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Goku... Super Saiyan?

Goku... Super Saiyan
English titleGoku... Super Saiyan?
Z Ball
SagaNamek Saga
Edited episode number (position in saga)53 (27)
English airdateMay 23, 1998
Previous episodeEnter Goku

Goku... Super Saiyan? is the twenty-seventh episode of the Namek Saga, as well as the fifty-third and final episode of the original dubbed Dragon Ball Z series.



Goku defeats Recoome with a single blow

Goku has reached Namek and starts to get ready for the fight against Recoome. Gohan, Krillin and Vegeta have been healed by the Senzu Beans which Goku gave. Recoome asks Goku's power level and when he comes to know its only 1000, he thinks he can take Goku out, although Recoome does not know that Goku is hiding his true power level. At the start of the fight, Goku dodges each and every attack. Recoome gets angry and starts to power up. He was about to attack when he was struck by a blow from Goku right on the stomach and the fight ends and Recoome is out of the way. Jeice and Burter are impressed, but not scared.


Vegeta tells the legend of the Super Saiyan

Vegeta then figures out that Goku is the Legendary Super Saiyan but then there are clips in which Vegeta talks about the last Super Saiyan. He could not control his power until he was in his transformed state but then due to a loss of control over his power, he died. Goku seemed in total control over his powers. Jeice and Burter started a fight and attacked, but Goku did not move. Vegeta spots footprints at different locations and is surprised that even a Saiyan's eyes did not see the movement.

Major events

  • Recoome is defeated (but not killed) by Goku.
  • Vegeta realizes that Goku is a Super Saiyan, and that Goku is stronger than him.


  • This is the final episode dubbed by Ocean Studios for FUNimation, though shortly later they would dub the first three Dragon Ball Z movies for the company and also episodes 93-276 (108-291 if counted uncut) in association with AB Group from 2000 to 2002. It is also the last episode of Dragon Ball Z made in association with Saban Entertainment, as Saban parted ways with FUNimation not long after this episode aired due to the show's poor ratings in syndication and disagreements over censorship.


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