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"You are the reason I have exterminated the Martial Arts Society. Anyone with your level of skill deserves to be terminated. You have such great strength. I shall do my absolute best to try to keep up."
King Piccolo before resuming his fight with Goku.

Goku vs. King Piccolo (孫悟空対ピッコロ大魔王 Son Goku Tai Pikkoro Daimao) is the eighth episode of the King Piccolo Saga and the one hundred ninth episode in the Dragon Ball series. The episode first aired on April 20, 1988.



King Piccolo fighting Goku

Master Roshi is on the verge of getting the fifth Dragon Ball. At Yajirobe's Prairie, Pilaf's Airship lands near Goku and Yajirobe. Recalling King Piccolo, Yajirobe hands Goku the One-Star Dragon Ball and hides. King Piccolo jumps down to face Goku. Piano starts saying that Goku is no match for King Piccolo. After a warmup, King Piccolo stuns Goku.

Meanwhile, Roshi procures the fifth Dragon Ball, but drops it down a canyon. Back at Yajirobe's Prairie, after a few injuries, Goku bites King Piccolo's finger. King Piccolo fires several explosive finger beams at Goku. Goku then decides to use a Kamehameha, which scares King Piccolo when he sees the pose as he thinks Goku is about to use the Evil Containment Wave. Goku fires his Kamehameha, but it does not do any damage on King Piccolo. King Piccolo then decides to finish Goku.


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