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Glénat is a French publishing house founded by Jacques Glénat in 1972. Print different kinds of publications in France, Benelux and Spain, among which the most important are comics and manga.

Jacques Glénat began work on his first comic fanzine called Schtroumpf (the French name of the Smurfs) in 1969 when he was still a student. Twenty years after, in 1972, he founded his own publishing house: the Glénat. The first two volumes were published by Claude Serre and Claire Bretécher. Two years later he received the award for best publisher all'Festival international de la Comic Strip of Angoulême.

Due to the rapid growth of the company they were opened warehouse at Orly and as a flagship store in Paris. In 1975 the company printed a new magazine Circus comic books continued to be published until 1989. After the first year the Glénat began to deviate from the publications aimed at a young audience of the Franco-Belgian power and an inclination for graphic novel with historical and successful realized by Claude Serre and Claire Bretécher. A second magazine named Vécu, dedicated to the historical comic strip was published from 1985 to 2004.

Glénat Published for the first time in France Dragon Ball from February 1993