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Golden Death Ball (ゴールデンデスボール Gōruden Desu Bōru) is the most powerful version of the Death Ball used by Frieza in his final form and Golden Frieza state.


Final Form Frieza places his hand in front of himself and charges up a massive energy sphere which he then proceeds to fire at his opponent by pulling his hand back and then making a pushing motion at the ball. This method is also used by Golden Frieza when using the attack in Zenkai Battle Royale, though the Golden Death Ball is colored differently.

In Dragon Ball Heroes, the attack is performed slightly differently. Golden Frieza raises his right hand and creates an orange aura like flame in his hand, he then turns 360 degrees while jumping, at this point the aura like flame changed into an energy sphere which becomes orange, purple and pink with yellow spikes in it. Right after creating it he throws it at his opponent, inflicting huge amount of damage.


During Frieza's battle with Goku, Frieza fires the Golden Death Ball at Goku in an attempt to annihilate the Saiyan. Goku responds by firing his God Kamehameha in an attempt to hold the attack back, with Goku's attack overpowering Frieza's, and the tyrant is injured.

In the Tournament of Power, after being forced back into his final form due to taking the full brunt of Toppo's Energy of Destruction, Frieza uses the Golden Death Ball to display his superiority to a God of Destruction with this attack that can obliterate an entire planet; however Toppo simply flicks a small piece of Energy of Destruction at the Golden Death Ball, obliterating it.

Video Game Appearances

The Golden Death Ball is named in Dragon Ball Heroes, where it is the ultimate attack of Golden Frieza. Golden Frieza also uses the attack in Dragon Ball: Zenkai Battle Royale. It is one of Golden Frieza's Super Attacks in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle.