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Grand Priest (大神官, Daishinkan) is an angel that resides at Zen-Oh's Palace. He is the father of Vados and Whis.


The Grand Priest is a short man with teal skin, purple eyes, and slicked back white hair. The Grand Priest has a blue halo on the back of his head and wears a dark green outfit with an orange triangle on his shirt. On his belt is the kanji symbol for "Grand."


The Grand Priest is calm and polite. He has an easygoing personality, not as stern as Zen-Oh's attendants. He also finds Goku's casual attitude to Zen-Oh amusing.


Dragon Ball Super

"Future" Trunks Saga

The Grand Priest greets Goku, Shin, and Whis when they arrive at Zen-Oh's Palace after being Goku was invited. He then escorts them to Zen-Oh.

While Zen-Oh's attendants felt that Goku was disrespectful for being so casual with Zen-Oh, the Grand Priest chuckled a bit at this. He then tells Whis that he has some interesting friends and would like to know more.

Grand Priest accompanies Whis, Shin, Goku and Future Zen-Oh to meet Present Zen-Oh. He asks to his son if this was his idea, which Whis denies and says it was Goku's. Whis then asks his father to visit Universe 7 at any time. The Grand Priest then replies he will at some point.


The Grand Priest is said to be one of the top 5 fighters of all the Universes. Whis himself, the most powerful fighter in Universe 7, admits his power is no match against the Grand Priest. In the manga version, Whis adds that Grand Priest is the strongest person in the multiverse, standing at the top of all fighters in the Universes, making him its strongest warrior.

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