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DBZ-205 Saiyaman Movie

Promotional poster for the Saiyaman movie

The Great Saiyaman is a formerly "unauthorized" film that was set to feature the Great Saiyaman. The reboot called Great Saiyaman vs. Mr. Satan is under direction from the actor Barry Kahn and the martial artist Mr. Satan.


Dragon Ball Z


"Director Red" and "Associate Producer Black" on the set of the Saiyaman film

During production, Gohan mistook a stunt car chase scene for the real thing and intervened, putting a halt to the scene (much to the dismay of both actors and crew alike). Later in that same day, he replaced the stunt Saiyaman (who was afraid of heights), but the director was extremely displeased with his performance. Ultimately, Gohan continued on his way to Kame House and cast and crew alike could do little more than watch in awe as the real Saiyaman, whom they thought was a generic stuntman, flew off into the horizon.[1]

Dragon Ball Super


DBZ-205 West City Robbers

Actors in the Saiyaman movie after being stopped by the Great Saiyaman


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