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Gola (ゴラ Gora) is a demon who only appears in the Dragon Ball episode "Goku Goes to Demon Land".



Gola and Melee

Gola is a very large demon, with round ears, gray skin, and a stereotypical Viking helmet. He wields two weapons, a large staff, and a sword. Along with Melee, he guards the inner entrance to the Demon World. In the episode, he and Melee try to prevent Goku from entering any further into the Demon World. Gola underestimates Goku, and tries to brush him away with his staff. Instead, Goku manages to push it back. This aggravates Gola, and he is about to take out his sword, when Melee calls him off. Impressed, she decides to let Goku pass, much to Gola's surprise.


Gola attacks with his sword

Goku's goal was to find demon ruler Shula, and take back a girl he had recently kidnapped. When Goku has her, he runs back towards the entrace of demonworld, with hundreds of demons right behind him. Gola and Melee, block the demon hoards path, and allow Goku back into the human world, where he closes the link between the two worlds forever. Shula, despite losing the girl, decides not to punish Melee and Gola, and ventures back into the depths of the Demon World, with Melee and Gola right behind him.

Techniques and weapons

  • Swordsmanship – Gola has shown to be skilled in combat with a sword. He uses the sword for his super attack Demon Slicer in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle.
  • Bo Staff – Gola uses a long staff weapon to fight.

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