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The God of Destruction of the seventh universe, Beerus

Gods of Destruction (破壊神, Hakaishin; lit. "Destruction God"), also known as Destroyer God (in the Funimation Dub), are beings who destroy planets, as opposed to the Supreme Kais, the Gods of Creation, who create and fill planets with life, in order to maintain the balance of the universe.[1]

Gods of Destruction are linked to the Supreme Kais of their universe, and, if the Supreme Kais were all to die, the God of Destruction would too, as a way to offset the balance of the respective universe.[2]


There is a God of Destruction for each of the twelve universes. Once every 1,000 years, the Supreme Kais and the Gods of Destruction go to each other's realms and hold a coordination meeting.[3] Beerus, the God of Destruction from the seventh universe, is the one who sealed Old Kai in the Z Sword during one of these occasions.[3] His administrative zone includes planet Earth. Each God of Destruction seem to have an attendant, like Whis for Beerus and Vados for Champa. According to Whis, the other gods of destruction are considerably more violent than Beerus and Champa.

In Dragon Ball Super, another God of Destruction, Champa, appears along with his attendant, Vados. He is the God of Destruction of the sixth universe. He has been searching for the Super Dragon Balls for decades, searching in both Universe 6 and Universe 7.

According to the Omni-King, he has the power to appoint new Gods of Destruction if he feels that someone is not doing their job to the best of their abillity. This is shown in Dragon Ball Super when the Omni-King jokingly suggests the appointments of new gods, which scares both Beerus and Champa.


The Gods of Destruction are among the mightiest entities in the multiverse, strong enough to be universally feared, not only by mortals, but even by other Gods. They rival their counterparts of creation, the Supreme Kais. However, they are not all powerful, as they must still answer to Zeno. In addition to that, there is a safety measure for the Gods of Destruction to not abuse of their power by having their life force linked to that of at least one of the Gods of Creation, which may explain why Beerus imprisoned Old Kai within the Z Sword, rather than killing him, and also why Future Beerus died when Future Supreme Kai was fell by Future Dabura. This may be what compels Creation and Destruction to be in constant balance.




Gotenks calls himself "God of Destruction" in Legendary Super Warriors

  • God of Destruction is a title used by several other characters in the Dragon Ball franchise:
  • All the Gods of Destruction and their attendants are named after alcoholic drinks: Beer(us), Whis(key), Champa(gne) and (cal)Vados. The gods of Universe 6 are also named after finer drinks than the gods of Universe 7, since champagne and calvados are generally considered higher-class than beer and whiskey.


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