appeared as enemies in:


The Ginyu Force arrives on Namek in Legend of the Super Saiyan

Ginyu Force members have been playable characters in:


Art of the Ginyu Force in Dragon Ball Heroes

The Vegeta Force

Ginyu Force Budokai

The Ginyu Force posing in Budokai

In Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2, on Namek Stage, when confronting Captain Ginyu for a third time as Vegeta, Vegeta will say that the Ginyu Forces is now disbanded and invites Captain Ginyu to "The Vegeta Special Forces" instead. Ginyu considers it, but suddenly declines, thinking that Vegeta will have a better pose than him. Vegeta gets angry and says that Ginyu is such a pathetic fool for that decision.

In Dragon Ball: Raging Blast, "The Vegeta Force" is the title given to Ginyu Force after Vegeta defeats Captain Ginyu in the What-If scenario, "Ginyu Force Shakeup Part 2: Ginyu Demoted." Vegeta takes the role of captain of the Ginyu Force and renames the Ginyu Force after himself. He also comments on how pathetic the fighting poses are when Recoome asks what their new poses will be. He also calls the current members of the Ginyu Force losers for having poses.

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse

Vegeta with Ginyu Force Xenoverse

The Venyu Force

Due to the Time Breakers causing damage to history, the events of Namek are altered and Ginyu takes over Vegeta, then the Ginyu Force all attack the Z Fighters together, the team altering to become the "Venyu Force". After the Time Breakers' plans on Namek are halted, time returns to normal and the Venyu Force ceases to have existed.


  • Befitting the team's over-the-top nature, its theme song "Take the Stage!! Ginyu Special Squad!!" is composed of comical, silly lyrics. These include references to frogs, rock-paper-scissors, and afternoon snacks, all related to the Ginyu Force's time spent menacing the Z Fighters. It is sung by the Ginyu Force in the order that they arrive on Namek (Recoome, Burter, Jeice, Guldo, and Captain Ginyu).

The Ginyu Force insignia on a Space Pod

  • The Ginyu Force insignia is an upside down A over a circle that resembles Ginyu's head.
  • All four members of the Ginyu Force that are killed in the Ginyu Saga are killed by Vegeta, although Jeice is actually the only one of the four that Vegeta defeats in a battle prior to destroying him. Vegeta also had a chance to squash and kill Captain Ginyu (as a frog) but decided not to as he did not want to get his boots dirty (though in Dragon Ball Z Kai, his amusement at Captain Ginyu hopping around stopped him from doing so).
  • Despite 4 out of the 5 Ginyu Force members were killed by Vegeta, Frieza seems to not believe Vegeta could have killed them and assumes that Goku is the one who killed them all (Frieza emphasizes the fact that there was "no way Vegeta could defeated Captain Ginyu"). Goku confirms he did kill them (while in fact it was Vegeta who executed them), with the exception of Ginyu who simply changed bodies.[5]
Ginyu Force's Logistic Unit

Ginyu Force's Logistic Unit

  • Three members of the Ginyu Force (Burter, Jeice, Recoome) were all played by Christopher R. Sabat in the FUNimation dub of Dragon Ball Z. However, Burter was originally played by Mark Britten, and was replaced by Sabat after taking leave. In Dragon Ball Z Kai, Sabat kept the role as Recoome, so Vic Mignogna and Jason Liebricht handed over the roles as Burter and Jeice, respectively.
  • The Ginyu Force has their own logistic unit, which is composed from low-rank soldiers and trucks. Their H.Q. is beneath the surface of Planet Frieza No.79.



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