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Goku Strikes Back (悟空·怒りのフルパワー!! Goku・Ikari no Furu Pawa!!) is the nineteenth episode of the King Piccolo Saga and the one hundred twentieth episode in the Dragon Ball series. It first aired on July 27, 1988. The title was first used for Dragon Ball Z episode 22 in the ocean dub version.



Goku throws King Piccolo through King Castle

Goku starts his fight off by throwing King Piccolo through King Castle. King Furry watches the fight in amazement. Piccolo's first attacks fail to harm Goku. All this time Tien Shinhan is stunned by Goku's new power. Piccolo is on the receiving end of many blows from Goku and so he harnesses his full power, killing Piano in the process. Goku takes a powerful hit and Piccolo shifts his focus on Tien. Goku suddenly leaps about to launch a Kamehameha, to Tien's delight and Piccolo's astonishment.


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