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Giru's Checkered Past (マシン惑星M2…裏切りのギル!?, Mashin Wakusei M2... Uragiri no Giru!?) is the sixteenth episode of the Black Star Dragon Ball Saga and the sixteenth overall episode of Dragon Ball GT. The episode first aired on June 19, 1996. Its original American air date was February 22, 2012 (on Nicktoons) due to the existence of A Grand Problem in the original episode rotation.



Giru mad after eating a metal apple from planet M-2

Giru convinces the Z Warriors to land on planet M-2, his home planet. It is a trap though and Giru is greeted by General Rilldo and is told he has done a good job of luring the humans to the planet. At the end of the episode the Z Warriors meet up with a group of strong robots who call themselves the Sigma Force. After a short fight the robots capture Trunks and Goku and take them away.