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Gohan's Hidden Powers is the third episode of the Raditz Saga and third episode in the original Saban dub for the Dragon Ball Z series.


Raditz has just shot two energy blasts at Goku and Piccolo. Goku managed to avoid the one intended for him, but the one shot at Piccolo vaporizes his left arm. He tells Goku that he knows a new technique that he has been saving for Goku. It will take some time to prepare, so Goku fights him as a distraction. He eventually shoots a Kamehameha at him, its power level near to Raditz's own (1,200, though this is not revealed until Episode 16). Raditz blocks it with his hand, which goes numb. He is about to kill Goku, when his scouter indicates that Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon has a power of 1,330 - Raditz can't block that! Piccolo fires the Special Beam Cannon at Raditz.

Goku raditz PIONEER 01

Piccolo watches on as Raditz tortures a helpless Goku

Raditz dodges it, just scraping his shoulder. Raditz then prepares to use his "Keep Your Eye on the Birdie" attack on Piccolo again, forming an energy ball in his hand, but before he can fire, he pauses in agony - Goku grabs him by the tail. Just like Goku, squeezing Raditz's tail causes him extreme pain, and he collapses to the ground. Piccolo powers up for another Special Beam Cannon, though he only has enough energy for one more. Raditz tricks Goku into letting him go by promising to leave Earth and never return, but when Goku releases him, he knocks Goku down and starts stomping on him, calling him a sentimental dope and saying he is too soft to be a Saiyan.

Gohan raditz PIONEER 01

Gohan's attack injures Raditz

Gohan bursts through Raditz's space capsule, shocking everyone. Goku tells Gohan to run away, but Gohan is too angry to make sense of anything. Raditz reads Gohan's fighting power at 1370, and says that his scouter is malfunctioning. Suddenly, Gohan charges at Raditz and hits him dead-on in the middle of his chest, leaving him wounded. Gohan runs to his father's side as Raditz staggers to his feet. Goku pleads with Gohan to run, but now he is too scared to run. Raditz reads Gohan's power again, and it has substantially dropped to one, since Gohan can't control his power, it changes with emotion. Raditz smacks Gohan across the head, knocking him a few meters away.

Raditz approaches Gohan and begins to gather energy for a Ki blast. Raditz murmurs that Gohan was the first person to wound him as badly as he did. As Raditz raises his arm for the final blow, Goku wraps himself around Raditz, preventing the attack. He tells Piccolo to try the Special Beam Cannon, even if it means his death. Piccolo, without hesitation, begins to gather energy for another Special Beam Cannon.

Major events

  • Gohan's hidden powers are witnessed for the first time.


  • Goku and Piccolo vs. Raditz
  • Gohan vs. Raditz


"Don't listen to him Goku, he'll say anything to get loose!"
— Piccolo (to Goku)

"Come on Kakarot, i wanna hear you beg!"
— Raditz (to Goku)

"Just look at that fool. Why so blue green man? is it because you're powerless to help your friend, or 'cos you're just plain ugly?"
— Raditz (to Piccolo)


  • Goku and Raditz both use the word "kill" in this episode, and Raditz also says "death." However, in later episodes (up until Episode 53, which was the last episode done before FUNimation took full control), phrases such as "fading into the next dimension," "another dimension," "destroy," "leave," "hurt," and "emergency ward" are used as euphemisms for the words "kill," "die," and "death."
  • Pioneer's DVD/VHS release for this episode did not have a title card.
  • This episode contains the infamous claim from Piccolo that Raditz is "faster than the speed of light", something not claimed in the original Japanese version or any subsequent dubs. It should be noted though that Piccolo may have not been speaking literally when he said this.

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