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God of Destruction's Euphoria (破壊神の陶酔 Hakaishin no Tōsui) is an attack used by Liquiir, the God of Destruction of Universe 8.



God of Destruction's Euphoria in Dragon Ball Heroes

Liquiir creates eight yellow orbs of energy that hover around him. He then directs his arms upwards, causing the orbs to rise, then proceed to hone in on the enemy and explode.

Liquiir uses this technique against Iwne and Arack during their sparring session before the Tournament of Power began, but the two managed to escape the attack unharmed.

Appearances in Video Games

God of Destruction's Euphoria was named in Dragon Ball Heroes, where it appears as Liquiir's special attack. However, the orbs Liquiir summons are more varied in color.