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Gohan's sword[1] (孫悟飯の剣 Son Gohan no Ken) is the sword that Gohan uses briefly in early Dragon Ball Z during his training with Piccolo. The weapon is modeled after a Roman gladius with a bell guard.



Gohan using his sword to attack a Paozusaurus

In order to train Gohan to be prepared when the Saiyans arrive, Piccolo leaves Gohan alone in the Break Wasteland for six months with nothing but the clothes on his back and a sword (created by Piccolo). Gohan uses the sword to survive by using it to catch prey, cut his way out of bad situations, and to train physically with it. After Piccolo begins training him personally in martial arts, Gohan switches to fully training with his body and abandons his sword.

Video Game Appearances

Gohan's training sword (孫悟飯のトレーニング剣 Son Gohan no Torēningu Ken) is the Z-Fighter Exhibit #3 in Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury. The in-game description reads "Gohan used this sword while he was training with Piccolo after the fight with Raditz." It can be found in Gohan and Goten's room.

Super dbz 29

Ultimate Gohan with the sword on his back in Super Dragon Ball Z

This sword is one of the two swords Ultimate Gohan can use in Super Dragon Ball Z, the other one being the Z Sword.

Gohan's sword is an item that raises the player's attack when equipped in Dragon Ball Z: Harukanaru Densetsu.


  • Gohan's sword is similar to his father's trademark weapon, the Power Pole, in a few ways. Both have magic properties (Goku's Power Pole being a magic staff and Gohan's sword created through Magic Materialization), both are wielded by their respective users before they take on training fully with their bodies. During Gohan's training with the sword, he sports an orange and blue gi similar to his father's Turtle School Uniform (except with a different kanji), which Goku usually wore during his use of the Power Pole as a child; both weapons served the users primarily during their childhood.
  • The sword Gohan's mother Chi-Chi holds in anger in front of Master Roshi at the end of the Frieza Saga[2] looks much like Gohan's blade (though the hilt is not the same).
  • In the manga, Gohan is only seen using his sword once to cut a Paozusaurus' tail and then mount the slice over a fire to cook it for breakfast (it's also implied that he has cut up previous slices from the same dinosaur's tail, both by Gohan's dialogue and that the Paozusaurus was already missing the tip of its tail). In the anime, the sword is more-prominently featured due to multiple filler episodes of Gohan's adventures during his six months of survival training (though these episodes were removed for Dragon Ball Z Kai).



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