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The Gourd of Mist is a small gourd that appears in the filler episode "Terror and Plague". The Gourd of Mist traps people within it when they do not answer to their name. It creates a mist which surrounds the foe, shrinks them down, then sucks them in and turns them into water that can be drank after a few hours.


In Age 750, after the events of the Fortuneteller Baba Saga, Goku visits a village terrorized by Terror and Plague and is trapped in the gourd. As Goku has not touched its bottom, he re-emerges when Plague opens the gourd to drink. Terror and Plague themselves are afterwards captured in the gourd by Goku, who releases them when they promise not to cause more trouble. It is implied that if the gourd turns someone to water and another person drinks it, that person will get their power. The villagers say it is the source of Terror and Plague's power, though they may have just meant it is what gives them power over the village.


  • Before Terror uses the gourd on Goku, he states that Goku's strength will be his. This supports it being able to steal power from others.
  • The Gourd of the Mist is based on a tool from the Chinese classic Journey to the West. In this story, the two demon king brothers Great King Kinkaku (金角大王, Kinkaku-daiō) and the Great King Ginkaku (銀角大王, Ginkaku-daiō) possess five treasured tools, one of which is called the Crimson Gourd (紅葫蘆, Benihisago) and has the ability to suck in their opponents, melting them once they are trapped within.