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Goku's Turn (悟空見参!悪魔の便所 Gokuu Kenzan! Akuma no Benjo, lit. "Goku Steps Up! The Devil's Toilet") is the fifth episode of the Fortuneteller Baba Saga and the seventy-second episode in the Dragon Ball series. It first aired on July 29, 1987.



Fighters waiting outside Baba's palace

After a long, repetitive chant ("Rise and be restored once more!") and all the smoke has cleared, a sarcophagus is revealed. Fortuneteller Baba's fighter has finally awakened from its eternal slumber. The fighter that Fortuneteller Baba conjured up is a mummy called Bandages the Mummy; this is the third fighter in today's match, renowned for never letting an opponent defeat him in battle.

First up, Yamcha. Yamcha is confident that if he can keep moving his speed and quickness will prevail and the mummy will not touch him. Little does he know that Bandages the Mummy has more than enough speed as he runs circles around Yamcha. Yamcha can not lay a hand on the mummy and gets hammered; even his Wolf Fang Fist proves ineffective. Suddenly, Yamcha catches Bandages off-guard, trips him and sends him falling to his doom. Bandages the Mummy is not out yet, as he shoots the bandages that cover his body like a rope and swings back onto the platform.


Bandanges uses his Stretching Bridge technique on Yamcha

As the mummy resumes his unmatched assault, Goku and the gang can hardly stand to watch the gruesome battle placed before them. Especially Upa (since he feels responsible for getting Yamcha into this mess). So Upa pulls out an axe in an attempt to help but Master Roshi explains that the only person Yamcha is fighting for is himself, and his pride refuses defeat. After Yamcha becomes tired, Bandages the Mummy ensnares him in his signature move: The Stretching Bridge Technique. As Yamcha struggles to keep his back from being broken in two, Puar flies off in an desperate attempt to save Yamcha by turning into a woodpecker and pecks at the invincible giant until he was set free. Yamcha is then sent falling towards the deadly acid in the Devil's Toilet; as he falls, Goku extends his Power Pole and catches Yamcha just before he touches the acid, saving his life. Now all eyes are set upon Goku as he steps up to this menace to avenge Yamcha's defeat.



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