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"I don't care what you're called, taking other people's lives is wrong. And I won't stand for it!"
— Goku to Android 13

Goku (そんくう Son Gokū) is a Saiyan who exists in the parallel world that several movies occur in.[5]


By the time of Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!, this version of Goku is physically identical to the main Goku during the Android Saga.


By the time of Super Android 13!, this version of Goku has the same personality as the main Goku did during the Android Saga.



Unlike his counterpart, this Goku was not affected by the Heart Virus in Age 767. This Goku experienced the events of the first three movies of Dragon Ball and the first seven movies of Dragon Ball Z, as well as events such as Battle of Namek.

Dragon Ball

Curse of the Blood Rubies

Main article: Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies

Dragon ball008

Goku in Curse of the Blood Rubies

This movie is a retelling of Goku's first journey, and his battle against King Gurumes. He meets Bulma who tells him of the seven magic Dragon Balls. Soon, he encounter the Gurumes Army after they steal his Four-Star Dragon Ball. During their journey, Goku and Bulma rescue a girl named Penny form Oolong. While pursuing Oolong, Goku is attacked by Yamcha and Puar. After the battle against Yamcha, Penny tells the gang about King Gurumes and the Blood Rubies. They meet Master Roshi and Turtle as Penny thinks the Turtle Hermit can help her village against Gurumes' forces. On Roshi's island, they are attacked by King Gurumes' army and Goku witnesses Master Roshi performing a MAX Power Kamehameha to defeat Gurumes' men. Soon afterwards, Goku and his friends heads to the Land of Gurumes and fight head on against Gurumes' forces. They encounter King Gurumes himself. When he eats the Dragon Balls, Bulma summons Shenron and the wish is used to remove the Blood Rubies from the land. Peace is restored and Goku heads out on the Flying Nimbus, bidding farewell to his friends.

Mystical Adventure

Main article: Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure

Dragon ball019

Goku in Mystical Adventure

As they completed their training earlier, Master Roshi takes his students Goku and Krillin to a Martial Arts Tournament held by the Mifan Emperor Chiaotzu. In a bar the night before the tournament, the gang helps Bora against the Mifan Army and Goku has a brief fight against Major Metallitron. The next day, Goku witnesses Yamcha's defeat at the hands of Bora and Bora's death at the hands of General Tao. He then enters the ring and fights against Tao, but is defeated and blasted into the Sacred Land of Korin. Tao's Dodon Ray blasts Goku all the way from Mifan to the top of Korin Tower, where he meets Korin. At the bottom of the tower, Goku meets Arale and the Gatchans. They then take on General Tao and manage to defeat him. Goku returns to Mifan and rescues Upa from Major Metallitron. After the defeat of Master Shen, the gang uses the Dragon Balls to resurrect Upa's father back to life.

Dragon Ball Z

Super Android 13!

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!

Screenshotsdbzmovie7 435

Even as a Super Saiyan, Goku cannot inflict any damage to Super Android 13

While Goku is in the city shopping with Chi-Chi and Gohan, they are suddenly attacked by two androids, Android 14 and Android 15, whose only goal is to destroy Goku. They move out of the city to fight, and Android 13 joins the battle. Future Trunks and Vegeta come to help Goku, and eventually destroy 14 and 15. Super Saiyan Goku is not able to defeat Android 13, and even as other Z Fighters join the fight, they can not stop 13 from turning into Super Android 13, by absorbing parts from Androids 14 and 15. Super Android 13 beats the Z Fighters, and Goku tries to create a Spirit Bomb to stop him. Wanting to get more energy, he turns Super Saiyan, which makes him accidentally absorb the Spirit Bomb. However, he is able to punch Super Android 13 and channel his energy to the attack, making the android explode.

Summer Vacation Special

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Summer Vacation Special


Goku and Gohan

Goku and Gohan, dressed in white tuxedos, discuss past events (first three Dragon Ball films and first seven Dragon Ball Z films). Goku does not like being dressed so smartly, so he powers up, destroying his tuxedo and revealing his gi beneath. Gohan fails to do the same and Goku notes that he is not strong enough, but that one day he will be.


In Super Android 13!. he was able to endure an team assault from Android 14 and Android 15 before facing Android 13. Once the remaining android absorbed his fellow androids' CPUs and cores to become Super 13, Goku was pummeled about by the super android along with his allies. When Goku absorbed the massive energy of his Spirit Bomb, the intensity of his ki left Super 13's fist disintegrating when attempting to hit Goku, to which Goku destroyed the android with a single blow.

Techniques and special abilities

  • Flight - The ability to take flight through the manipulation of ki.
  • Ki Blast - The most basic form of energy wave.
  • Kamehameha - An energy blast.
  • Kaio-ken - A technique that multiplies the user's ki for a "heart beat" - thus increasing their power and speed and enabling them to inflict serious damage to opponents who are considerably stronger than them. However, the downside of the Kaio-ken is that it takes a heavy toll on the user's body, making them more vulnerable to enemy attacks.
  • Instant Transmission - A technique for traveling long distances instantly.
  • Ki Burst Sphere - A powerful Ki Blast attack.
  • Gigantic Rock Throw - Goku throws a giant piece of ice at Android 13.
  • Spirit Bomb - The user puts their hands above their head and draws energy from all living things into one colossal sphere of energy.

Forms and transformations

Great Ape

Main article: Great Ape Like all Saiyans, Goku can transform into a Great Ape when he sees the full moon while he possesses his tail, though every time it was not at will. As a Great Ape, Goku's dormant Saiyan traits re-emerge and he becomes ravenous and violent. Because his tail was removed permanently in the main series by Kami when restoring the moon, this transformation was never taken by Goku again.


Main article: Kaio-ken While usually considered a power boosting technique, several video games, such as the Budokai series, consider this power up as a transformation. With this power up Goku gains a red aura.

Pseudo Super Saiyan

Main article: Pseudo Super Saiyan During the movie Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug Goku achieves this form in an attempt to defeat Lord Slug. Through rage of being beat down, Goku unleashed a huge amount of aura and became a false-like Super Saiyan, which gave him more speed and strength for a few seconds enough to thrash Lord Slug. In this form, he looks similar to his Kaio-ken form, but he becomes bulkier, except his eyes are whited out like Broly's in his Legendary Super Saiyan form, and his hair stands up and gains a red tint.

Super Saiyan

Main article: Super Saiyan This form multiples Goku's base power 50 fold. Goku achieves this powerful transformation in a rage after Frieza kills Krillin. Frieza had destroyed the Saiyans out of his fear of their growing power and the idea of a possible Super Saiyan. As a result of defeating Frieza, Goku avenges both the Saiyan race and the death of his best friend Krillin.

Spirit Bomb Super Saiyan

Main article: Spirit Bomb Super Saiyan

Super Saiyan Spirit Bomb

Goku as a Spirit Bomb Super Saiyan

This form is utilizes by Goku in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!, Goku can take on this state by creating a Spirit Bomb, and then turning into a Super Saiyan and absorbing it. While in this form, Goku loses practically all cognitive thought, battling purely on instincts as his emotions are pushed to extreme levels of rage.

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Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball Z
  • Goku vs. Android 14 and Android 15
  • Goku and Future Trunks vs. Android 14 and Android 15
  • Goku (Base/Super Saiyan), Gohan, and Piccolo vs. Android 13
  • Goku (Super Saiyan/Base) vs. Android 13 (Super Android 13)
  • Goku (Base/Super Saiyan/Spirit Bomb Super Saiyan) vs. Android 13 (Super Android 13)

List of characters killed by Goku

  • Android 13 – Goku destroys him while enhanced with the power of Spirit Bomb.



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